Development Of An Integrated Online System And Mobile Application

Norwegian Refugee Council, Somalia

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
20th August, 2019

Job Description


Meaningful strides are being made by both government and international stakeholders to address the issue of displacement in Somalia, but these efforts are being continually reversed and/or undermined by the phenomenon of evictions. An estimated 150,000 individuals have been evicted across Somalia since the start of 2019. Developing a balanced understanding of eviction is an important first step in the strive to address the broader issue of displacement and contribute to durable solutions in Somalia. The product of this initiative, a robust integrated online system and mobile application to be managed by the HLP sub cluster through NRC, is intended to fill the functional gap.

NRC Somalia Country Programme is part of NRC Horn of Africa, Yemen, Uganda and South Sudan regional mission. Operations in the region began in Somaliland in 2004, and eventually expanded to Puntland in 2006, and South Central Somalia and Kenya in 2007. In total, five additional country operations have been established in the region since 2011 – including Ethiopia, Yemen, Djibouti, South Sudan & Uganda – with strategic programming priorities encompassing shelter, WASH, Education, Food Security, Protection, and Information, Counselling and legal assistance (ICLA) . The ICLA programme has been operational in Somalia since 2014, providing a variety of specialized services that are designed to assist target populations overcome legal and administrative obstacles on which their protection, recovery and obtainment of durable solutions are dependent. Typically, promotion and protection of HLP and employment rights, access to legal documentations, tenure security and eviction prevention and response are the main programmatic pillars of the ICLA programme, while the technical modalities through services are delivered include, but not limited to, information, negotiation, advocacy and coordination, case management for specialized counselling and legal assistance, skills and institutional capacity development through tailored training's, technical support and material assistance, as well as facilitating issuance of tenure security documentations.

Job description:


  • NRC welcomes technical proposals for the design and development, including initial testing, of an integrated online system and mobile application with the following features:
  • Online and offline capabilities,
  • The ability to sync and be used with independent data collection platforms,
  • Rigorous security features and varying access rights, and
  • A set of automated charts and graphs as specified in Annex 1.

The precise specification and perimeters will be made available upon successful recruitment and prior to contracting. The system will adhere to all applicable internationally accepted standards for system development customized to meet specific procedural requirements and data perimeters. The duration required for comprehensive completion of the project is two months, excluding testing and relevant post-testing adjustments which may continue up to 31 December 2019. The full technical development process, i.e. design, development, deployment, training, testing, and post-testing adjustments will be executed by the consultant, after which a final ready-to-use web system and mobile application (with the complete access codes) will be delivered to NRC. NRC regional data analyst and ICLA in-country team (led by the Specialist) will closely supervise the development process, providing continuous reviews, comments and thematic inputs as and when necessary.

The following shall be the main results expected.

  • Design of a comprehensive system architecture that will be verified and approved prior to the development process. The architecture will be based exclusively on the technical layout and product specification as provided by NRC.
  • The system and application will both be linked to an independent data collection platform (to be decided later) for the purpose of gathering and inputting eviction data.
  • Inputting of data into the system should be possible through both the data collection platform and a separate form integrated into the web system. The data collection form will contain dropdown menus with restricted pre-defined options.
  • Training, rollout and testing: Selected staff will be trained to test all aspects and components of the system over a period of one month. This will include data entry, sorting, filtering, and generating customized printouts of query/filter results.
  • The system will include features to download and print out infographic products.
  • Institutional Capacity Support: The consultant will provide continuous technical support for a period of sixty days following expiration of the consultancy contract in order to address any technical default that may arise after post-testing adjustments have been carried out.

Qualifications: The consultant, firm or individual, is expected to meet the following minimum requirements. Applications demonstration higher qualification and experience will be desirable.

Technical and academic:

  • Minimum of three (3) years' documented experience in the area of programming, IT project management, database systems and mobile application development, etc.
  • Knowledge of relevant programming language for development of server client applications.
  • Ability to operate under strict time limits.
  • Maintaining high level of professionalism
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Track record of successful similar projects undertaken that are relevant to the requirements of this consultancy.


  • Detailed profile of the consultancy firm
  • At least two samples to live functional systems previously developed.
  • Two references (with contact information) from previous clients
  • Technical proposal containing detailed list with technical information of the technologies, languages/frameworks intended to be use, and a clearly articulated work plan
  • Itemized budget proposal

Presentation of the team: CVs and functional responsibilities of the key people to be engaged in the project.


  • The consultant is not authorized to speak on behalf of NRC unless expressly authorized by NRC in writing.
  • The consultant shall represent himself/herself/themselves, vis-à-vis his contract as an International Consultant to the NRC Somalia program.
  • NRC shall have full ownership of the system following completion.
  • NRC will have right and ownership to all of the codes used in the system.


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