Campaign and Communication for Development (C4D) Consultant

UN Children's Fund, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Skill Required:, Media and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
23rd July, 2017

Job Description


Communication for Development (C4D) is seen as a two-way process for sharing ideas and knowledge using a range of communication tools and approaches that empower individuals and communities to take actions to improve their lives. Communication for Development goes beyond providing information. C4D involves understanding people, their beliefs and values, the social and cultural norms that shape their lives. It involves engaging communities and listening to adults and children as they identify problems, propose solutions and act upon them.

Working in partnership with national governments, civil society organizations and development agencies, UNICEF Communication for Development (C4D) employsa mix of social mobilization, public advocacy, mass media campaigns, and behaviour and social change strategieson issues ranging frompolio immunizationto birth registration, fromebola responseto girls' education, from exclusive breastfeeding to prevention ofHIV and AIDS.

C4D practitioners believe that sustainable and long–term behavioural and social change is the result of a participatory,human rights-based processof social transformation. This process helps shift political, social and support systems by giving voice to members of all communities and providing them with the skills they need to advocate effectively for long-lasting changes. C4D ensures thatchildren with disabilities, as well as indigenous children and minority children are included in all processes.


  • Deep routed social norms and beliefs are an underlying cause behind many of the child rights violations in Malaysia which perpetuate the vicious cycle of exclusion, discrimination, deprivation and poverty of certain marginalized groups, in support of programmatic intervention.
  • Communication for development (C4D) can help increase knowledge, understanding and shift attitudes, to facilitate positive behavior and social change around issues that affect children’s and women’s overall well-being and rights. This is significantly important in attaining sustained results for children in UNICEF Malaysia programme particularly in areas where government, partners and communities need to take action to safeguard rights of the children and create enabling environment to promote child wellbeing.
  • In Malaysia, UNICEF will explore ways to influence attitudes in practices in areas such as violence against children, disabilities, nutrition and education, while working with strategic partners and Government. Supported by research studies and assessments, using a mix methodology approach, different strategies will be used to influence key changes needed to increase demand for improved services and promote social transformation whereby the stakeholders take action and demand for policy change.
  • Through local and global partners, the range of combined approaches/channels/platforms vary from one issue to another and may include mass media campaign, public advocacy, social marketing, edutainment, sport for development (S4D), capacity-building, etc.
  • UNICEF will use innovation and alternative methods of engaging with youth and adolescents in creating agents for change and strengthen partnerships with civil society organizations (CSOs), private sector and academia to create a strong alliance for child rights. External opportunities within the Malaysian environment will be maximized and National Ambassadors will play a critical role in conveying, amplifying and tailoring the message to shape perceptions, attitudes and behaviors.
  • At the global level, UNICEF will aim to engage 100 million supporters in the coming 4 years for the cause of children. To be able to achieve this, UNICEF needs to become an even stronger advocacy, campaigning, fundraising and communications force by becoming the leading voice, leading advocate and leading brand for children.In line with the HQ-led Cause Framework and the Global Communication and Public Advocacy Strategy, UNICEF in Malaysia will increasingly contribute and get associated with global campaigning efforts and initiatives on selected issues, such as the violence against children, early childhood development and other child rights issues.
  • In response to this context, there is a need for UNICEF to build its capacity to design, implement and monitor integrated, impactful and cutting-edge Communication for Development and public campaigning strategies in Malaysia.


The Communications for Development / Campaigning Officer reports to the Chief C4D for supervision and guidance. The Officer provides technical and operational support to the Chief C4D and internal colleagues by administering, implementing, monitoring and/or evaluating a variety of C4D initiatives and communication campaigns to promote engagement and participation, and measureable behavioral and social change/mobilization, requiring the application of technical and theoretical skills and thorough knowledge of organizational goals, rules, regulations, policies and procedures to complete tasks.

Summary of key functions/accountabilities:

Support to strategy design and development of C4D activities and/or campaigns

  • Collect and synthesize qualitative and quantitative information and data to support the establishment of comprehensive and evidence-based information for developing and planning the C4D component of the Country Program of Cooperation.
  • Draft and/or organize materials and related documentations for evidence-based C4D strategies and campaigning plans to ensure optimum impact, scale and sustainability of achievements/results.
  • Assess, select and/or recommend appropriate information and materials for C4D initiatives verifying accuracy and quality for dissemination.
  • Monitor and assess the impact of C4D strategies and campaigning activities on the CO and UNICEF goals to achieve measureable behavioral and social change resulting in the improvement of children’s rights and wellbeing. Submit qualitative report/synthesis of results for development planning and improvement.

