Consultancy Title: MENA Regional Mine Action Consultant

UNICEF, Jordan

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
13th August, 2020

Job Description


Over the last several years the world has seen a dramatic increase in casualties from landmines and other explosive remnants of war (ERW). According to casualty statistics, countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are among those most severely affected by landmine and ERW accidents. Syria, Yemen and Iraq had the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th highest recorded numbers of ERW casualties in 2018.

Children represent 54% of all landmines and ERW civilian casualties globally. In the MENA region, children in need of Mine Action (MA) services are extremely high due to the magnitude of explosive ordnance contamination in the region. All children (and civilians) in countries or areas like Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Gaza and Lebanon are or may be exposed to some type of explosive ordnance risk. In these countries and areas UNICEF’s response to risks posed by explosive ordnance have focused on Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE), Victim Assistance (VA) and advocacy. In fact, the MENA region composes almost half of UNICEF Country Offices engaged in EORE globally (nine out of 23) and 78% of the children reached by UNICEF-supported MA programmes in 2019 globally were in the MENA region.

There is a present and future need for effective risk education in the MENA region due to the extent of the contamination in the region. This need will only increase when conflict affected populations have greater freedom of movement and more refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) return to their areas of origin. This consultancy will support UNICEF Country Offices with their MA activities and will focus on EORE and VA. The consultant will also support the Regional Child Protection section with regional MA activities especially focusing on Syria.


UNICEF has a unique position in MA as the global lead on EORE and its central role to the Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) mandate. The objective of this consultancy is to provide technical support and strategic guidance to UNICEF Country Offices in the MENA region on MA. The consultancy has three objectives:

  • Provide technical support and strategic guidance to UNICEF Country Offices in the MENA region to uphold EORE metrics and quality standards and advance VA and Injury Surveillance
  • Promote cross-learning and coordination on MA between UNICEF Country Offices in the region
  • Provide technical support and strategic guidance to the regional MA initiatives concentrating on Syria


This consultancy will support UNICEF’s MENA Regional Office to advance MA in MENA Country Offices. The consultant will provide technical support and strategic guidance on MA issues to Country Offices as well as the Regional Child Protection section.

The work will be conducted in close partnership with UNICEF’s Regional Child Protection Advisor and UNICEF’s Global Mine Action Advisor and relevant Country Offices.

Provide technical support and strategic guidance to UNICEF Country Offices in the MENA region to uphold EORE metrics and quality standards and advance VA and Injury Surveillance

  • Explosive Ordnance Risk Education

The consultant will provide technical support to relevant Country Offices in relation to design, implementation, monitoring, reporting and possibly also evaluation of EORE programmes in the region. The consultant will ensure that Country Offices comply with the International Mine Action Standards’ requirements on field testing EORE messages, material and tools. One important aspect will be to promote the integration of risk education into other sectors (health, education, C4D, etc.). The consultant will also conduct an assessment of EORE metrics and quality standards across the region.

In close collaboration with the Regional Child Protection Advisor support Country Offices with their EORE leadership on country level in relation to Government collaborations and inter-agency coordination.

  • Victim assistance

To advance Country Offices’ VA programming the consultant will prepare and support at least two Country Offices to conduct a VA needs assessment (to be finalized in 2020). The consultant will assemble and disseminate a VA resource package to all MA implementing Country Offices. On a regional level the consultant will collaborate with the Supply section to provide a catalogue of assistive devices for the MA implementing Country Offices.

  • Injury surveillance

Support Country Offices to include a national injury surveillance component in UNICEF MA proposals, workplans and Theory of Change. The consultant will ensure the dissemination and capacity building in the global package on injury surveillance developed by UNICEF.

Promote cross-learning and coordination on MA between UNICEF Country Offices in the region
The consultant will promote cross-learning among relevant Country Offices and knowledge management on a regional level. The consultant in collaboration with the Regional Child Protection Advisor will promote EORE integration into other sectors on a country and regional level though knowledge management platforms, webinars and proactive engagement with concerned sectors. The consultant will share guidance and best practices to Country Offices on various issues such as defining and counting EORE and VA beneficiaries, MA/EORE evaluations, field testing of tools, impact evaluation and KAP surveys.


Monthly update reports on the deliverables submitted to the Regional Child Protection Advisor.

TRAVEL CONSIDERATIONS: Mission travel: potential one or two missions to Country Offices in the MENA Region

For individual contractors and consultants, all travel arrangements to commence the assignment, including insurance and visas, will be managed and paid by the individual. Therefore, expected travel costs must be included as a budget item in the financial proposal. Should “mission travel” be required, UNICEF will manage and pay for travel via Travel Authorization. However, this will be subject to the following prerequisites: Medical Clearance, Security Clearance through the Travel Request Information Process (TRIP) system, the Basic and Advanced Security in the Field Trainings, Travel Visa, and liability waiver. Trip prerequisites will be met at the expense of the consultant.

Travel cost shall be calculated based on economy class travel, regardless of the length of travel.  Costs for accommodation, meals and incidentals shall not exceed applicable daily subsistence allowance (DSA) rates, as promulgated by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC at The consultant must travel on UNICEF approved airlines.


  •  Education: Advanced degree in social sciences, law or related field
  •  Work experience: Minimum five years

 Technical knowledge:

  • Solid and documented experience of MA with a focus on EORE and victim assistance
  • International experience is an asse   

Language: English is mandatory, Arabic is an asset

Overtime, weekend and official holidays will not be compensated, nor will any holiday/leave time be granted. Also, note that UNICEF does not make advance payment except under certain conditions in line with UNICEF Financial Rules and Regulations.


Qualified candidates are requested to submit:

  • Cover letter/application.
  • Financial quote as lump sum for professional fees, and lump sum for travel/administrative/subsistence, if applicable.
  • CV
  • Examples of previous, relevant work as applicable
  • Proposed methodology/approach to managing the project.
  • 3 Referees


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