Bioenergy Consultant

Global Green Growth Institute

dakar, Senegal

In Senegal, the project consist in the development of an early investment pipeline for the reduction of methane from waste and effluents generated by the food and agro-processing industries in Senegal. Eventual implementation of the most promising projects through technical assistance, capacity building and facilitating access to finance would lead to direct reduction of methane emissions.

To achieve this, the project aims to deliver a set of outputs in Senegal:

  • Develop screening criteria (such as methane reduction potential, volumes available, willingness to take part)
  • Map out potential project candidates in the food and agri-processing industries and form an early investment pipeline
  • Assess available technologies to match against the projects
  • Conduct pre-feasibility studies on 2 shortlisted projects
  • Assess barriers to implementation (regulatory, financial) and develop an action plan for implementation
  • Three workshops (launch, consultation, validation)
  • In order to ensure a smooth implementation of the Project, a range of activities will be conducted by the GGGI Senegal Office, including a hired consultant to provide the relevant technical support.
Objectives Of The Assignment And Scope Of Work:
Under the daily supervision of the Project Manager in Senegal, and with the general supervision of GGGI Senegal Country Representative and the Project Manager at GGGI Regional Office, the consultant/specialist will serve as the key support to the implementation of the project in Senegal. She/He will be involved in conducting the project’s desk research, daily activities, the reporting and monitoring of the implementation progress. The assignment is scheduled to last for 9 months and the consultant will be based in Dakar, at GGGI Senegal Office. The consultancy requires the delivery of quality work and constant commitment to achieving the projects’ deliverables.
The assignment will include the following tasks that will contribute to the successful implementation of the project:
  • Support the overall desk research activities of the project;
  • Plan, prepare and arrange meetings, field trips, workshops and other similar activities;
  • Prepare and participate in the stakeholders’ mapping;
  • Develop the screening criteria of the potential candidates to be considered in the short list;
  • Map out potential candidates in the food and agri-processing industry in order to form an early investment pipeline (the pipeline should consist in about 10 candidates);
  • Conduct the assessment of the existing technologies to match against the project;
  • Support the drafting of the Terms of reference for the recruitment of the firm(s) for the pre-feasibility studies;
  • Support overseeing the work of the firms in charge of conducting the pre-feasibility studies (the updating and monitoring of project and consultant/firm work plans and activities, reviewing reports, meetings, follow up);
  • Support the assessment of barriers to the implementation of the projects (financial, technical and regulatory barriers) – led by the firm(s)
  • Support the development of an Action Plan for the implementation of the project – led by the firm(s)
  • Contribute to the drafting of monthly reports and the project’s final report.
  • Identify challenges and lessons learned to improve project monitoring and evaluation in that context.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the Senegal Country Programs Lead/Project Manager
  • All deliverables must be completed and submitted to the Senegal Country Programs Lead/Project Manager for their review and approval.
Expertise Required:
  • Master´s degree or equivalent professional qualification in Renewable Energy, environment, ideally with a focus on bioenergy or waste recovery,  climate engineering or other related fields
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in conducting renewable energy projects, especially in methane;  
  • At least 3 proven records of relevant assignments
  • Strong knowledge of the Senegalese industry, agri-processing and energy sectors, particularly with an experience in methane reduction projects.
  • Excellent analytical, research, and report writing skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders and facilitate productive discussions.