Communications Officer

International Centre for Migration Policy Development, Brussels, Belgium

Skill Required:, Media and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
7th December, 2020

Job Description

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 17 Member States and over 60 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD isagrowingandever-morerelevantpresenceinitsfield.Theorganisation’sgreatestassetsareits200+ staffmembers,whopersonifyitsvaluesofcommitment,integrity,partnership,respect,andinnovation in actions and decisions.

Project Overview:

The European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) is an operational initiative, developed by a consortium of migration agencies from over 15 European countries in close co-operation with the Directorate-GeneralforMigrationandHomeAffairsoftheEuropeanCommissionandFRONTEX.ERRIN aims to implement activities that support, facilitate, and improve national return practices. The scope ofERRINincludesvoluntaryaswellasforcedreturnandpost-arrivalaswellaspre-departureactivities. ICMPD, an ERRIN implementing partner, is inviting all interested candidates to apply for the Communications Officer position within ERRIN.

Please be advised that this post is subject to the approval and availability of project funding. Job Description:

  • The Communications Officer is responsible for the implementation of outreach strategies towards externalstakeholdersinaccordancewiththedevelopedandapprovedERRINCommunicationStrategy. The Communications Officer ensures the constant updating of the ERRIN Communication Strategy as well as the Communication Timeline of the various activities within the ERRIN Pillars. The Communications Officers updates all external communication tools. S/he is responsible for a timely production of high-quality communications outputs (including infographics and text / lay-out for newsletters) ensuring that such activities are aligned with and in support of the approved project objectives,workplanandavailablecommunicationsbudgetandinaccordancewithpartnerand donor visibility requirements and communication guidelines.The Communications Officer develops and maintains relationships with internal stakeholders. S/he conceptualises and prepares communications content and continuously assesses achieved results for

quality and impact.

  • The Communication Officers builds and maintains the public ERRIN-workspace within the EMN-IES


  • The Communications Officer works under the supervision of the Senior Programme Manager – ERRIN
  • and in close collaboration with the entire PMU and the ICMPD Communication Team.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Planning and Implementation of Communications Activities:

  • Develop a work plan for communication activities aligned with the project objectives;
  • Plan and produce timely communication outputs according to the project´s approved work
  • plan;
  • Participate in the establishment and maintenance of a dialogue between the project and its
  • donor to ensure that scope and direction of communications activities remain relevant for
  • achievement of the intended results;
  • Review and edit outputs and written content (reports, studies, project reports…) as well as
  • online content (newsletters, EMN-IES texts and articles) for them to fit ERRIN communication
  • purposes;
  • Provide inputs to the ERRIN workspace within EMN-IES by drafting and uploading content and
  • articles in view of upcoming meetings, by updating the events sections and photo gallery and
  • by developing the existing structure;
  • Design and organise support for communications at ERRIN events, meetings, workshops and
  • other activities with a focus on visual and promotional content.

 Project Communications Administration and Compliance:

  • Ensure that communications activities are implemented and outputs are generated in an
  • efficient and cost-effective manner in line with the work plan and budget as well as in
  • accordance with partner and donor visibility requirements and communication guidelines;
  • Maintain project documentation and content (written, visual, digital) electronically as well as
  • on hard copy files.

Content, Reporting and Contribution to Communications Development:

  • Provide inputs to implementation of the ERRIN Communications Strategy as well as the
  • Communication Timeline of the various activities within the ERRIN Pillars. Draft content;
  • Compileanddraftinputsoncommunicationsactivitiestointernalandexternalprojectreviews
  • and reports;
  • Plan, initiate and implement processes for production of content (visual, digital, written) by:
  • - Editing texts;
  • - Proof-reading and organising translation;
  • - Developing info-graphs, presentations, lay-outs and visuals;
  • - Reviewing and revising content and ensure that communications outputs are produced
  • according to ICMPD´s and ERRIN’s quality standards and donor visibility guidelines.
  • 2 Identify communications ideas. Develop, formulate and draft inputs to new communications
  • concepts, proposals, work plans and budgets;
  • Participate in conferences/meetings/seminars relevant for the project’s communications.

Key Results:

  • Communications activities organised and implemented according to work plan;
  • Communicationsoutputs(text,lay-out,infographs,ERRINwork-space,newsletter…)delivered
  • in a timely and qualitative manner;
  • Substantive communications content defined formulated and produced according to highest
  • professional standards;
  • Communications achievements assessed and lessons learned generated;
  • Project communications implementation and results communicated within ICMPD, as well as to donor, project partners, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders;
  • Qualitative inputs for the continuous development of the ERRIN-communication strategy provided.

Incumbent Profile:

  • A minimum of 3 years’ position-relevant experience;
  • Experience in implementation of communications strategies, plans and contractors;
  • Experience with production of online content and newsletter tools;
  • Excellent writing skills and proven ability to present detailed, technical information in a
  • concise, clear and audience-appropriate manner;
  • Experience with communication tools and methodologies (such as online monitoring, web
  • analytics, surveys or other measurement tools) and in development and analysis of
  • communication performance indicators;
  • Position-relevant experience in communications or public relations is an asset;
  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and In Design is an asset;
  • Experience in the field of migration is an asset.


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