Climate Environment and DRR Specialist

United Nations Children's Fund

Panama City, Panama

Experience: 5 to 10 Years

Skill Required: Monitoring and Evaluation

The Climate Environmental and DRR Specialist reports to the Regional Climate Change Adviser (P-5) for general guidance and direction. The Climate Environmental and DRR Specialist supports the Regional Climate Change Adviser in managing the CEED section, and in leading the development, preparation, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the CEED programme within the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region. The CEED Specialist provides technical guidance and management support throughout the programming processes, to ensure the achievement of the CEED-related output results in the LAC region. The CEED Specialist provides advisory services to UNICEF Country Offices (COs), governments and sector support agencies
Key functions, accountabilities and related duties/tasks:
Technical support and coordination for the implementation of the Sustainability and Climate Action plan for all countries in LAC region including:
  • Implementation of the foundational elements in each UNICEF country in the LAC region (i.e. data and analysis, development of country strategy, implementation of ESS and greening initiatives, staff training)
  • Development and implementation of sustainability and climate as part of all country programmes and advocacy in the region
  • Implementation of suitable multi-country projects in areas of acceleration in the region
  • Development of country and regional partnerships in the region.
  • Foster engagement with key stakeholders related to climate finance in the region and globally.
Regional Sustainability and Climate Coordination:
  • Implementation of foundational elements in UNICEF country offices, including data analysis, strategy development, and environmental standards.
  • Coordinate data collection for climate adaptation, disaster reduction, and resilience.
  • Develop sustainability and climate strategies for regional countries.
  • Promote UNICEF environmental standards and capacity-building.
  • Align policies and programs regionally and with broader UNICEF initiatives.
Integration in Country Programs:
  • Ensure sustainability and climate integration in country programs.
  • Provide guidance to country offices for multi-sectoral sustainability.
  • Support regional sustainability and climate initiatives in line with UNICEF's Strategic Plan.
Technical Support:
  • Offer technical and operational support to staff in climate, energy, environment, and DRR.
  • Assist in implementing complementary Sustainability and Climate Action Plan strategies.
  • Coordinate narratives and milestones across the region.
  • Track regional sustainability and climate initiatives.
Multi-Country Projects:
  • Coordinate country selection for sustainability and climate projects.
  • Provide strategic advice and knowledge exchange among countries.
  • Champion climate-informed risk reduction, sustainable energy, WASH services, youth engagement, and internal sustainability.
Partnership Development:
  • Establish strategic partnerships with financial institutions and the private sector.
  • Promote cross-sectoral programming for maximum impact.
  • Ensure coordinated engagement within and outside UNICEF.
  • Support fundraising efforts aligned with thematic areas.
  • Pursue climate finance opportunities.
Climate Finance stewardship:
  • Support the development of a strategy designed to unlock climate finance opportunities for UNICEF and governments in LAC region.
  • Support the development proposals for climate finance including feasibility studies and assessments.
  • Identify most promising opportunities for financing climate-resilient and accessible Health, Education and WASH services.
  • Capacity building for country offices to develop proposals and secure the large-scale funding needed to provide climate-resilient social services for children and young people. 
Impact of results
The Climate Environmental and DRR Specialist will provide technical support and coordination in sustainability and climate initiatives (programmes, policies, and activities) throughout the LAC region. This includes management and delivery of the key objectives of UNICEFs Sustainability and Climate Action plan, which include:
  • Protect the lives, health and well-being of children and the resilience of their communities by adapting essential social services to a changing climate, more frequent disasters and a degrading environment.
  • Empower every child through their life course with the developmental opportunities, education and skills to be a champion for the environment.
  • Reduce emissions and environmental footprint within UNICEF, support its global network of partners to do the same, and advocate for the fulfilment of ambitious international sustainability and climate change agreements.
  • The key results have an impact on the overall performance of UNICEF’s organizational response and commitment to prioritize action on the planetary crisis globally.
To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…
  • An advanced university degree in climate change, environmental science, engineering, disaster management, International Development, International Relations, Government, Public Administration, Public Policy, Social Policy or other relevant disciplines is required.
  • A minimum of 8 years of relevant work experience in areas related to sustainability, international development, disaster management, environmental issues, public policy, social policy, and children’s health and wellbeing is required.
  • Specific experience in policy/advocacy/programming, implementation, monitoring, review and evaluation related to climate change, environment or disaster risk reduction is required preferably in a developing country context.
  • In-depth knowledge on climate, environment, and DRR impacts, assessments, and adaptation solutions required.
  • Familiarity with children’s rights in the context of climate change, environmental degradation and disaster risk reduction required.
  • In-depth knowledge of climate and environmental finance would be an asset.
  • Experience working on CEED issues within UNICEF or other international development agencies is considered an asset.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish is required. Knowledge of another official UN language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian) or a local language is an asset.