Country Administrator

COOPI, Venezuela

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
10th August, 2020

Job Description

COOPI is seeking to strengthen its structure in Venezuela through a new figure for the Administrative Coordination in the country. The person will be accompanying the Country Coordination in the management and supervision of the work of COOPI and its local partners, ensuring timely coordination, management, training and accompaniment for all the planned administrative activities and with which the organization must comply in the country. , also ensuring compliance with the same procedures of COOPI and donors.

Expected results

  • Guaranteed financial and administrative management of COOPI in Venezuela, in accordance with internal procedures, donors and local legislation.
  • Ensure technical assistance, training and supervision of locally hired administrative-logistical personnel, as well as the personnel of the local counterparts with whom we operate.
  • Guarantee the organization's standards in the use of financial resources, in internal management, periodic financial reporting, in accordance with internal principles of transparency and accountability.
  • We recommend international staff present in the country to submit their request.

Main responsibilities and activities


  • Coordinate and monitor the financial management of the National Coordination and the programs carried out by COOPI and its partners;
  • Ensure the timely and proper application of the corresponding institutional tools necessary for the correct implementation of the financial, accounting, administrative and logistical procedures of both COOPI and the donors with which it collaborates;
  • Develop and monitor the budget of the Country Coordination of ongoing projects and support the preparation of them for new interventions;
  • Ensure the constant updating of accounting instruments , in order to allow the monitoring and control of expenses;
  • Evaluate and monitor the necessary financial commitments and the availability of funds to guarantee the operation in the country, the timely implementation of the projects, as well as the eventual co-financing foreseen;
  • Collaborate in the elaboration of the purchase plans identified by each project and ensure its monitoring and / or re-planning and the correct application of the organization's purchasing procedures;
  • To foresee the appropriate actions in the necessary times for the presentation of the information required for the annual balances (internal and / or national);
  • Accompany the definition and monitoring of the project accountability plan towards the beneficiaries and the main strategic allies;
  • Support the definition and strengthening of the local structure of administrative-logistics and management of coordination in the country.
  • Management and control
  • Supervise the financial flows between the headquarters and the bank accounts managed by the Country Coordination and by the implementing partners, ensuring the proper management of the accounts and bank reconciliation;
  • Authorize in coordination with the Country Coordinator the contracts, the payments and the bank transfers to be made for the implementation of projects;
  • Coordinate and supervise the operations with the identified banking institutions inside and outside the country for the implementation of the COOPI interventions;
  • Coordinate and ensure the identification, registration and filing of all the supporting documents for the projects, as well as the formulation of the first notes of the same and of the financial and banking documentation;
  • Ensure the correct allocation of costs to projects, according to COOPI and donor procedures;
  • Maintain constant control of the expenses of each project and the Country Coordination office, in coordination with those responsible for the projects and local partners, in order to supervise the execution of the budgets and periodically define the forecast of expenses and the Treasury requests to the Milan headquarters;
  • Supervise the updating of merchandise inventories with the logistics structure in the country;
  • Manage the correct maintenance of assets owned by COOPI or acquired by projects, using corporate tools;
  • Ensure the reconciliation and financial consolidation of project accounts before they are sent to the Regional Coordination and to headquarters;
  • Coordinate the periodic transmission of information and data to the Regional Coordination and headquarters;
  • Manage the supervision of movements of funds from donors for projects to be implemented in the country, including advances and post-approval payments of financial reports;
  • Carry out the necessary actions so that the organization complies with the tax laws established in the country, as well as with the regulations on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing for non-profit organizations;
  • Carry out those tasks inherent to the objectives of the position, and that are requested by the coordination team according to the context and needs of the projects.

Reports, audits and files

  • Coordinate with those responsible for the projects and the country representative for the preparation and timely presentation of the provisional and final financial reports of the projects implemented;
  • Coordinate the sending to the Regional Coordination and to the headquarters of all the documents and information necessary for the presentation of the financial reports of the implemented projects, for the accountability to the donors and the eventual internal or external audits to be carried out;
  • Prepare communications / correspondence for donors, budget modifications and amendments, in collaboration with project coordinators, local partners, Country Coordinator and Regional Coordination / headquarters;
  • Ensure the registration and filing of all documents related to the acquisition, guarantee, depreciation and maintenance of equipment and durable goods in the framework of projects, as well as their transfer from one project to another and / or to direct beneficiaries and / or local counterparts.

Administration and training of Human Resources

  • Select, train, monitor and evaluate the administrative and logistical personnel hired by the organization on site;
  • Provide training and technical assistance to the administrative staff of local partners on instruments and processes of financial management and accountability, according to the requirements of donors and local regulations;
  • Collaborate with those responsible for projects and the Country Coordinator in the drafting and approval of contracts for local staff;
  • Guarantee that the contracts signed with the local staff comply with the country's labor and financial laws, as well as with the procedures and ethical codes defined by the organization and donors;
  • Supervise the preparation and updating of the dossiers of the local and expatriate personnel, including all the documentation provided by the COOPI procedures and the country regulations;
  • Supervise the preparation and periodic updating of the salary scale and regulations for local personnel;
  • Supervise the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the contracted personnel, as well as the registration of work days, vacations and permits, as provided by the internal regulations and the contracts signed between the parties;
  • Support the Country Coordinator in the preparation of the Country regulations and security protocols and ensure that they are applied in a timely manner.

Desired Profile

Necessary requirements

  • Professional studies in Economic Sciences, Business Administration, Management of non-profit and / or related entities;
  • Demonstrable experience of at least 5 years in administration of INGOs and / or companies abroad;
  • Experience in International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and / or related;
  • Previous experiences with procedures for managing institutional donor funds ECHO, DEVCO, USAID, UN agencies and the private sector;
  • Proven experience in managing purchasing and logistics systems;
  • Experience in security management and institutional risks;
  • Inter-institutional and inter-agency coordination capacities (donors);
  • Written and oral negotiation skills;
  • Demonstrable experience in team management and supervision of local partners;
  • Respect for the Vision and Mission of COOPI and its charter of values;
  • Motivation, honesty, pro-active and decisive attitude, common sense, discretion;
  • Capabilities in systematizing processes and preparing documents and reports;


  • Spanish and English 


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