Chief of Documents Management Section

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Paris, France

The Chief of the Documents Management Section reports to the Director of the Division of Conferences, Languages and Documents (ADM/CLD) and is responsible for supervising documents management and managing the production and distribution of documents in the framework of the mission of the Section (ADM/CLD/D).

He/she participates in decision-making, planning and strategy development related to the implementation of best practices in terms of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and innovation in all the activities of the Documents Management Section.

Accordingly, he/she is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the smooth running of the Section in terms of documents management, human resources, equipment, budgets, re-invoicing transactions, workshops and offices, etc.
  • Providing and improving quality services to the governing bodies, programme sectors and external clients.
  • In general, advising the Director ADM/CLD on documents management and production policy as well as on new technical options in this area that might be adopted in the light of technological developments and best practices in the United Nations system.
  • Identifying opportunities to improve the quality of services and taking all relevant initiatives to ensure that the services provided by the Section correspond to the needs of the Organization and lead to the improvement of the management of the service provided and its quality.
  • Optimizing staff and equipment resources and developing strategies to integrate equipment and multifunctional devices into a paperless document-processing workflow.
  • Ensuring the provision of quality services for the management of incoming and outgoing mail and exploring possible improvements for the efficient management of the distribution of documents , including official documents and reviewing distribution and storage requirements so as to improve documents inventory management.
  • Organizing re-invoicing transactions for all the services of the Section, ensuring the proper management of receipts and income.
  • Implementing environmentally sound technologies and/or approaches and environmentally responsible documents management as part of the Organization's environmental management system.

Required Qualifications:


  • Advanced university degree (master's degree or equivalent) in the field of management and/or administration and/or management of information systems and/or graphic industries, or other related fields. A first level university degree, combined with additional 2 years of qualifying experience in fields relevant to the post, may be accepted in lieu of an advanced university degree.

Work Experience:

  • Mininum of seven (7) years of progressively responsible and relevant professional experience in the field of documents management and/or graphic industries in the public and/or private sector, of which preferably 3 years acquired at the international level. 
  • Experience in an international or multinational organization.
  • Experience in managing projects in the area of documents management software/systems, including with vendors and other counterparts in the supply chain.
  • Experience in the administration and  management of financial and human resources.


  • Managerial skills in leadership, steering, planning, management, organization and change management.
  • Managerial skills in Project Management.
  • Technical skills in the field of documents flow management, printing and applications specific to the graphic and publishing industry, in a multilingual context.
  • Ability to create partnerships and keep abreast with technology development in areas related to documents management.
  • Ability to lead and motivate staff and teams in a multicultural environment.
  • Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively and persuasively with a variety of stakeholders at all levels, both inside and outside the Organization.
  • Ability to deliver on business needs and being mindful of the needs of clients. 
  • Excellent coordination and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent IT skills. 


  • Excellent knowledge (written and spoken) of English or French and good knowledge of the other.