Communication Strategist for Social Protection

UN Children's Fund, Ghana

Skill Required:, Media and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
3rd October, 2019

Job Description


The UNICEF social protection unit has developed a two-year social protection advocacy strategy to provide guidance to the units advocacy work. The strategy has identified several allies including media to support the implementation of the strategy. Specific roles have been identified for media outlets/journalists under all three objectives of the strategy: influencing budgetary allocation to the social protection sector, creating public awareness on rights and entitlements to social protection and influencing key political parties on social protection priorities for inclusion in party manifestoes. In order to effectively manage all media and external communication activities in relation to the advocacy strategy, it is important to get the services of a communication/advocacy expert who would coordinate all these activities to ensure synchronization of efforts in this area.

Purpose of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to support the implementation of UNICEF's social protection advocacy strategy and social accountability programme. Specifically, the consultant will help:

  • Generate media attention for all three objectives of the strategy.
  • Manage a media partnership aimed at ensuring sustainability for the duration of the assignment.
  • Â Support all media related activities under the CSOs/UNICEF partnership on social accountability programme.
  • Lead the capacity building of Media Outlets/Personalities for better engagement on key issues identified under the strategy and under the social accountability programme.
  • Support the assessment of media personalities during the RBA baseline survey.

Specific Tasks

Capacity Building for Media

The unit will work with selected media allies on both the advocacy strategy and in promoting social accountability in the sector. The consultant will provide an assessment of media houses and their work on social protection, poverty and related topics. This mapping exercise will provide information on the strengths and weaknesses of key media outlets/journalists in this area, help identify potential partners and areas for capacity building.

Support the Assessment of Media Personalities during the Implementation of the Rights Based Approach Baseline Survey

There is in the pipeline (upcoming) a rights-based approach (RBA) to social protection baseline survey with a media component. This will involve an assessment of the knowledge and perception of the media on social protection and rights issues. The consultant will support the research institution carrying out the survey, to secure and organize interview sessions with selected media outlets/journalists. The consultant will support the unit to organize at least 3 trainings for media outlets/journalists on key issues under the advocacy strategy and the CSOs/UNICEF social accountability partnership. The consultant will also support the identification of media champions and confirmation of interest for the formation of a media platform on social protection and rights.

Implementation of Media Related Advocacy and Social Accountability Activities:

The consultant will develop a comprehensive communication plan to support the roll out of all media/communication outputs in the advocacy strategy and under the social accountability work. The communication plan amongst other things should clearly outline the key stakeholders to engage, the planned activities as well as the timelines etc. The Consultant is expected to support the unit to plan, organize, and document key events in the communication plan.

Engagement with Media Outlets and Journalists

The consultant will engage relevant media outlets, journalists and media partners to support implementation of all outputs outlined in the advocacy strategy and under the social accountability partnership (this will include journalists engagement on key issues, securing time slots for interviews with media outlets on key issues at strategic moments, ensuring effective media participation and coverage of key issues during events/workshops, monitoring media reportage on key issues covered and supporting all necessary follow ups etc). The consultant is expected to work closely with the UNICEF's communication unit for clearance and guidance on these activities.

Support the Development of Communication Materials

The consultant in close collaboration with UNICEF and key partners, will lead the design, development and printing of key communication/training materials for the media (all IEC materials must be developed with support/inputs from UNICEF's communication unit to ensure compliance with UNICEF's branding, quality control etc). The consultant will also support the development of relevant briefs, position papers and op-eds on key issues at strategic moments. The consultant will also be required to document all key processes during the assignment and to submit a comprehensive report on successes, challenges and recommendations at the end of the assignment/contract.

Expected Deliverables

  • Submit media mapping report (based on findings at national and sub national levels) -8 days
  • Interviews for media outlets/journalists organized in support of the RBA baseline survey (at least 15 key informant interviews at both national and subnational levels)-8 days
  • Plan, organize and document at least 5 events for media outlets/journalists (this will include generating interest for the establishment of a media platform on social protection and rights). The event reports would include key highlights, lessons learnt as well as recommendations -12 days
  • Support the implementation of all key media/communication outputs outlined in the social protection advocacy strategy and under the CSOs/UNICEF social accountability partnership as well as social policy relevant issues. This will also include engagement of media outlets/journalists for the successful delivery of all the outputs as outlined under specific task 3. All the relevant documents will be provided to the consultant at the start of the assignment-30 days
  • Develop at least 3 media communication materials (this will include IEC materials for media trainings, policy briefs and op-eds). Finalized products should be submitted in soft copy-7 days
  • Submit a report on all the media/communication activities (successes, challenges and recommendations). This will involve interviewing selected stakeholders (stakeholders will be selected in collaboration with supervisor) on their assessment of the media engagement component/ project- 5 days
  • Supervision and Reporting Arrangement

Expected Qualifications, Experience, Specialized Knowledge/Skills and Competencies

  • Advanced degree in journalism, communication studies, public relations or related field;
  • At least 6 years relevant and progressive professional experience working with media in a similar capacity, journalism, editorial reviews and in related areas;
  • Experience in event organization and coordination is required;
  • Excellent analytical, communication, facilitation and capacity building skills are required;
  • Proven working relationship with media in Ghana is required;
  • Knowledge and skills in designing user friendly training manuals and layout design is required;
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluating communication activities is required;
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team is required.


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