Child Rights Governance Officer

Save The Children, Ocaña, Spain

Skill Required:, Policy/ Advocacy and CampaignTraining and Capacity Building
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
15th August, 2020

Job Description


Technically strengthen the key territorial actors (government authorities, civil society and groups and platforms of children, adolescents and young people) in each of the stages of the NORAD Project, in order to promote the promotion and defense of children's rights and the commitment with its guarantee and realization in school, community, social and governmental environments at the level of the project's area of ​​influence.


Project implementation

  • To support the planning of the activities of the thematic line ( CRG, political incidence, campaigns and participation of children) and the four (4) sub-lines of work in charge of.
  • Perform or manage the actions provided for in the work plan derived from the planning process of the line under their responsibility.
  • Implement technical models that facilitate the achievement of project objectives in the monitored territories.
  • Accompany the baseline survey and exit process of the Catatumbo Ama la Educación project
  • Technically accompany the process of strengthening the capacities of local authorities, civil society and children and adolescents as defined in the Catatumbo Love Education Project
  • Lead the process of accompaniment to the formulation of Development Plans of the new administrations in the assigned territories.
  • Accompany the follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the project from its technical and operational dimensions, in concert with the MERA team.
  • Advance technical procedures, dialogue and coordination with other organizations and authorities at the territorial level to guarantee the rights of children.
  • Support the formation, consolidation and strengthening of groups of interest of boys, girls, adolescents and young people in order to promote the guarantee of their rights.
  • Technically accompany the process of strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations at the local level as defined in the Catatumbo Love Education Project
  • Prepare the corresponding technical reports, in accordance with the guidelines of the project management, Save the Children Norway, NORAD, for the optimal development of the project in your position.
  • Participate in technical and working tables that are set up for the development of the line and sub lines under their charge.
  • Participate in the design and execution of the project exit plan.
  • Lead the development of the systematization of the line under his charge, in concert with the MERA team.
  • Comply with SCC procedures regarding report indicators, request for advances, legalization of accounts.
  • Support the identification of strategic partners to strengthen the actions and results envisaged in the project, either with public or private partners that have competencies and interests in the project's issues.
  • Participate in meetings, workshops and other work spaces, which are structured by the organization to design, evaluate and systematize the specific processes and actions of the project.
  • Implement and monitor the action plan, in the specific actions that are within its competence in the project.
  • Implement the institutional campaigns of the organization (Until the Last Boy and Girl and Stop the War against Children) and support groups of boys, girls, adolescents and young people in their implementation and participation as partners of the institutional campaign.
  • Support the actions assigned to it by the Directorate of Political Advocacy, Campaigns, CRG and Communications that are framed in the development of the project and the organizational guidelines and mandates.

Cross organizational processes

  • Support the collection of inputs required for the organizational processes that are carried out.
  • Participate in the preparation of presentations, reports, documents that are required in the organizational processes that are requested.
  • Attend the meetings, workshops, events that are called.
  • Lead the execution of personal and group security processes according to the provisions and procedures adopted by the organization.
  • Support the positioning process of the CRG area in the Catatumbo Ama la Educación project
  • Other functions of a similar scope that are assigned to you by your immediate supervisor.
  • Provide information and support the development of communication processes and dissemination of information on the actions under its charge with the communications area of ​​the Directorate of Incidence, Campaigns and Communications.
  • Permanent monitoring of compliance with children's rights and particular violations of these in the project's areas of influence
  • Permanent research and update of inputs that allow updated contextual information on children's rights



  • Professional in political science, law, human sciences, social sciences, administration and management of projects or related careers.


  • Formulation, implementation and monitoring of social projects
  • Child participation and children's rights.
  • Territory planning processes and planning instruments.
  • Management of public policies, programs and projects at the local and national level on issues related to childhood, development and peace, human rights and attention to the population in a situation of vulnerability and affected by the armed conflict.
  • Civil society organizations
  • Coordination and work with other civil society organizations


  • Preferably from the area, due to the importance of having experience and relationships with local administrations, civil society organizations, humanitarian organizations in the area.


Minimum three 3 years of accredited experience in the implementation of processes aimed at:

  • Leadership of capacity building processes and training in human rights and children's rights
  • Direct work with children, young people and communities in vulnerable situations.
  • Management of public policies, programs and projects at the local and national level on issues related to childhood, development and peace building, human rights and care for the vulnerable population and victims of the conflict.
  • Processes related to empowerment, participation and comprehensive protection of children.
  • Articulation and management with public and private organizations, and inter-institutional management at the governmental level.
  • Proven experience of at least two years in the project's intervention area or being a native of the area.
  • Knowledge and experience in direct work with civil society organizations at the local level.


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