Audit Manager

Internews, City of London, United States

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
4th October, 2020

Job Description

Internews Europe has grown its income over the last few years since it took on UK Company and Charity Status in 2011 and 2012 respectively and as of December 2019 recorded £12.8m m in turnover compared to £3.8m in 2015. With income growth, also comes the challenge of establishing and sustaining increased controls and regulatory oversight. The UK regulatory environment has also (over the years) required organisations working in the sector to become more stringent in the ability to demonstrate efficiency and value for money. The year 2017-2018 saw the emergence of new requirements around GDPR, Safeguarding, prevention of Terrorism etc. in addition to increased reporting by the non-governmental and other sectors, all requiring regular monitoring and oversight.

Internews Europe has experienced massive growth over the last few years which has also informed a need to grow its supporting systems and technology. To this end, management has taken steps to implementing the Business World (formerly known as Agresso), Enterprise Reporting Planning system from 2020.

These growing developments have informed IEU’s management of the exigent need to seek dedicated personnel to ensure the establishment and efficient running of financial and other (Human Resources, Administration and Grants oversight) controls that are fit for purpose, compliant with the general UK regulatory environment and aligned to the broader objectives of the global Internews. .

The Audit Manager will have responsibility for building the financial capacity of Internews Europe’s Country offices, through the efficient running of financial and other operational processes. The post holder will be required to review existing procedures and work processes making recommendations for change where necessary at both Head Quarter (HQ) and Country levels. The software migration to Business World over the next 18 months will demand dedicated time of the Audit Manager to ensure compliance, processes and procedures that work. Due to the nature of the role, there is ample room for flexibility regarding work location.


Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities

  • Prepare Annual Risk assessments for Internews Europe’s projects and HQ operations including detailed plans of Audit reviews to be undertaken in the year.
  • Conduct risk-based field trips (and in collaboration with Internews US), where required such as shared programming.
  • Carry out risk-based desktop (at HQ) reviews on sampled/selected countries
  • Undertake periodical (monthly) desk top Audits for Internews Europe HQ operations
  • Prepare periodical reports for presentation at meetings of the Board of Trustees.
  • Establish and maintain clear processes for smooth relationships with Internews US and Internews Europe’s subsidiaries, Internews International (II) and Internews Media Development (IMD)
  • Support the migration to the new Accounting Software, with subsequent regular oversight for efficiency
  • Conduct training on various ethics and UK regulatory requirements (such as GDPR) for both HQ and Country staff
  • Producing and updating manuals and training materials (for specific audiences) as required by the UK regulatory environment.
  • Reporting Audit reports at meetings of the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC).
  • Ownership of the donor project audit processes ensuring smooth workflow, between teams.
  • Support the final Statutory Audit process

Skills and abilities needed to perform role

  • Good financial understanding of financial systems across sectors.
  • Experience of working in an Internal Audit and Advisory capacity.
  • Good grasp of financial accounting
  • Good report writing, verbal communication skills
  • Experience in presenting and discussing information in a logical, professional and objective manner, and to

manage discussions to effectively build consensus and drive forward looking actions

  • Strong knowledge of technical auditing concepts, business processes and internal control systems
  • Working knowledge of UK and US GAAP
  • Good understanding of other areas of compliance, due diligence etc.
  • Ability to use Microsoft applications
  • Experience of ERP software is desirable.
  • Availability for field travel
  • Good knowledge of the NGO sector
  • Track record of effective interaction with colleagues
  • Good track record in building relationships across a diverse organization.


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