Communication and PR Consultant

United Nations Development Programme, Nepal

Skill Required:, Media and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
11th September, 2019

Job Description

UNCDF is the UN’s capital investment agency for the world’s 47 Least Developed Countries (LDC). UNCDF uses its capital mandate to support LDCs pursue inclusive growth. UNCDF promotes financial inclusion, also through digital financial services (DFS), as a key enabler of poverty reduction and inclusive growth; and it demonstrates how localizing finance outside the capital cities can accelerate growth in local economies, promote sustainable and climate-resilient infrastructure development, and empower local communities. Using capital grants, loans and credit enhancements, UNCDF tests financial models in inclusive finance and local development finance; ‘de-risks’ the local investment space; and provides proofs of concept, paving the way for larger and more risk-averse investors.

With its capital mandate and instruments, UNCDF offers “last mile” financing models that unlock public and private resources, especially at the domestic level, to reduce poverty and support local development. UNCDF targets low-income and underserved populations and areas in the LDCs where resources for development are the scarcest; where market failures are most pronounced; and where increased national economic prosperity does not reach a large part of the population. UNCDF focusses on local development finance and inclusive finance, using its capital mandate paired with strong technical and policy support to help communities and individuals save, borrow and invest.

UNCDF’s objective is to develop inclusive financial systems in which a range of financial products are available to all segments of society, at a reasonable cost, and on a sustainable basis. UNCDF supports a wide range of providers (e.g. microfinance institutions, banks, cooperatives, money transfer companies) and a variety of financial products and services (e.g. savings, credit, insurance, payments, and remittances).

Introducing Digital Finance in UNCDF

UNCDF manages several initiatives in LDCs in Asia and Africa, to develop an inclusive digital finance eco-system that offers a wide range of financial services specially for low income vulnerable communities. Specifically, UNCDF provides a mix of policy, technical and financial support to a range of government and private sector actors in each country, as well as invests in research and other public goods that benefit all market actors. By supporting the development of digital finance eco-system in these countries, UNCDF aims to increase the financial security of low income and rural households through access to appropriate, affordable and secure means to receive, manage and save money.

Introducing UNCDF’s Digital Finance Intervention Nepal

UNCDF launched its Digital Finance interventions in Nepal in 2013 and focused on creating an inclusive environment for inception and scale up of digital financial services. UNCDF has been supporting the digital financial service providers, banks and other stakeholders in the country to develop the eco-system.

In 2017, Nepal Rastra Bank issued the Payment Service Provider (PSP) license to the first set of non-bank companies. This led to a growing number of registered customers using mobile wallets for a range of payment services. UNCDF works with its partners IME Digital and Prabhu Pay to implement and scale last mile adoption of digital financial services. Considering Nepal is an agro based economy with more than 60% of population engaged in agriculture, UNCDF with its partners Prabhu Management, SunFarmer and Swift/IME Digital developed use cases around dairy value chain digitization, Pay-as-you-go for solar irrigation pumps, farm operations digitization and digital credit market place. These pilots provided in-depth learning on linking digital with agriculture to drive adoption of digital services at the last mile. In 2019, UNCDF under the larger FinLabs initiative, launched the Nepal AgriTECH challenge for pre-seed and established start-ups engaged in agri-tech sector.

UNCDF is also closely engaged with Nepal Rastra Bank, central bank of the country to support in formulation of data based policies. In 2018, Nepal Rasta Bank launched the Nepal Financial Inclusion Portal with technical support from UNCDF. NFIP is a data reporting and management tool that allows NRB to map level of financial inclusion in the country.

As UNCDF continues to engage with private sector, regulators and the government to scale up DFS eco-system in Nepal, learning consolidation and dissemination is an integral part of our approach. In this context, UNCDF plans to hire a Knowledge Management and Communication Consultant – National Nepali, who will be part of the existing Digital Finance team in Nepal and work closely with technical team as well as UNCDF partners to consolidate learnings, develop communication collaterals and support in wider dissemination.

Competencies related to the position

  • Knowledge of communication, information and editing standards and techniques (typographic rules and syntactic rules, layout, multimedia writing, multimedia ergonomics).
  • Ability to organize, structure, and write content by adapting it to the intended audience.
  • Be able to listen and collaborate with a wide range of actors.
  • Ability to work independently and pro-actively.
  • Knowledge Management and Sharing
  • Excellent computer skills and ability to use software and other relevant applications; design and / or maintenance of websites.
  • Ability to manage events and coordinate contributions from different stakeholders.

Development and operational efficiency: Knowledge of UNCDF and the UN system and / or the donor community.

Leadership and Autonomy

  • Focuses on the outcome for the client and reacts positively to the criticism received.
  • Always adopts a dynamic, positive and constructive attitude at work.
  • Remains calm, self-possessed and in a good mood, even under pressure.
  • Demonstrates openness to change and the ability to handle complex situations.
  • Interacts with others in a professional, respectful and friendly manner.
  • Communicates clearly and convincingly.

Required Skills and Experience:


  • A Master’s degree in international development, communication, journalism, marketing, social sciences or a related discipline.
  • A Bachelor’s degree with an additional two years of experience could also meet this requirement;
  • Additional training related to communication for development is highly desirable.


  • A minimum of three (3) years dedicated experience in with progressive responsibilities, in knowledge management or communication or another relevant area.
  • 1-year experience in event management is desired;
  • Existing network with in local media groups and other related industry associations is a plus
  • Experience working with international organizations, developing country governments, donor agencies and / or NGOs and other civil society groups involved in various sectors of international development.
  • Experience with a UN organization/agency would be a plus.


  • Excellent written and oral English is mandatory.
  • Fluency in Nepali is a plus but not mandatory.


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