Digital Fundraising Consultant

United Nations Children's Fund

Bangkok, Thailand

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: Accounts and Finance

Do you love digital media and analytics and are constantly curious about what drives performance and testing new strategies? Are you emboldened by the opportunity to chart an innovative new path and lead a team to the future state of digital marketing? Are you ready to widen your horizon and work alongside with our global community of digital experts that includes strategy, analytics, campaign management, optimization and omnichannel marketing?
Then a career in UNICEF is just right for you!
This is a highly empowered working environment where you will be accounted with full ownership to drive high quality work
The Paid Media Specialist will lead Performance Marketing and instrumental in our digital paid media programs. Using a cross channel campaign management approach, you will be responsible for paid media strategy & planning, hands-on setup, execution, measurement, and ongoing optimizations.
If you have been a part of a team that creates and manages multi-channel digital media programs and want to grow personally and professionally, while working with an exceptioanal team, we’d love to talk to you!
In support of the digital transformation plan, this role will support the private sector fundraising team to build its capacity in digital fundraising focusing on paid media performance marketing, digital infrastructure and to uplift the performance of campaigns. As the expert of digital paid media with key strength in data analytics and intelligence in the organization, this role will build and maintain digital performance infrastructure and act as the go-to expert on campaign, and paid media performance on digital channels. Through the development of systematic performance reporting and insights the role will enable UNICEF to boost the online presence, brand identity, engagement and income generated from digital channels.
Work Assignment, Expected deliverable and Delivery schedule:
The Consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:
  • Providing technical expertise on Paid Media Campaigns to achieve business goals,
  • including review of current paid Media Campaigns and improvement needed.
  • Paid channels include google and meta-ads
  • Consultancy could include areas related to Ad account setup, account whitelisting, campaign setup, media buys, Ad account optimization, campaign budget optimization, event optimization, audience lists, always-on campaigns, split tests, use correct naming conventions, budgeting, reporting, quality and sanity checks, pixel management, ensuring channel best practices, and other execution details.
Expected deliverable:
  • One media plan for each campaigns planned: must include proposed spends, estimated conversions and income based on historical learnings.
  • Digital paid media strategic plan
  • Provide and share best practices, sample cases of success
  • Provide technical advice and capacity building in developing Media Plan based on historical Insights.
Expected deliverable:
  • Analyze media performance data at the campaign, ad set, and creative level, audience, auction, and business insights to develop media plan.
  • Media plan must include proposed budget, estimated conversions and income.
  • Technical advice on digital audit report based on channel review
  • Review and communicate the competitive landscape using 3rd party tools including but not limited to FB Ads library, FB Insights, Google trends, Auction Insights, Similar web, Meta and Google ads manager.
  • Audit report must include a review of campaign structure, audience, budget split and
  • optimization tactics.
Expected deliverable :
  • Audit report: must include review across campaign structure, audience, budget split and optimization tactics.
  • Technical advice on AB test recommendations
  • Stay up to date with new Meta and google ads trends and AB test flagship and/or beta products for strategic ad accounts and campaigns.
Expected deliverable 4:
  • Technical assistance is provided and documented on the following areas.
  • One AB test recommendations per month: must include the proposed ad tests to be conducted on either of the channels (meta or google).
  • Technical advice on donation landing page optimization
  • Guide web developer (agency), content writer, and analytics professional for analysis and tracking to optimize landing page conversion
  • Review CMS and provide technical support on effective use of CMS
  • Expected deliverable 5: Technical assistance is provided and documented on the following areas.
  • Monthly Reporting on Landing page optimize
  • CMS reviewed and significant improvement on effectiveness achieved
  • Technical support on capacity building for the team to be proficient in paid media performance marketing and create the culture of analytical and business mindset to meet its acquisition and retention targets.
Expected deliverable 6:
  • Identify capacity gap of the team and provide training/coaching if within his/her own capacity or propose course/training/forum that will build their capacity.
  • Technical support provided on finding, proposing, executing and testing initiatives/activities to increase paid media campaign in achieving fundraising goals.
  • Analyzing test findings and lesson learned, such as campaign optimization for future campaign.
To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have… 
  • Year of work experience, a minimum of 3 years of relevant professional experience in paid media performance marketing or digital fundraising or digital marketing, with a special focus on delivering digital performance marketing is required.
  • Hands-on experience of working with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Double Click campaign manager is a plus.
  • Familiarity with enterprise management platforms such as Google Analytics 360, SA 360, DV 360, and CM 360 is a plus.
  • Proven experience is required in paid social (Meta) and paid search (Google) campaign execution, performance optimization, ad account management, campaign delivery as per desired goals, quality checks, best practice implementation, data-backed analysis, reporting (Automated and manual) with new customer acquisition and income campaigns.
  • Fluency in either English or Thai is required
  • Managing large scale paid media with a proven track record of success and growth and ability to manage a team and external vendor.
  • Experience setting up and implementing organisational structure, performance management system, and capacity building programme.
  • Competencies as the following
  • Strategic thinking and goals development
  • Coaching/ advisory skills – the ability to help others in achieving fundraising/ career
  • Strong leadership – the ability to inspire, motivate and drive the team towards success.
  • Clear communicator with excellent interpersonal skills – the ability to build relationships with team and internal stakeholders and communicate effectively.
  • Critical thinker and problem solver – the ability to ask clear probing questions and drive to solutions quickly.
  • Proactive – the ability to take the initiative and to work with minimum supervision.
  • Intermediate data and financial literacy level – the ability to derive insights from performance dashboards and financial reports (profit and loss, monthly financial reports).