CONSULTANCY | Early Action Analysis

Philippine National Red Cross, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
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Closing Date for Applications: 
30th November, 2017

Job Description

“Forecast-based Financing in the Philippines – Closing the Gap between Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Relief” Project

The Philippine Red Cross implements the “Forecast-based Financing in the Philippines – Closing the Gap between Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Relief” with the technical support of German Red Cross (GRC) and Finnish Red Cross (FinnRC). It is a 36-month project which aims to contribute to the reduction of humanitarian consequences of extreme natural events on the population in high risk areas. This project will support the Philippine Red Cross’ strategic plan (2017-2020), in particular to its first goal which intends to establish “safe and resilient communities”.

Purpose and scope of the consultancy

To provide information to Philippine Red Cross and its Partners on viable options for early actions. It shall determine what are the possible early actions to implement for a certain hazard, in specific risk-prone areas, and in different time scales. Moreover, since phase 2 of FbF is aiming for a national scope, early actions to be identified should be flexible and replicable at any location. It should be considered in a way that it can be adapted and implemented everywhere the hazard might hit, resulting in a significant reduction of disaster impact.

Forecast-based actions could be early response actions (for prevention and/or mitigation) and / or preparedness for response actions (for more effective disaster response).

  • To come up with a structured list of early actions based on the following: (a)Feasibility: high probability that it can be implemented considering various factors such as given lead time, budget, manpower, and other resources (b)Effectiveness: contributing in reducing disaster impact in 1 or more sectors (c) Innovativeness: creative actions with equal or higher impact than the usual traditional actions (d )Flexibility: can be adapted to different location context and can be implemented where ever the hazard strikes
  • To recognize gaps, barriers, and limitations of early actions
  • To map actors (LGUs, local and international organizations) who shall be responsible to implement early actions and identify venue of possible collaboration
  • To collect inputs in different areas with relevant experience in early actions and/or in disaster response
  • To document all data gathered and present to PRC and its partner in a synthetic way
  • To recommend next steps, such as sustainability of early actions

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