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RAFT , Myanmar

Skill Required:, Media and CommunicationProject Management
Preferred Experience: 
Above 10 Years
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Closing Date for Applications: 
1st July, 2020

Job Description

RAFT Myanmar is an organization that since May 2015 has provided technical support to national and international organizations on effective peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity, including how to apply the Do No Harm framework. RAFT has developed training and technical support modules that focus on helping national and international actors, both public and private, better understand conflict dynamics in their work contexts and more systematically mitigate possible negative impacts of their program, and instead enhance their positive influence on social cohesion. Over the past four years, RAFT has also built up strong partnerships with a broad range of partners and a reputation as a go-to capacity for enhancing policies and practices that strengthens local capacities for peace.

Communications Consultant

RAFT Myanmar is seeking a communications consultant who will lead the development and launch of a website for RAFT as well as design and develop new communications products. RAFT is seeking to launch a company website that highlights and promotes the work, achievements, and products of RAFT. The communications consultant will design both the website development process and an intuitive, visually-pleasing website. The consultant will also support the process of incorporating the training videos (currently being developed) and materials into the website. Additional tasks for the communications consultant will be to create and manage RAFT’s social media presence, develop briefs and other communications products developed in collaboration with RAFT staff, including booklets and leaflets explaining RAFT’s work and its products.

RAFT is seeking a consultant who is able to facilitate the website development process, develop the website, manage RAFT’s social media accounts, and develop other communication materials for RAFT in a timely and efficient manner. The products will be in English and/or Burmese. The communications products will be of high-quality and will be visually pleasing. All products will be consistent with RAFT’s branding in style, content, and execution and will be coordinated with other materials that are developed by RAFT. It is expected that the position-holder will collaborate with RAFT staff and contractors and will need to have strong collaboration and project facilitation skills.

RAFT seeks a consultant who is fluent in both English and Burmese and could also translate communications material as necessary. RAFT values equality and non-discrimination and is seeking a consultant who understands and adheres to the principles of equality and non-discrimination in communication. This consultancy will be full-time for six months with the possibility of extension, depending on funding.

Responsibilities and Tasks


The consultant is expected to be able to provide the following services:

  •  Facilitate weware and hardware but ensure that the formats are accessible for RAFT;
  • bsite visioning and discovery process;
  •  Design website project management and process;
  •  Design, prototype, and launch website;
  •  Develop communications materials (in both English and Burmese), including but not limited to posters, brochures, briefs, etc.
  •  Develop and manage RAFT’s social media presence;
  •  Refine communication products and presentations as necessary;
  •  Provide translation services in English and Burmese languages when requested;
  •  Use appropriate soft
  •  Ensure strong record keeping and documentation;
  •  Take photographs and develop a photo library of RAFTs work.
  •  Coordinate with RAFT and other relevant RAFT contractors for deliverables;
  •  Coordinate with RAFT on the edits;
  •  Provide the final products in a format agreed with RAFT.


RAFT will provide:

  •  The overall objectives of the projects
  •  Target user descriptions
  •  Access to subject matter experts
  •  Outlines, tools, or information that could be used in the text
  •  Photographs available for use

The consultant should:

  •  Be in consistent contact with the designated person in RAFT through all the phases of the project execution
  •  Take initiative to develop content and products aligned with RAFT’s information and branding
  •  Deliver according to RAFT’s specification and feedback
  •  Be able to advise RAFT on most appropriate and effective website and other communication design and format
  •  Align with equality and non-discrimination principles in all forms of communications

The website development process for this consultancy period will be divided into 3 phases:


  • The consultant will facilitate a discussion with key RAFT staff to guide the visioning process for the website and other communications products. This will develop a shared understanding of the website, its requirements, additional costs, and other communications requirements.


  • The consultant will develop a timeline, process, and needs for the implementation of the website and other identified products. This inception product will be reviewed by RAFT’s Senior Management Team for feedback.
  • Once ready, the consultant will begin developing a prototype for feedback and refinement. The RAFT team will work closely with the consultant to ensure the information, content, and other materials are either developed or updated. The website will be developed and finalized.

Website launch

The website will be launched and content management tools will be developed.

  • These phases reflect the website development phases however the consultant is expected to develop other communications products.
  • RAFT will also request additional products and the process for development and finalization will be planned together with RAFT staff.


  • The key deliverables the website (website development plan, prototype, website to launch) as well as other specific communications products that will be decided together with RAFT staff.
  • The consultant will also develop a content management tool that can be managed by RAFT (including the costing option for regular maintenance).
  • Formats for submission will be discussed.


The contract will be from July 2020 – December 2020. The schedule will be jointly developed by RAFT and the consultant however the high-level project key dates include:

  •  Development of website development timeline: mid-July 2020
  •  Website prototype: early September 2020
  •  Website launch: end of September 2020
  •  Updates to website: On going
  •  Other communications products: To be determined


The consultant will report to the Programme Director, but is expected to work closely with the Technical Director and other key staff members for content.

Skills, Experience and Personal Qualities

The consultant(s) should have:

  •  Excellent website development skills;
  •  Excellent writing and editing skills in both English and Burmese.
  •  Creativity, design, story-telling skills;
  •  Proven ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  •  Ability to adhere to deadlines and is flexible;
  •  Strong project planning, management, and coordination skills;
  •  Design, prototype development;
  •  Design creation and delivery according to RAFT specifications;
  •  Experience managing institutional social media accounts;
  •  Record keeping and documentation;
  •  Previous experience producing similar high-quality products; and
  •  English and Burmese language skills
  •  Strong photography skills and photography portfolio (Desirable)
  •  Experience working with an NGO or on themes of conflict or peace (Desirable)

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