Consultancy opportunity for a lead writer for Unitaid Intermittent Preventive Treatment in infants (IPTi) bid

Malaria Consortium, United Kingdom

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource MobilizationFundraisingProject ManagementProject/ Programme ManagementResearch and Analysis
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29th January, 2020

Job Description


Malaria Consortium is one of the world's leading non-profit organisations dedicated to the comprehensive control of malaria and other communicable diseases in Africa and Southeast Asia. Malaria Consortium works with communities, government and non-government agencies, academic institutions, and local and international organisations, to ensure good evidence supports the delivery of effective services, providing technical support for monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities for evidence-based decision-making and strategic planning. The organisation works to improve not only the health of the individual but also the capacity of national health systems, which helps relieve poverty and support improved economic prosperity. Malaria Consortium is a global leader in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria, the control of neglected tropical diseases and the promotion of child health.

Malaria Consortium is developing a proposal in response to the Call for Proposals: Intermittent Preventive Treatment in infants issued on 4 th December 2019 by Unitaid and will be the lead of a consortium. Under this Call, Unitaid is soliciting proposals for implementation pilots for IPTi delivery to catalyse country uptake and inform future policy and guidelines. The aim of the pilots should be to accelerate the adoption and scale-up of IPTi in moderate-to-high transmission settings. In October 2019, WHO held a Technical Consultation to Review the Role of Drugs in Malaria Prevention for People Living in Endemic Settings. Participants encouraged increased IPTi scale-up and reiterated that IPTi should be pursued with a sense of urgency. There was agreement that a more flexible approach to IPTi implementation could engender adoption by countries. It was therefore recommended that adaptations of the current IPTi recommendations be tested through pilot implementation with robust evaluation to assess impact, operational feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

As described in Unitaid’s Malaria Disease Narrative 2019, accelerated adoption and scale-up of malaria chemoprevention, including IPTi, represents a near-term opportunity that would support efforts to reignite progress in high-burden countries.

Purpose of the consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to lead the writing of the proposal according to the requirements and templates specified in the Donor guidelines with inputs and contributions from the Malaria consortium and its partners.
The successful candidate will be working closely with designated staff of Malaria Consortium and its key partners in this bid.


This is a deliverable-based contract and subject to submission of the proposal before the deadline. The consultant will be responsible for developing the following deliverables working with designated staff from the Malaria Consortium and partner organisations:

  • Programme logical framework
  • Programme conceptual framework
  • A detailed programme work plan
  • General & Technical proposal
  • An executive summary

These will be developed in accordance with the instructions and requirements detailed in the Call for proposals and with subsequent information from the donor. The deliverables will

be based on the timely and quality provision of agreed inputs from the designated bid development team. The consultant will maintain proactive follow-up with the bid development team and escalate any issues with the assigned point of escalation. All deliverables will be signed off by the Technical Director

Key tasks and responsibilities

Work with the Bid Manager to develop a detailed proposal writing and review schedule to address key proposal requirements:

  • Identify key issues and requirements of the call for proposals together with the bid development team.
  • The technical lead will serve as the focal point for the lead writer on the technical aspects of the grant application. The technical lead will coordinate inputs from the technical teams of Malaria Consortium and its partners on the bid.
  • Prepare a work schedule with designated staff of Malaria Consortium and partner organisations to address key issues/tender requirements.
  • Share the schedule with relevant staff involved in the proposal writing process and keep it up-to-date. Work with the bid manager to see that roles and responsibilities are clearly understood.
  • Flag problems and delays in a timely manner. Work with the Bid Manager to coordinate the proposal writing process:
  • Schedule and chair relevant meetings. The need for face-to-face meetings will be determined at a later stage. A design workshop and a writing workshop are anticipated.
  • Work with the bid’s partners and coordinate their inputs into the design and writing process as necessary. Develop a logical framework:
  • Work with bid development team to develop an overall programme theory of change (ToC) and use this to derive a logical framework for the programme.
  • Share the draft ToC and logical framework for review and revise based on feedback.
  • Prepare an overall programme conceptual framework.
  • Prepare the final versions of the ToC, logical framework and conceptual framework.

Develop an activity plan:

  • Take a lead in preparing a programme work plan in line with technical narrative and budget.
  • Provide inputs to the budget development process which will be led by the business development team (BD). Prepare the proposal documents for submission:
  • Make sure that all proposal requirements have been adequately addressed according to the Call for proposals.
  • Work with the bid development team to collate relevant analytics on malaria burden (disease and economic) impact and market dynamics
  • Ensure that the proposal documents adhere to Unitaid requirements as stipulated in the Call for proposals and other documents received in relation to this call.
  • Assemble all documents and ensure that they are of high quality standard and meet the stylistic/ linguistic requirements.
  • Submit the proposal documents for reviews as scheduled.
  • Submit the proposal documents to the BD team in time for submission to Unitaid.


In order to respond to the requirements of the call, Malaria Consortium is presently identifying and forming agreements with partner organisations who will contribute to the bid development process


A bid team will be put in place to coordinate and work closely with the consultant. The bid team will include: A bid manager will oversee the bid process, a technical lead, a M&E expert and a budget expert. Coordination will also be required with partners’ focal teams. The consultant will maintain proactive follow-up with the bid development team and escalate any issues with the assigned point of escalation within two working days of first occurrence. The Business Development team (UK based) will provide administrative support. Indicative Schedule A timeline detailing drafting and review phases will be developed by the Malaria Consortium bid team.

Person Specifications

Qualification and experience

  • Post graduate degree in public health, epidemiology or development.
  • Proven experience preparing successful proposals for multilateral organisations is essential, with Unitaid a plus.
  • Experience in developing winning proposals for large scale programmes.
  • Previous experience writing proposals on malaria prevention and control is essential.
  • Experience in budgeting is an advantage.
  • Previous work experience with Malaria Consortium is an advantage.


  • Excellent English writing skills.
  • Good knowledge of malaria control is essential and it is desirable that the consultant has some understanding of chemoprevention.
  • Previous experience in market dynamics to support malaria commodity market development work would be an advantage.
  • Ability to think conceptually and link big picture thinking with implementation design.
  • Excellent understanding of implementation pilot design and catalytic programme design.
  • Ability to develop detailed activity plans from log-frame and link them to budgets.

Duration and availability

This is for one full time equivalent of up to 30 days, to be drawn down as necessary between 27 January and 10 March 2020. All final deliverables shall be submitted to the BD team as agreed in a schedule to be determined once the RFP is issued. The consultancy fee will cover 1 FTE per day.


The consultant will be home based and is expected to travel to the UK office of Malaria Consortium in London for approximately 10 working days.

How to apply 

To apply, please submit an updated CV, including your fee rate, to o.miller@malariaconsortium.orgThis tender will be published for two weeks but applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Note that we will require you to have professional indemnity insurance.

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