Consultant Media Development And Digital Transformation

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Monitoring and Evaluation

As the United Nations agency with a specific mandate to promote freedom of expression, UNESCO, has played a leading role globally in mobilizing international support to assist the Member States in promoting freedom of expression and media development and advocating for a safe, diverse, pluralistic and independent media environment. 

UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector strives to foster freedom of expression, media development, and access to information and knowledge in line with UNESCO’s mandate to “promote the free flow of ideas by word and image”. UNESCO defends and promotes freedom of expression, media independence and pluralism, and the building of inclusive knowledge societies underpinned by universal access to information and the innovative use of digital technologies. It also promotes the inclusive and innovative use of digital technologies by narrowing the digital divide, strengthening digital governance and policies, building human and institutional capacities for digital transformation and leading reflections around pressing concerns related to the rapid technological development from a Human Rights and ethics perspective. 

In Cambodia, UNESCO is working, in close collaboration with all media stakeholders, to foster a safe, free, pluralistic, and independent media environment conducive to greater freedom of expression, including in the digital space. This includes our on-going capacity building and technical support on strengthening media- and digital-related legislative frameworks, in line with international standards, and equipping citizens with Digital, Media and Information Literacy to address mis- and dis-information and hate speech on digital platforms and the decline of trust in media and digital innovations. UNESCO also supports the assessments on the readiness of Cambodia’s internet development and artificial intelligence (AI), from an ethical and human rights perspective, based which a series of multi-stakeholder consultations will be organized to steer Cambodia’s inclusive media development, internet governance and digital transformation trajectory.

An International Consultant is required to support the UNESCO Phnom Penh Office, in close coordination with the relevant line ministries, media stakeholders, and civil society organizations, to provide technical assistance in promoting and implementing initiatives related to media development, digital transformation, internet governance, including the ethics of AI, among other tasks. 

Under the overall authority and the direct supervision of the UNESCO Representative to Cambodia and Head of Office, and in close collaboration with the Communication and Information Unit (CI) team of UNESCO Phnom Penh Office, the International Consultant shall undertake the following tasks: 

  • Provide technical assistance to support the implementation of on-going media development and freedom of expression programmes, in close coordination with the relevant line ministries, media stakeholders, civil society organizations and the private sector, particularly             through:
  • Provide technical assistance in delivering sensitization workshops and meetings with relevant line ministries, CSOs and media stakeholders to strengthen institutional capacity regarding media- and digital-related legislations, internet governance, digital              transformation, and the ethics of AI.
  • Provide technical support in the design and delivery of work-plans, strategies and activities in relation to media development, digital transformation and internet governance, including ethics of AI, by organizing the upcoming conferences/workshops/forums, identifying potential high-level top-notch speakers in the relevant fields, designing concept note and agenda, facilitating multi-stakeholder consultation and policy dialogues, developing policy briefs and analyses, in close collaboration with relevant line ministries, media stakeholders, CSOs and the private sector;
  •  Provide technical support in maintaining and strengthening strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders and raising the profile of the issues of media development, freedom of expression and digital transformation, in close coordination with development partners, media associations, civil society organizations and the private sector, including through supporting in the design and organization of events to commemorate International Days in relation to Access to Information, Freedom of Expression to raise their visibility and profile in the national development agenda and foster dialogue among relevant media stakeholders;
  • Provide technical review of on-going and upcoming assessments and research reports in relation to media development, digital transformation, digital competency, internet development and ethics of Artificial Intelligence, by providing technical inputs and working closely with the contractors and partners to revise and finalize the knowledge products for further dissemination and implementation. 
  • Conduct analysis and research to identify innovative and solutions-oriented approaches to strengthen inclusive media development, digital transformation, media viability/sustainability, and freedom of expression in Cambodia, including through developing project concept notes, organizing consultations with relevant media stakeholders, and preparing briefing papers and background documents. 
  • Carry out other work or responsibility as assigned by the UNESCO Representative to Cambodia, in close coordination with the CI team. 

Required qualifications and experiences :


  • Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent and above) in journalism, media, digital technologies, digital transformation social/political science, human rights or related field.

Work Experience:

  • At least 4-7 years of relevant professional experience in the field of journalism, media development and/or human rights with a focus on providing technical assistance on digital transformation and digital technologies, multi-stakeholder consultation, project implementation, and policy analysis. Good knowledge of the media development and freedom of expression context in Southeast Asia is desirable. 


  • Excellent written and spoken English is mandatory. 

Skills and competencies :

  • Proven conceptual and analytical skills, including the demonstrated ability to provide advice and technical support on media development, digital transformation, access to information and freedom of expression, internet governance, and strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation. 
  • Excellent coordination and interpersonal skills.
  • Proven capacity to build and maintain effective partnerships inside and outside the organization.
  • Good Knowledge and understanding of the government functioning.
  • Solid understanding of the global and regional Freedom of Expression and media context.
  • Ability to take initiatives, establish priorities and capacity to work efficiently under pressure.
  • Comfortable with working in a multicultural workplace, solid team skills.