Communication Officer

World Food Programme

Bangkok, Thailand

Experience: Atleast 7 years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

The Office of Communications (OCC) is responsible for both external and internal communications of the Organization. It aims at making FAO's communications strategic, coherent, focused and impactful, while ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in communication-related operations. 

The Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) is responsible for leading FAO's response to regional priorities for food security, agriculture and rural development through the identification, planning and implementation of FAO's priority activities in the region. It ensures a multidisciplinary approach to programmes, identifies priority areas of action for the Organization in the region and, in collaboration with Offices, Centres and Divisions at headquarters, develops, promotes and oversees FAO's strategic response to regional priorities. RAP also advises on the incorporation of regional priorities into the Organization's Programme of Work and Budget and implements approved programmes and projects in the region, monitors the level of programme implementation and draws attention to problems and deficiencies. RAP develops and maintains relations with region-wide institutions including the Regional Economic Integration Organizations (REIOs).

The Regional Office supports regional policy dialogue on food security, agriculture and rural development issues, facilitates the emergence of regional partnerships, and supports capacity development and resource mobilization for food security, agriculture and rural development in the region.

The position is located in the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Reporting Lines

The Communication Officer reports to the Assistant Director-General/ Regional Representative (ADG/RR) for Asia and the Pacific (RAP).

Technical Focus

The Communication Officer provides technical advice and expertise for the planning and delivery of the Communications' programmes and products of the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAPCOM) in line with FAO's priorities for food security, agriculture and rural development in the region.

Key Results

The planning and delivery of OCC programmes, products and services and the development of related policies and specialized tools and systems, through the use of comprehensive communication and publishing expertise.

Key Functions

  • Leads projects and/or work teams, leads and/or participates in office teams, provides services and/or professional expertise in internal committees and working groups and represents FAO at inter-agency meetings.
  • Plans and delivers programmes, products and services including related policies, systems and tools to facilitate effective media relations and internal as well as external corporate communication.
  • Analyses information, data, statistics, relativities, trends, problems and/or issues to support effective communication delivery, new initiatives, and the preparation of plans, strategies, reports, policies and/or other products.
  • Provides specialist advice and expertise to internal and external partners on specific or complex cases, strategic communication, written communication, policy interpretation issues and/or best practices, etc.
  • Manages special projects and provides guidance to consultants for the development and implementation of new products, tools and systems.
  • Develops information, training materials and products to increase understanding of programmes, services and policies; promotes capacity development.
  • Develops relevant performance criteria and indicators to evaluate programmes, products and services.

Specific Functions

  • Leads and supervises the design and implementation of an innovative regional communication strategy, taking into account corporate priorities.
  • Leads and manages RAP's communications team, represents RAP communications in organization-wide committees and represents FAO at regional-level inter-agency communications meetings.
  • Leads the Regional Communications Network and supervises the work of its coordinator; provides guidance, support and monitoring of the work of communication specialists throughout the region.
  • Coordinates communication around Flagship Publication launches, Regional Conferences and high-level visits in the region.
  • Ensures a significant presence of FAO in top-tier media in the region, maintaining close working relations with regional media representatives, including print, broadcast and digital media, ensuring the timely preparation of press releases, editorial articles, press conferences, interviews of FAO experts, replies to specific enquiries from journalists, etc.; monitors regional print, broadcast and on-line media coverage of FAO and reports on issues of importance to the Organization.
  • Provides support, as needed, to RAP Module Leaders and substantive experts for the elaboration of their work to ensure greater impact.
  • Provides support, as needed, for the elaboration and implementation of communication plans at subregional and country levels in the region.
  • Designs and supervises capacity building plans, to increase the communications skills of officers, FAO Representatives and members of the Regional Communications Network.
  • As the lead Unit Publishing Coordinator in the region, supervises the workflow of publications (books, brochures and leaflets) produced in the region, establishing and supervising an effective quality assurance system.
  • Develops communication products and services in line with the Organization's communication policies and style guidelines to support regional resource mobilization and partnership strategies.

In close coordination with specific technical OCC teams:

  • Coordinates and provides support to FAO Representatives (FAORs), in outreach and promotion activities (e.g. World Food Day, celebration of International Years and Days, international campaigns, Goodwill Ambassadors, etc.).
  • Supervises the updating and development of the Regional Office's website and provides support to subregions to develop their own national webpages, and promotes, strengthens and monitors activities related to FAO's profile and presence in social media channels and networks in the region, in line with the Organization's communication policies and style guidelines for multimedia communication products.
  • Develops and supervises the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that allow the ADG/RR, the regional management team and the FAOR to assess the results of their communications activities, at the regional, subregional and country levels.
  • Manages the RAP Communications budget, including that of the Communicators Network (resources permitting).


Minimum Requirements

  • Advanced university degree in communication, social science, journalism, political science or a related field.
  • Seven years of relevant experience in communication, web publishing and/or social media networks.
  • Working knowledge (proficient - level C) of English and limited knowledge (intermediate - level B) of another official FAO language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish).