Communication Associate


Under the supervision of the Communications Manager, the Communications Associate will support the Burkina Faso country office communications team in defining and implementing effective external communications plans. The position will involve working closely with relevant functional units, both at country office and field office levels, to develop, plan and implement communications activities that support WFP's objectives in Burkina Faso.


  • Carry out specialized communications operations and activities to assist staff in developing, organizing, conducting and disseminating campaigns aimed at specific audiences.
  • Conduct research, propose ideas and assist in coordination, to ensure efficient and timely execution of video/film, photography and radio projects. Manage the storage and distribution of audiovisual media in accordance with applicable policies.
  • Play the role of coordinator and support or coordinate media coverage of events, in order to optimize publicity around WFP activities.
  • Organize and deliver events in close collaboration with colleagues, external partners and media to ensure that events are scheduled and advertised effectively and reach a wide audience.
  • Monitor traditional media and social media, and provide managers with information that can be used to develop or evaluate communications activities and strategies.
  • Develop, in accordance with the guidance received, content for traditional and social media platforms and networks as well as printed materials to expand coverage of and support for WFP activities, ensuring consistency with institutional messages.
  • Disseminate and promote communications guidelines to WFP staff that they can refer to when creating content.
  • Manage updates and continue development of internal files and databases to ensure information is accurate, structured and accessible.
  • Respond to technical questions and requests for assistance using initiative and following standard procedures to promptly and accurately handle all requests for information.
  • Maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders to ensure harmonized and consistent service and find opportunities for collaboration and integration of procedures and activities.
  • Improve communication methods and practices to more effectively inform the media and stakeholders about WFP activities.



  • Understand and communicate strategic objectives: Develops the team in the most effective manner to communicate WFP's strategic objectives for the team and WFP partners in the field
  • Be a force for positive change: Implements new methods or tools to improve team work processes and productivity
  • Make the mission a source of inspiration for our team: Plans team activities and tasks based on specific successes in beneficiary communities in order to present a positive impact
  • Make our mission known in daily actions: Explains to teammates how each unit contributes to the overall mission of WFP


  • Look for ways to build people's skills: Identifies skills development capabilities such as training modules or on-the-job experiences for self, colleagues and direct reports
  • Create an inclusive culture: Facilitates team building activities to build rapport in your own unit
  • Develop and provide constructive feedback: Facilitates the association of junior colleagues with coaches within your own team
  • Create an “I Will”/“We Will” Mindset: Anticipates potential challenges and develops mitigation plans to ensure the team achieves goals and targets


  • Encourage innovation and creative solutions: Identifies opportunities to be creative in own work and help the team to be more innovative and precise in their respective tasks and areas of work
  • Focus on achieving results: Monitors the team's expected results and provides feedback to ensure results are delivered consistently and accurately
  • Make and keep commitments: Provides specific guidance to the team on expected responsibilities and tasks, while respecting own commitment to the team
  • Be decisive: Leads by example and provides guidance to junior team members as problems escalate as they face difficult issues in the workplace or in the field


  • Connect and share between WFP units: Facilitates partnerships with other WFP units to accomplish missions in the field
  • Build strong external partnerships: Lead by example and provide guidance to the team on how to build relationships with external partners
  • Be politically agile and adaptable: Communicates to colleagues or direct reports the value of contribution from other WFP teams and agency partnerships to achieve WFP objectives



  • Have at least a Baccalaureate. A degree in one of the following fields: international business, agriculture, economics, international development studies, marketing, social sciences, political science, geography, communications, or a field relevant to development assistance will be an asset.


  • Excellent command of the French language and good knowledge of English