Call For Expression Of Interest Temporary General Services Positions

Food and Agriculture Organization

Rome, Italy

The functions in the General Service category include administrative, secretarial, and clerical support which contribute to the smooth and efficient running of the work units. 
Short-term appointments are designed to facilitate the discharge of administrative support functions of a temporary nature.


  • The appointment will be on a short-term contract, initially lasting for 2 months, with a possibility of extension up to 11 months, subject to satisfactory performance and depending on the resources and needs of the Organization.
  • Temporary General Service Assignments are junior positions and do not carry any expectation of, or imply any right to, further extension, renewal or conversion to any other appointment.


  • The objective of the Call is to attract talent for the Temporary General Service positions as they become available. The Call will create a roster of Applicants that will be used to identify candidates for junior positions at Grades G-1 and G-2 based on the experience and language qualifications.

Below there are some examples of different functional areas covered by the roster: 

  • Finance Support
  • Human Resources Support
  • Office Support
  • Meetings and Travel services
  • Programme Support
  • Security Services

Minimum Requirements:

Candidates Will Be Assessed Against The Following:

  • Secondary School Education. 


  • A minimum of one year of relevant experience in related positions.


  • Working knowledge (Level C) of English 

IT Skills: 

  • Knowledge of the MS Office applications, internet and office technology equipment.
  • Proficiency in corporate electronic databases and systems would be an asset.