Business Lead – Digital Beneficiary Information Management

Oxfam GB, OXFORD (OXFAM HOUSE), United Kingdom

Job Description

Oxfam’s humanitarian programmes are keen to utilise technology in its beneficiary information management and aid distribution to reduce reliance on paper-based processes, generate time savings during beneficiary registration, distribution and reporting, increase the accuracy and usefulness of data by increasing Oxfam’s ability to analyse it, and to streamline logistics for distribution with greater accountability to beneficiaries and all project stakeholders. Since 2014 Oxfam has utilised a variety of solutions in the beneficiary information management space, such as the Last Mile Mobile Solution (LMMS). We know that tools such as LMMS, which include functionality to digitally register and verify beneficiaries, improve targeting and distribution planning and management can help Oxfam reach more vulnerable people faster, as well as manage risk associated with paper-based ad-hoc processes. Oxfam is now keen to mainstream digital beneficiary information management into its humanitarian programmes over the next three years, starting with a 6 month project phase. We seek to consolidate Oxfam’s experience with LMMS to date, standardize beneficiary registration and distribution management processes, integrate LMMS into a suite of IS services. In parallel and in keeping with a rapidly changing digital humanitarian landscape, evolving around electronic programme modalities, Oxfam is keen to retain the flexibility to assess other technologies in the “last mile” space” to be able to deploy most contextually relevant solutions when emergency strikes.

Enabling role of ICTs in Oxfam’s work and specifically to ensure Oxfam has the management, technical and logistical capacity to both scale up and to respond rapidly to major humanitarian emergencies anywhere in the world.

The role of the Business Lead- Digital Beneficiary Information management will be to maintain and refine process guidance, standard operating procedures and training materials to field teams around digital beneficiary information management and aid distribution, with LMMS as a tool to support this. Business lead will also be expected to work closely with a diverse range of stakeholders, such as Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihoods and WASH team leads, internal audit, programme funding , finance and IS teams. The post-holder will coordinate the work of the international ToT pool, oversee LMMS deployments, provide functional process support to front-line staff as well as engage with/assess alternative technologies, with potential to fit Oxfam’s needs in the “last mile” space.

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