Base Administrator

Danish Refugee Council, Paoua, Central African Republic

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource MobilizationHR and Admin
Preferred Experience: 
2 years of relevant work experience
Closing Date for Applications: 
21st May, 2021

Job Description


The base administrator is in charge of support services in the base area of ​​responsibility. In close collaboration with the heads of Support services based in Bangui and under the direct supervision of the base manager, the base administrator is responsible for the base's Administration, Finance, Human Resources and Supply Chain functions.


The main responsibilities and expectations for this position are:

Financial management, budget monitoring and accounting

  • Update and analyze budget monitoring in consultation with program managers and reconcile budget consumption, activity development and propose solutions if necessary;
  • Ensure the follow-up and respect of the budget lines allocated to logistics and administration;
  • Lead budget monitoring meetings with the teams;
  • Participate in the development of budgets when writing new projects;
  • Control the operating costs of its home base;
  • Manage the cash flow of the base and ensure the security of funds;
  • Develop cash flow forecasts with other base services;
  • Supervise and participate in the drafting of calls for tenders;
  • Supervise the keeping of the accounts on its basis and control the accounting files;
  • Ensure the conformity and veracity of the supporting documents;
  • Participate with the field teams in the monthly accounting closing;
  • Follow up on advances in the field and ensure their closure;
  • Perform internal finance control of the base and ensure the implementation of recommendations;
  • Ensured the update of the base on Dynamics.

HR & administrative management

  • Pilot the recruitment and integration of new staff, ensure the administrative briefing;
  • Supervise the constitution, monitoring and securing of personnel files;
  • Follow up on contracts, leaves, probationary periods and evaluations of base employees;
  • Centralize the training requests expressed by the teams and set up a training plan;
  • Participate in the investigation and decision-making of disciplinary measures;
  • Oversee the collection of elements allowing payroll preparation, ensure its proper conduct and participate in the payroll preparation verification process;
  • Calculate taxes and duties and supervise declarations and payments to the organizations concerned;
  • Participate in the management and resolution of conflicts.

Supply Chain Management: purchasing, supply, fleet management, equipment and telecommunications

  • Carry out the purchasing environment analysis at the level of the intervention area;
  • Support the development and monitor and update purchasing plans for all grassroots projects;
  • Supervise the updating of price lists and supplier files;
  • Master the procurement procedures of the DRC and those of the donors financing the programs in the area;
  • Establish and update purchasing schedules and supervise the implementation of purchases by ensuring compliance with validation rules and procedures;
  • Receive, verify and process purchase requests and purchase orders;
  • Select suppliers, negotiate delivery times and terms;
  • Ensure that purchasing files are complete and archived in accordance with DRC procedures;
  • Oversee the planning and execution of base vehicle maintenance and repair operations;
  • Establish the schedule of vehicle movements and teams;
  • Provide permanent general training for drivers and carry out regular knowledge checks;
  • Update the state of the vehicle fleet in real time;
  • Install and ensure regular maintenance of telecommunications resources;
  • Train teams in the use of telecommunication means;
  • Choose the premises, decide on the layout plan and organize the securing of storage spaces;
  • Ensure good storage conditions for equipment and ensure control of expiration dates;
  • Ensure compliance with procedures for entering and exiting stock;
  • Guarantee the proper maintenance of storage documentation;
  • Supervise the monthly physical inventory of stocks;
  • Ensure the proper application of ERP supply chain processes;
  • Ensure compliance with and implementation of the operations manual in all field offices in the intervention area;
  • Ensure the accuracy of the warehouse inventory (list and value of the stock on hand);
  • Provide advice on methods of disposal of unused or expired product, with prior approval from the donor / DRC Country Director;
  • Evaluate the compliance and implementation of the operations manual in all field offices;
  • Review ITB (Restricted, National and International) documentation before announcing or inviting vendors;
  • Provide remote assistance for ITB management (TOC report, technical analysis and contract award);
  • Compile monthly reports received from field offices in order to provide relevant officials with country procurement reports;
  • Organize procurement training for non-logistics staff and small-scale refresher training for procurement staff;
  • Plan and organize regular logistics trainings with relevant participants (logistics, program, human resources and finance) to ensure that agreed and uniform systems are in place;
  • Perform internal logistics control of the base and ensure the implementation of recommendations;
  • Ensure, in coordination with the base manager, the financial supply of the base.

Team management

  • Define administrative and logistical staff needs and recruit according to the resources allocated;
  • Train, support and evaluate the administrative and logistics team on its home base;
  • Plan and supervise the activity of the administrative and logistics team;
  • Organize regular formal meetings with team members.

Accountability and reporting - Capitalization

  • In close collaboration with the base manager, establish and maintain relations with the administrative and local authorities in the base's area of ​​responsibility, monitor the regulations in force in coordination with the Support services in Bangui;
  • Supervise the sending of administrative archives to the country office;
  • Ensure administrative, financial and logistical reporting according to internal or external deadlines;
  • Ensure the capitalization of price and supplier lists, as well as the documentation in use (import - export, exemption, taxes);
  • Follow up on purchases and inform requesters of the progress of processing their orders;
  • Consolidate the logistics and administrative pack on a monthly basis and forward it to the coordination;
  • Facilitate and / or organize the audit missions on the base;
  • Provide all the elements necessary for the drafting of reports and archive the purchasing files of closed programs in accordance with the mission's policy;
  • Ensures the updating of the various logistics tools (fuel consumption, stocks, assets, etc.) and finance (cash count, cash flow, cash count, etc.), according to the intervals, for submission for validation.

Representation and coordination

  • Participate in meetings relating to the administrative and logistical aspects of the intervention area with other actors;
  • Participate in coordination meetings of humanitarian and security activities in the area of ​​intervention at the request of its base manager.

Qualifications required

  • Academic level equivalent to a master's degree in economics, business administration, logistics or one of the fields suitable for this position;
  • Minimum two (2) years of professional experience in a position linking logistics and administrative management within an international NGO;
  • Proven and significant experience in budget monitoring and participation in writing projects;
  • Able to work in unstable areas presenting security challenges, in accordance with strict security guidelines;
  • Ability to provide logistical and administrative support to complex and large volume humanitarian operations;
  • Able to carry out supervision missions on sub-bases and in the field with difficult social conditions;
  • Knowledge of the logistics and financial policy of donors;
  • Experience working with IDPs and / or refugees in terms of logistical and financial support to program teams;
  • Experience in the use of an ERP-type integrated management information system is an advantage;
  • Excellent command of the Microsoft Office Pack with a particular attraction for the Excel tool;
  • Mastery of Homer software is an asset;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work under pressure and under stressful conditions;
  • Level of fluent French ( perfect mastery of the French language, both written and oral, is essential );
  • Good level of English required;
  • Previous experience and knowledge of the local context in Central Africa is an asset;
  • Previous experience with the DRC and / or on projects funded by the European Union, SDC, ECHO, USAID and / or DANIDA is an advantage.


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