Consultancy Services: Development of a Concept on Income Generating Activities

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, Berlin, Germany

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource MobilizationResearch and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
Above 15 Years
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
26th August, 2019

Job Description

The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is a non-governmental, non-profit human rights organization headquartered in Erbil, Iraq and Berlin, Germany. Since 2005 we support survivors of torture and violence in Iraq with free-of-charge medical and psychological treatment as well as social and legal counseling. The work of the Jiyan Foundation is supported by the Federal Government of Germany and other international donors.


During the past 14 years, the Jiyan Foundation has provided about 25,000 survivors of severe human rights violations with psychological and social assistance as well as specialized trauma care. Another 47,000 persons received short-term medical support. The vast majority of our clients have very limited economic means, because they lost their property and income in the course of war and displacement, because they live in underprivileged areas or because they had limited access to education.

While supporting our clients with free-of-charge mental health services and socio-legal support we learned that the lack of a stable family income affects our clients in several ways. The lack of financial security and future perspectives

  • prevents clients from taking care of their physical and mental health which can lead to chronic diseases which in turn prevent clients from being able to work
  • increases the vulnerability for psychological problems such a depression
  • prevents clients from adequately taking care of their children's health and education which leads to a vicious cycle of poverty
  • can lead to family conflicts and violence, especially in situations when men suddenly lose their role of family providers
  • increases the risk of underage and forced marriage

As part of a larger organizational development process the Jiyan Foundation is exploring new areas of programming that can increase the sustainability of our work. This includes the question of whether and how we can provide clients with long-term opportunities for work by including income generating activities into our portfolio.

Between November 2018 and June 2020, the Jiyan Foundation is implementing a GIZ-funded project aimed at enabling returnees and internally displaced persons in Iraq to (re)build their lives by providing them with psychological counseling and treatment, legal support and medical care. These ToR are part of the ongoing project.

Objectives, Scope, Expected Deliverables
The Jiyan Foundation seeks a consultant who will develop a concept on how to include income generating activities into the portfolio of the Jiyan Foundation by analyzing the client structure, mapping existing initiatives in the country/region and advising on possible activities with the potential to create income.

The assignment includes the following steps:

  • Background research and analysis of the economic situation in Kurdistan-Iraq and Iraq (with focus on the provinces of Duhok, Erbil, Halabja, Kirkuk, Nineveh, Sulaymaniyah)
  • Analysis of the client structure of the Jiyan Foundation with regard to economic and social situation, educational backgrounds, locations etc.
  • Mapping of existing income generating activities and initiatives, and identification of innovative activities or unsaturated (niche) markets in Kurdistan-Iraq and Iraq and analysis of potential synergies
  • Mapping of existing barriers of entry and sources of funding available in Kurdistan-Iraq and Iraq
  • Analysis of the Jiyan Foundation's programs and project locations with regard to their potential for generating income for clients
  • Analysis of the Jiyan Foundation's programs and activities in terms of potential synergies with income generating activities
  • Development of a concept on how to include income generating activities into the portfolio of the Jiyan Foundation

The research and analysis phase should include

  • Online research
  • Analysis of documents and statistics to be provided by the Jiyan Foundation
  • Interviews of key staff in Berlin
  • A field trip to select project locations in Kurdistan-Iraq, including visits to project sites and interviews with key staff and partners

The concept will be written in English and should comprise a maximum of 25 pages (without Annexes). The working language for the assignment is English (German is possible for Berlin staff). All documents need to be delivered in English.
Costs for the field trip (transport, accommodation, translation) need to be included in the offer. The Jiyan Foundation will cover all costs related to its staff and the rent and equipment of the seminar room.
The contract to be awarded is an independent consulting service. It is to be carried out independently in coordination with the project coordination and management of the Jiyan Foundation. The consultant is not subject to any instructions and the consultancy does not establish an employment relationship with the Jiyan Foundation.

Timeframe: The analysis phase should take place between 1 September and 15 December. All documents shall be submitted to the Jiyan Foundation by 6 January 2020.

Management Arrangements: The consultancy process should take place in close cooperation with management staff of the Jiyan Foundation in order to ensure a valuable result. Project staff will support the process at all stages.

Required Qualifications:

  • University degree
  • At least 15 years of relevant professional experience
  • Experience in the field of NGOs in (post-)conflict settings
  • Preferably knowledge of the Middle East context
  • Very good English language skills

Deadline and Application Procedure
Please send your email application (including an offer and a CV) until 25 August 2019 to
Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights gGmbH
Annette Rosner

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