Support to the implementation of C4D activities and/or campaigns

  • Collaborate and/or consult with internal and external partners to provide operational and technical support to research, develop, and produce evidence-based strategies and test, produce and use quality C4D materials and/or organize events and activities to ensure engagement and participation, and maximum outreach and impact on behavioral and social change .
  • Provide technical, administrative and logistical support and background materials to carry out C4D strategies and campaigning activities and recommend operational strategies, approaches, plans, methods and procedures to ensure engagement and participation, and optimum outreach and impact.\
  • Identify and contribute to the selection process of event management companies and creative agencies that can support our work. Assist in drafting ToR, job scope and selection of best vendor to organize a specific campaign/event.
  • Assess and recommend potential contacts, networks, resources and multiple/social/digital media and tools to support maximum impact and outreach of C4D and campaigning initiatives.
  • Coordinate and monitor the production of communication materials to ensure technical quality, consistency and relevancy to target audience (e.g. individuals, communities, government officials, partners, media etc).
  • Collect, assess and organize information for budget planning and management of program funds and prepare documentations and related materials for financial plan for C4D initiatives. Monitor/track the use of resources as planned and verify compliance with organizational guidelines, rules and regulations and standards of ethics and transparency.

Advocacy, networking and partnership building

  • Build and maintain partnerships through networking and proactive collaboration with government institutions, civil society organisations, private sector and other critical partners to reinforce cooperation through engagement, empowerment and self-determination and to pursue opportunities for greater advocacy to promote UNICEF mission and goals for child rights, social equity and inclusiveness.
  • Collaborate with internal global/regional communication partners to harmonize, link and/or coordinate messaging to enhance C4D outreach and contribution to programmatic outcomes in alignment with HQ-led global priorities and campaigns

Innovation, knowledge management and capacity building

  • Institutionalize/share best practices and knowledge learned/products with global/local partners and stakeholders to build capacity of practitioners/users, and disseminate products to key audiences including partners and donors.
  • Support the organization, administration and implement capacity building initiatives, including partnerships with training and academic institutions, to enhance the competencies of clients/stakeholders/partners across programme sectors in C4D planning, implementation and evaluation in support of programs/projects.
  • Coordinate the development of training materials for training activities, and revise and update them as necessary.


  • Develop a capacity-building follow-up plan with the three universities involved in the initial C4D workshops: Oct 2017
  • Draft ToRs and contribute to the selection process of event management companies and creative agencies for public campaigning: Oct 2017
  • Support the design of two integrated communication for development strategies on selected child rights issues: Nov 2017
  • Support the implementation of a communication and campaigning plan on disability: Dec 2017 onwards
  • Prepare a mapping of potential C4D and campaigning partners: January 2018
  • Establish four new partnership agreements (government institutions, private companies or civil society organizations): May 2018
  • Provide campaigning and C4D technical support on selected programmatic child rights issues: January 2018 – onwards
  • Plan and coordinate the development and implementation of three public campaigns in line with the Cause Framework: January 2018 - onwards

FEE AND SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS: A monthly work plan will be developed outlining expected deliverables at the beginning of every month. Payments in ringgits will be done on a monthly basis after review of the work plan and upon completion of the deliverables, as certified by the supervisor.


  • The consultant will work from the UNICEF Malaysia Country Office for the duration of the assignment. Working hours are from 8:30-17:00, Monday to Friday.
  • S/he will be provided with a work station and laptop connected to the LAN.
  • The consultant will work under the supervision of the Chief of C4D who will be acting as a focal point of UNICEF Malaysia Office and facilitate internal discussions and access to existing UNICEF policy and procedures as necessary;
  • If necessary, the consultant will be assisted technically in the production of the work-process flow diagrams by the ICT assistant using VISIO.
  • The consultant will be expected to make his/her own arrangements for accommodation and transportation to and from the office, although the office will provide recommendations for both.

DURATION OF CONTRACT: The consultancy will require a total duration of eleven and a half (11.5) months starting from the signing date, tentatively from September 1, 2017 to August 15, 2018, or as soon as the recruitment process is concluded.


The national consultant must meet the following qualifications requirements:

  • A University Degree in social and behavioral science, sociology, anthropology, psychology, education, communication, public relations or other related social science field is required.
  • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in areas of public campaigning, advocacy, social marketing, community engagement, or mass mobilisation.
  • Experience in behaviour change communication is an asset;
  • Evaluation skills, including impact and social change measurement;
  • Excellent knowledge of the media and entertainment industry;
  • Proven communication, facilitation, networking and writing skills;
  • Excellent command of English and Bahasa Malaysia in both oral and in writing; Excellent critical analysis skills, strategic thinking, and discipline to manage ambitious plans and timelines.

UN HOLIDAYS: Public holidays will be granted to the Consultant as per UN observed public holidays in Malaysia.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENT: UNICEF will raise a Travel Authorization document for facilitating the travel which assumes buying a ticket and paying daily allowance for the duration of the contractor’s stay at UN internal daily allowance rate of the respective month.


  • Overall Response (20 points)
  • Understanding of tasks, objectives and completeness and coherence of response
  • Overall match between the TOR requirements consultant's competencies.
  • Technical Capacity (50 points)
  • Relevance of consultant's experience with similar projects and as per required qualifications
  • Quality of previous work
  • References


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