Digital Financial Expert – Mobile Money for the Poor

United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Monrovia, Liberia

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
15th December, 2015

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

As part of this new staffing strategy, MM4P is looking for a DF consultant based in Monrovia, Liberia.  The DF expert will report to the Technical Specialist Digital Finance based in Senegal (TS DF). Under the direct responsibility of the TS DF, the Consultant will specifically:

Act as primary DF technical resource in the joint UNCDF/UNDP digital finance team:

  • Support in developing, implementing and updating joint funder Country Strategy and Work Plans for digital finance, ideally bringing together UNCDF, USAID, UNDP and other DF funders;
  • Act as the DF technical point of contact in country for all stakeholders willing to enter or expand in the DF market, building trust and communication among stakeholders;
  • Provide high quality technical input on various DF topics (regulatory, product design, agent network, etc.);
  • Challenge existing DF ideas and ways of working in order to raise the discussions between stakeholders to more impactful and innovative business models;
  • Assist the technical specialist in identifying needs of stakeholders for assistance on key topics (agent network, product design, processes, technology, etc.) to support the ecosystem development on specific areas;
  • Seek opportunities to bring expertise and lessons learned to Libeira, including coordinating with other UNCDF and USAID technical staff and consultants to share experience, lessons and innovative ideas.

Assist in the development and the implementation of activities at country level (ecosystem activities) to raise stakeholder’s knowledge and capacity on DF:

  • Support TS DF to set-up and animate a DFS working group gathering key DF stakeholders (Central Bank, Government, Banks, MFIs, Telecom Operators, donors, etc.), providing technical input and support, so that it may act as the key coordination body on all DF aspects and promote communication between all stakeholders;
  • Through regular contact and training, build a strong relationship with the Central Bank and raise all departments’ knowledge and capacity. Promote open and innovative DF ecosystem and continuous communication between public and private sectors.  Develop training sessions for all departments of CBL to raise their knowledge on DF;
  • With support of the USAID, UNDP, UNCDF, work with stakeholder groups to develop a shared national vision and/or roadmap of DFS growth in the country;
  • Based on vision and corresponding country strategy, take lead role in implementing ecosystem activities;
  • Plan, organize, animate and participate in various workshops/trainings on DF topics open to all stakeholders to raise their knowledge (strategy, agent, customers experience, product development, partnerships, etc.).
  • Develop and animate a 1 day workshop on DF strategy open to all stakeholders to inform about potential business models and partnerships for banks, MNOs, MFIs, credit unions, VSLAs, etc. to play a role in DF ecosystem;
  • Develop and animate a 1 day workshop on agent network open to all stakeholders to disseminate best practices in agent network management;
  • Carry out a payment diagnosis and roadmap for Liberia based on BTCA methodology;
  • Develop and animate a 1 day workshop on the result of the payment diagnosis and roadmap;
  • Develop and animate a workshop on high volume payments, including government to person, person to government, person to business, etc.
  • Based on work plan, participate and coordinate market research activities to be conducted by other firms or consultants (e.g. customer experience, customer demand, agent network diagnosis, agent network challenges, payment flows diagnosis, data analytics, etc.) in order to gather the necessary information and market knowledge to reach MM4P objectives in country;
  • Involve key stakeholders during market research work to raise their field knowledge.  Furthermore, work with these stakeholders to improve their DF services based on lessons learned from the market researches;
  • Write briefing notes, research highlights and knowledge documents tailored responding to specific expectations and challenges of the Liberian DF market;
  • Disseminate key information to all stakeholders to raise their DF capacities;
  • Organize regular informal exchange sessions with key stakeholders to share information within the market.

Assist all stakeholders in the development of innovative ideas, plans and projects to enter or expand in the DFS (ecosystem, regulatory, customer, high volume, agent work streams) to develop a pipeline of projects:

  • Build good and continuous relationship with all existing and potential DF stakeholders and have regular contact (at least monthly) to be aware of all DF market dynamics;
  • Assist specific stakeholders individually on DF related topics according to their needs;
  • Based on interactions, including those from workshops/trainings, market research and regular contacts, establish a ranking of most promising stakeholders for direct support from UNCDF.Update this ranking regularly based on market dynamics;
  • Support the TS DF in identifying, vetting, and developing DF projects and monitor their progress among the top ranked potential partners, work with identified partners to refine and improve project designs for initial engagement;
  • Collect necessary documents for UNCDF project endorsements and appraisals;
  • Oversee the progress of partners projects, provide regular advice and assistance to ensure that they are completed on time and reach targets;
  • Challenge stakeholders about their DF businesses and strategies in order to raise the level of innovation and creativity in country;
  • Foster partnerships between stakeholders to develop new business models and innovative ideas.

Support and participate in direct technical assistance to selected partners (providers workstream):

  • Work with the TS DF to reactivate former partnerships with LoneStar, Cellcom, BRAC, and WOCCU, helping the TS DF to revise old project descriptions and agreements by updating activities and targets;
  • Work closely with other consultants and consulting firms working with MM4P and partners. Provide the necessary programme knowledge in order to have consultants aligned with programme objectives in country;
  • Coordinate and regularly follow-up work of consultants;
  • For some selected partners, provide direct technical assistance to support project implementation.

Coordinate and support TS DF on reporting at country and stakeholders level:

  • Plan, organize and animate the monthly progress call with TS FD and MM4P key people.Prepare agenda for the call, update workplan and write meeting minutes.Develop monthly action plans;
  • Coordinate with USAID GEMS and other programmes, recommending the means for collaboration;
  • Plan, organize and animate the quarterly progress call with MM4P partners;
  • Support MM4P in collect reporting information from MM4P partners on a quarterly basis;
  • Support MM4 in collecting information from Central bank;
  • Support the TS DF to report on DF activities and developments in country;
  • Support UNCDF on the ground in local procurement, working with UNCDF MM4P and UNDP Liberia to secure venues, media and other short-term support by defining needs and requirements.

The outcome of this work will be:

  • Based on MM4P Theory of Change, help and hasten the shift of Liberia DF market from start-up stage they are firmly in the expansion stage at end of 2019, so that at least 10% active DF users (90 days) of the adult population in Liberia at end of 2019;
  • Assist the Liberian DF market into an innovative and competitive ecosystem where several stakeholders are testing and implementing new ideas and innovative business models;
  • Work closely with UNDP, CBL, USAID, World Bank and other donors / partners to coordinate DF activities in Liberia.


  • A Master’s degree in technology, economics, public/business administration, social sciences, or related discipline or the equivalent experience.


  • A minimum of four years’ experience in progressively more responsible positions in the financial services and/or telecommunications field;
  • A minimum of three years’ experience working with branchless banking and mobile financial services;
  • Experience in working with the implementation of branchless banking and mobile financial services projects;
  • Experience in project management.
  • Experience in Liberia, East , West or Southern Africa is a plus
  • Excellent writing skills.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in  English

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