Capacity building support specialist on consumer feedback mechanism

Oxfam GB, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Job Description

The Role
Description of the assignment

The Overall objective:
A civil society-based monitoring framework (gender-sensitive) generates feedback on performance of service delivery in WS&S, using improved standards, ensuring citizen's participation and promoting partnership in service management in target areas
Specific Objective:
The main objective and the proposed priorities of this consultancy assignment is to support TWISA project in strengthening the capacity of the local drinking water service providers in consumer orientated business development approach.

Scope of work:
The Service Provider Capacity Building Specialist will support the development of consumer feedback support department within the local drinking water service providers with aim of improving accountability. The emphasis of the support will be on implementation capacity building where rights and obligations of consumers and service provider are highlighted and appropriate mechanism for data collection is set with service provider. The specialist will be responsible for preparation of a training package to establish a business culture among rural operators that focuses on development of customer relationship mechanisms.
The specialist is also expected to provide business planning and technical training focus on consumer feedback mechanism to service providers where there is absence of adequate business development service.
Prepare a training package based on needs assessment survey in 5 selected districts;
Prepared digital simplified data collection system for collection of consumer data
Conduct a series of training on the use of customer feedback collection database for the local DW service providers
Conduct series of training on development of customer relationship mechanisms for the local DW service providers
Useful Information

Oxfam in Tajikistan has been awarded a multi-year GPSA grant for improving social accountability in the water supply and sanitation sector through the development of improved service performance standards and the promotion of citizen participation in service performance monitoring. TWISA has 4-year duration, starting in April 2014. TWISA will be implemented in Tajikistan with focus on 5 Pilot districts of the Republic of Tajikistan

TWISA project description
The TWISA project has 4 components. The first component anticipates work on the definition of new performance indicators for service delivery in the subsector. The second component is focusing on the development and consolidation of a civil society-based monitoring mechanism. Mainly following the adoption of the new performance indicators and the setting into motion of the civil society-based monitoring mechanism, the third component will raise consumer awareness and build the capacity of selected operators in cooperation with local regulators. This will encompass awareness raising campaigns, community events and partnerships with local media and capacity building actions tailored to the needs of operators of strategic importance in target areas. The fourth, Knowledge and Learning component will be key to all activities: integrated in all project components, it will ensure that project tasks are properly informed; foster transparency; provide the basis for further replication / scaling-up beyond the project’s scope; and provide a basis for monitoring and evaluation. Above all, the project will be seen as an excellent opportunity to gain a clear knowledge of issues are at stake and of opportunities to address gender equality and promotion of women’s rights in WS&S initiatives.

About GPSA
The GPSA supports civil society and governments to work together to solve critical governance challenges in developing countries. To achieve this objective, the GPSA provides strategic and sustained support to civil society organizations (CSO)’ social accountability initiatives aimed at strengthening transparency and accountability. It builds on the World Bank’s direct and ongoing engagement with public sector actors, as well as a network of Global Partner organizations, to create an enabling environment in which citizen feedback is used to solve fundamental problems in service delivery and to strengthen public institutions. This in turn helps the countries to improve development results and to reach the goals of ending extreme poverty and fostering shared prosperity.

Required qualifications and skills
- Consultant should have at least a Master Degree in the field of international development, community development, public sector management or other relevant discipline, or more then 10 years of equivalent professional experience in related fields;
- Extensive experience in training adult learners as well as development of digital data collection tools
- Familiarity with Tajikistan rural context
- Experience working with International NGOs and the World Bank Projects on similar consultancies
- Experience in social accountability projects ;
- Fluency in English, Tajik, and Russian oral and written (desirable);
Professional experience:
- At least 10 years of professional engagements in training
- Solid working experience & knowledge of good practice in developing training materials with customer service orientation in public sectors
- Practical experience of participatory processes at community level related
- Understanding and experience of gender sensitive research and analysis
- Experience in public sector service performance measurement, including developing performance indicators, especially in the drinking water and sanitation sector
- Knowledge of research methodology, method, techniques, and application of these in the research projects
- Strong analytical skills
- Excellent communication skills and ability to interact effectively with a wide range of stakeholders at institutional and community levels.

Foreseen duration of the consultancy
This consultancy is expected to end no later than 12 weeks following the start of the assignment.
Work plan/ Timelines:
The consultant will be required to develop a detailed work plan for the assignment no later than 5 working days after the beginning of the assignment.

Tentative start of Consultancy: April 1, 2016

Candidates are requested to submit:
- A cover letter and CV
- Expected remuneration
- Other supporting documents: relevant publications, blogs, research papers, project papers

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