Data Analyst

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

New York, United States of America

Experience: Internship

Skill Required: IT and ICT

DATA ANALYSIS Assist in conducting independent research to support OSAA's production of SG reports, analytical papers, policy briefs, and fact sheets through data validation and the informed selection of quantitative indicators, enhancing cross-pillar and integrated reporting efforts. Support with identifying and addressing data gaps in regions with limited primary data availability by leveraging secondary sources, thus reinforcing the evidence base for economic, conflict, human rights, and other domain-specific analyses within OSAA's analytical outputs. Assist in developing basic GIS maps (base, choropleth, heat, proportional, dot density) and annotating satellite imagery with established geospatial techniques and software. Support with analyzing decisions from risk prevention forums and producing reports to guide OSAA's strategic planning. Assist in creating dashboards and visualizations for senior management to aid decision-making processes, and provide user support for these tools. Support with validating, processing, and organizing datasets to fulfill ad-hoc analysis and reporting needs, ensuring data-driven insights bolster OSAA’s initiatives.

Data Inventory: Support with conducting a comprehensive data inventory to identify relevant internal and external data sources for OSAA's Knowledge Product Development Workflow, including cataloging databases, organizational records, public datasets, and research studies for policy analysis. Internal Sources: Assist in identifying and listing all internal data sources within the UN System that could provide relevant information for research, such as databases and organizational records. External Sources: Support with identifying and listing external data sources, like public datasets and research studies from government agencies, academic institutions, and think tanks.

Gather Information on Each Data Source: Assist in collecting details for each identified data source to assess compatibility and usability for policy analysis, helping to estimate the required data work and providing a comprehensive overview of available data and identifying any gaps. Assist in developing and maintaining data pipelines that feed information into OSAA’s BI platforms, ensuring a continuous and reliable flow of data for analysis. Support with creating data flows that harness data from multiple UN entities, agencies, academics, and other providers, consolidating this information in databases for streamlined access and analysis.

 DATA SCIENCE Support the development of AutoPilots on Azure platforms for automated decision-making processes. Assist in applying NLP techniques to extract insights from textual documents relevant to OSAA's objectives. Engage in advanced analytics by developing machine learning models to support OSAA's strategic analysis and decision-making. Assist in developing and refining time-series analyses for OSAA, focusing on trend identification and forecasting. Assist in conducting research and apply statistical methods for deeper data insights within OSAA: correlation, trend analysis, and Python script automation.

DATA ENGINEERING Support the maintenance and optimization of data pipelines feeding into OSAA's BI platforms, guaranteeing the delivery of reliable data for strategic decision-making. Help develop dataflows that integrate information from diverse sources, including UN entities, agencies, academic institutions, and external providers, consolidating this data into central databases for comprehensive analysis. Contribute to AI integration within OSAA, enhancing data processing and analytical capabilities through advanced technology. Aid in ensuring the durability and efficiency of cloud-based data pipelines on Azure, facilitating secure and effective data management. Support the automation and streamlining of workflows from data collection to reporting, leveraging serverless tools and cloud systems to increase operational efficiency. Help in the development and customization of web applications with data-driven and geospatial functionalities, tailored to OSAA's specific needs. Assist with monitoring and resolving issues in data harvesting systems, including Azure Functions, MQuery, and Python Scripts, to maintain consistent data availability. Contribute to the routine upkeep and enhancement of the data catalogue, ensuring the data supports all of OSAA's reporting and analytical platforms effectively.

Qualifications/special skills

  • To qualify for the United Nations Headquarters Secretariat Internship Programme, the following conditions must be met: a) Be enrolled in or have completed a graduate school programme in the field of computer science, analytics, statistics, information management, public administration, management or related field (second university degree or equivalent or higher such as Master’s degree or equivalent, Ph.D. or postgraduate degree);
  • Be enrolled in or have completed the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent)
  • subject to review on a case-by-case basis, applicants within a few years from graduation who could not apply earlier and who are in an early stage of their careers; as a first-time entry into the workforce; are changing careers or due to compelling family circumstances.


  • English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For the position advertised, fluency in English is required