Consultant, Male Champions for FP - Curriculum Development and Trainer

Palladium International, Karachi, Pakistan

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
14th July, 2017

Job Description

HP+ Pakistan is seeking a short-term consultant to support an activity to cultivate male champions for family planning in Sindh, to increase awareness on family planning and its socioeconomic impact on the family, community and society, as well as its role in improving health status and life opportunities, including increased access to education. Through a consultative process, the consultant will work with HP+ staff and members of the Plan Implementation Unit (PIU), Population Welfare Department (PWD) Sindh, to identify and further develop training materials and related tools, including a pre-training needs assessment. The consultant will also co-facilitate a Training-of-Trainers (ToT) (3-5 days) with PWD male mobilizers, staff from the PWD Regional Training Institute, and district-level NGO staff. Following the ToT, the consultant will document feedback on the training, finalize all training materials and tools, and share lessons learned and key facilitator notes in a ToT report and final training manual/toolkit. The consultant will also develop a detailed action plan for how the training manual/toolkit will be used and applied at the district level to then reach Sukhi Ghar counselors (most powerful and influential males from the community). This position is based in Karachi; however, in the event any consultative meetings or planning sessions take place outside of Karachi, travel to nearby districts may be involved. HP+ will provide office space and cost reimbursements for any travel outside of Karachi for meetings or planning sessions related to this consultancy.

Key Responsibilities:

The consultant will be primarily responsible for working with HP+ and PIU staff to identify, refine and develop training materials and related tools, and co-facilitate a ToT (3-5 days) with HP+ staff. This support will include:

TOT Preparation (estimated LOE: 10 days)

  • Collaborate with HP+ and PIU staff to identify existing relevant training materials, refine those materials, and develop session plans, facilitation guides, and participant materials for a ToT.
  • Design and conduct a pre-ToT needs assessment with all ToT participants. The pre-needs assessment will be a written document that the consultant will circulate to participants, before the ToT. Participants will complete the assessment and send it back to the consultant, who will track and record responses.
  • Consolidate findings from the workshop needs assessments and recommend/discuss with HP+ and PIU any required changes to the draft agenda and session plans.
  • Prepare final drafts of the session plans, facilitation guides, and participant materials and provide to HP+ for review.
  • Finalize list of ToT supplies and materials needed, based on review of agenda and facilitator guides and local needs.
  • Collaborate with program coordinator in HP+ Pakistan office to prepare workshop supplies and handouts.
  • Conduct quality control reviews of the Urdu-translated materials and facilitate needed changes before printing.
  • Attend meetings and planning sessions with HP+ and PIU staff. Meetings and planning sessions may also take place in nearby districts with relevant NGOs.
  • Review and practice delivering sessions with co-facilitators prior to the workshop.

TOT Facilitation (Estimated LOE: 5 days)

  • Co-facilitate 3-5-day ToT with HP+ staff in Karachi.
  • Carry out other tasks as assigned to ensure the workshop runs smoothly.
  • Participate in daily and final facilitator team debriefs.

TOT Follow-up (Estimated LOE: 15 days)

  • Provide written feedback and lessons learned on the ToT in a final ToT report.
  • Based on workshop feedback, make any necessary changes to all training materials and tools, including facilitator notes and lessons learned, to then finalize the training manual/toolkit.
  • In collaboration with HP+ and PIU, prepare a written action plan to accompany the training manual/toolkit, which will detail how the PIU, and district-level NGOs, will use the manual at the district level to conduct future trainings with Sukhi Ghar counselors. The action plan should emphasize coverage and sustainability, as the intent is for PIU to reach and train as many Sukhi Ghar counselors as possible.


  • Expert trainer; 5-7 years of experience facilitating ToTs, particularly in the context of health and family planning.
  • Understanding of family planning context in Sindh; understanding and experience in gender and health preferred.
  • Skilled in curriculum development (developing training materials and tools).
  • Excellent writing skills; proficient in Microsoft word.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Urdu; Fluency in Sindhi an added asset.


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