Compliance and Risk Management Officer

World Health Organization

Bangui, Central African Republic

The role of the WHO Country Office is to support Government and its partners to deliver on GPW and Achieve health related SDGs. The purpose of the position in the country context is to provide oversight and coordinate compliance and risk management activities related to financial, administrative and technical operations in the WCO. The incumbent will be responsible for providing complementary risk expertise, support, and monitoring related to the management of risk, including but not limited to the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of risk management practices across the Country Office in collaboration with the Regional and Headquarter HQ offices.
He/she will champion the mainstreaming of the corporate WHO’s risk management strategy and co-ordinate the development and implementation of risk management and compliance activities in co-ordination with relevant oversight functions at AFRO (CRMA) and WHO HQ level (Internal and External Auditors).

Objectives of the Programme and of the immediate unit or field activity (Overview of the programme):
  • The mission of the WHO Country Offices is to support the Governments and health authorities in strengthening health systems, addressing emergency and public health programmes, and supporting and promoting research for health.
  • The incumbent has the responsibility for implementing compliance and risk management policies in the Country Offices. S/he will report directly to the WHO Head of Country Office with technical support from the Regional Compliance Office and Headquarters Compliance focal points.
  • He/She will collaborate with the with relevant Country Office managers including at sub-national level, and the local Compliance and Risk Management Committee on a diverse array of risk and compliance related subjects.
  • The incumbent will coordinate with a broad range of officials across the three levels of the organization to ensure effective, efficient, and consistent risk management and compliance initiatives as well as with internal and external auditors on compliance related activities.
Organizational Context (Describe the work environment, the role of the individual within the team – team member, specialist, adviser, facilitator, coordinator/manager, representative, expert, authority in the field, etc.; available guidelines and degree of independence in decision making, and nature and purpose of contact within and outside the Organization):
  • This job would be located at respective WHO Representative Office operating in complex and or emergency environment, requiring sound risk management and compliance programmes. The job holders report to the WHO Country Representative, with technical support from the AFRO Regional Compliance and Risk Management Officer and collaborate with WHO/HQ and other regions' related structures in risk management and compliance.
  • The incumbent is expected to carry out compliance reviews, internal control assessments and fact-finding missions with considerable independence and to exercise strong interpersonal skills in execution of his/her role. In addition, provide high-quality advice on risk management, audit and compliance issues to the Country Office Senior Management Team and Local Compliance and Risk Management Committee.

Summary of Assigned Duties (Describe what the incumbent has to do to achieve main objectives; include main achievements expected):
  • The incumbent will provide assessments to country office leadership of operational, political, programme, and reputational risks facing the country office(s) including compliance with regulatory organizational systems. The incumbent will provide proposals, measures, and guidance to mitigate risks and ensure the accountability, transparency, and compliance of the office(s) with WHO administrative rules and regulations.
Risk management support:
  • Work in coordination with, and under the technical guidance of functional units and departments at headquarters and regional levels, under the supervision of the head of the WHO office.
  • Deliver consistent, high quality, and professional, risk- and compliance-based country-office assessments, including of the managerial Key Performance Indicators.
  • Determine office compliance with WHO rules, regulations, and procedures, including the optimal use of resources, in line with global compliance programmes.
  • Present on a scheduled basis to head of the WHO office and senior management the analyses, reports, and results of the systematic assessments of risks and issues of non-compliance in the country office with actionable recommendations.
  • Support country office leadership in the assigned country office on integrating risk management into decision-making, programme design and planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and contingency activities.
  • Identify constraints to transactional compliance and facilitate organizational support, if required. 
  • Support the head of the WHO office to implement internal and external audit recommendations and follow up on open findings and recommendations. 
  • Promote a country-office culture of risk awareness, accountability and compliance in programme and administration through education, training, and knowledge generation. 
  • Contribute to the development of corporate knowledge products on compliance and risk management. 
Recruitment Profile:
Competencies (Describe the core, management or leadership competencies required - See WHO competency model – list in order of priority, commencing with the most important): 
  • Teamwork 
  • Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences
  • Communication
  • Producing results
  • Moving forward in a changing environment    
Functional Skills and Knowledge (Describe skills and knowledge specific to the post):
  • Implementation and/or monitoring of accountability frameworks in WHO or other United Nations or international, public-sector organizations.
  • Statistical analysis tools and techniques.
  • Implementation of risk assessment/risk management and/or compliance tools or systems for international organizations.
  • Verbal and written communication, and training skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a collaborative work style, including internal consulting skills.
  • Ability to extract and analyse all relevant types of evidence and to draw reasonable inferences and conclusions.
Educational (qualifications):
  • Essential: A university degree (bachelor’s) in a relevant field (such as business or public administration, law, finance, economics, risk management, accounting).
  • Desirable: Certification in risk management.
  • A minimum of five (05) years of work experience relevant to the position (in general management, oversight and/ or implementing internal control or accountability frameworks and related monitoring processes and systems in complex public and private-sector organizations).
  • Demonstrated experience in implementing risk management and internal control frameworks within the United Nations system or in the private sector is a significant advantage. Some of the above-listed experience to have been obtained in an international context.
  • Excellent knowledge of French and Working knowledge of English