Climate Change Senior Specialist

Food and Agriculture Organization

Hanoi, Vietnam

The incumbent will work under the direct supervision of the FAO Representative in Viet Nam (FAOR), day-to-day supervision by Assistant FAO Representative (Programme), and technical oversight by Lead Technical Officer based in FAO RAP.
The incumbent will be responsible for planning, implementation and monitoring of climate change portfolio projects in Viet Nam.
Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Lead and supervise overall technical project planning and implementation of the projects to ensure technical coherence between different project components; in accordance with the approved Project Document and the results-based Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP/B), and in compliance with FAO procedures and donor requirements.
  • Plan, direct, coordinate and monitor the implementation of climate change portfolio projects activities and the work of staff and consultants assigned to the project.
  • Lead monitoring of project implementation risks and work to ensure compliance with risk management strategies to meet donor and FAO requirements for environmental and social safeguards.
  • Provide policy and technical advice to partners.
  • Be responsible for the coordination between partners for planning, project coordination and execution.
  • Lead preparation and submission of the climate change portfolio project’s periodic reports (technical and financial).
  • Provide technical advice in the organization of training and meetings. 
  • Prepare technical reports /policy documents required by climate change portfolio projects in a timely manner.
  • Support establishment of strong M&E systems and ensure strong learning and communication within the climate change portfolio teams and with wider stakeholders.
  • Establish working relations with appropriate national agencies and groups to ensure effective implementation of supported activities, and ensure adequate information flow, discussions and feedback among the various stakeholders of climate change portfolio projects.
  • Prepare brief progress reports as foreseen by the project document and an end-of assignment report providing information relevant to the output indicators and making recommendations.
  • Periodically review CPF outcomes related to climate change and identify potential project development or programming opportunities to support the achievement of the CPF outcomes on climate change
  • Prepare project idea notes and concept notes as needed and support further development.
  • Carry out any other relevant duties as required in order to achieve the above tasks.

Candidates Will Be Assessed Against The Following:
Minimum Requirements:

  • University degree in economics, business administration, management, agriculture, international development or related fields;
  • Ten years of relevant experience in project/programme planning, implementation and appraisal, including the development of results-based management/monitoring systems;
  • Working knowledge (level C) of English.

Technical/Functional Skills:

  • Working experience in agriculture and rural development fields in Viet Nam. 
  • Extent of relevance of experience in planning and implementation of large-scale complex projects/programmes in developing countries related to agriculture development;
  • Extent and relevance of experience in large-scale programme/project management, including in-depth knowledge of related administrative, operational and financial procedures;
  • Level of experience working with governments, international organizations/resource partners, NGOs and the private sector, including project implementation by operational partners.
  • Excellent culturally aware interpersonal skills with experience in networking with partners at all levels (ministry, donors, private sector, NGOs and local community-based organizations);
  • Extent of experience promoting inclusive project implementation at all levels of the project, including recruiting and leading an inclusive project team.
  • Experience in analyzing climate change impacts, agri-food systems/value chains, natural resources management and related issues;
  • Ability to write clear and concise technical documents.