Country Operations Head

Asian Development Bank

Bangkok, Thailand

Experience: Above 10 Years

Skill Required: Accounts and Finance

The Country Operations Head will assist the Country Director in the sound management of operations in Thailand Resident Mission. The incumbent will coordinate country programming, business planning, quality assurance and portfolio monitoring and organize the provision of operations services to project teams. The incumbent will report to the Country Director with a matrix reporting to the Regional Head, Operations Coordination of the Southeast Asia Department and will supervise International, National and Administrative staff.
  • Country portfolio management and programming
  • Leads the country portfolio performance review. Responsible for management, monitoring and reporting on sovereign and non-sovereign operations (programming, pipeline and portfolio management) at country level to achieve country KPIs. Provides high-level guidance on operational issues and compliance with ADB policies. Actively takes part in operations and portfolio networks, facilitated by Regional Head, Operations Coordination and PPFD.
  • Guides project teams on country-specific project and portfolio management issues and leads portfolio, programming and pipeline related missions and activities with government. Oversees project related communication and coordination with government and stakeholders. Consults with clients to swiftly resolve country-wide issues, and coordinates the resolution of project-specific issues, in collaboration with the solutions departments/offices.
  • Supports CD in assuring project/TA implementation arrangements are designed to meet country context. Guides sectors in the design and processing of projects to ensure that they are effectively delivered to advance ADB’s regional and country priorities, meet DMC needs, and fit the local context.
  • Oversees country programming including formulation, review and implementation of the country programs and the allocation of operational resources in the country in collaboration with Sectors Group, PSOD/OMDP and SEOC. Works closely with TRM’s programming team as well as country management team (CMT) members to develop an innovative, value-adding and ADB Thailand aligned thematic priorities (e.g. green finance and PSD) lending and TA projects’ pipeline including developing strategies, project pitches and relationships with relevant government counterparts.
  • Maintains pipelines and oversees progress of lending and non-lending by monitoring, supporting and facilitating the work of solutions departments for the timely delivery of the country program. Liaises with development partners on co-financing opportunities. Provides inputs into CPS and CPS reviews from a programming, pipeline and portfolio management perspective.
  • Advises the CD and backstops the quality of project-level documentation, concurrences and decisions for sovereign operations and technical assistance, as determined by SIs and PAIs. Liaises closely with Regional Head, Operations Coordination on all matters of quality assurance.
  • Serves as oversight for implementation of TRM’s stand-alone TAs as well as quality assurance focal point for RETAs being developed and implemented by relevant sector offices, ensuring that ADB’s strategic and cross-cutting concerns are appropriately addressed. Assists Country Director, TRM in staffing and office administration matters.
Work planning:
  • Supports CD and the country management team in preparation of the Resident Mission’s work plan and alignment with regional department KPIs.
  • Serves as head of the secretariat to the country management team, supporting the country director to set standard operating procedures for its effective functioning.
  • Organizes and advises on the provision of certain operations services (e.g., safeguards, procurement, financial management) and thematic services (e.g., climate change, gender), to ensure adequate support to project teams delivering operations in the country.
Capacity development:
  • Organizes and provides operational capacity development to staff and external clients on sovereign operations management.
  • Manages the performance of teams and individuals providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.
  • Provides coaching and mentoring to team and individuals and ensures their on-going learning and development.
  • Undertakes other activities as designated by CD and Regional Head, Operations Coordination. Coordinates with Regional Heads for Operations Coordination, Regional Head, Regional Cooperation and Integration, Lead Economist and Regional Head, Private Sector Development.
Relevant Experience & Requirements:
  • Master's Degree, in engineering, finance, economics, business administration or related fields. University degree in engineering, finance, economics, business administration and related fields.
  • At least 12 years relevant professional experience in managing projects, portfolios and pipelines for development institutions. International experience working in development in several countries.
  • Proven management and leadership qualities.
  • Demonstrated cultural sensitivities and maturity.
  • Please refer to the link for ADB Competency Framework for Level 6.