Director, General Services Operations

World Health Organization

Washington DC, United States of America

Experience: Atleast 12 years

Skill Required: Administration

General Services Operations provides building and office services at Headquarters in support of PAHO/WHO programs, such as general supervision of acquisition and maintenance of all PAHO/WHO premises at Headquarters and in Country Office. Responsible for building facilities and maintenance, inventories, office supplies and equipment, transportation, security and safety, printing reproductions, conferences, interpreters; security focal point within PAHO and the UN security system.


Under the general supervision of the Director (D), and the direct supervision of the Director of Administration (AM), the incumbent is responsible for, but not necessarily limited to, the following assigned duties:

  • Manage, direct and administer the Organization's General Services processes, activities and operations including conference facilities and real estate management, security and office services;
  • Develop policies, guidelines and procedures for the efficient and effective operation of facilities management, security, reproduction, mail, inventory, transportation and property services at Headquarters and at Country Offices, as necessary;
  • Provide guidance and advice on all aspects of the Organization's rules, regulations, policies, procedures and practices involving General Services functions;
  • Oversee the provision of a wide variety of logistical services for Governing Bodies and other meetings, including scheduling of conference rooms, operating audio visual equipment, facilitating catering services and all other support services, including security, which are essential to the smooth conduct of Governing Bodies and other meetings at the Headquarters Building;
  • Direct the Organization’s security programs in Headquarters and Country Offices, liaise with security officials at UN Headquarters and other UN agencies and PAHO PWR/Center staff; liaise with neighborhood corporate and other UN security managers, and the DC metropolitan police;
  • Oversee and manage the HQ Main building renovation project, guiding, liaising with and supporting the needs of the general contractor, architects, audio-visual provider and the project manager in order to ensure a timely and successful renovation process for Phase 2 and subsequent phases of the renovation;
  • Develop and manage a facility management strategy in alignment with the organization’s vision of its physical assets;
  • Promote and implement policies and practices that promote a “green”, environmentally friendly office environment in line with the PAHO Green Initiative;
  • Develop and oversee a comprehensive plan for asset control, maintenance, replacement and disposition of the Organization's fixed assets, such as property, plant, vehicles and office equipment at Headquarters and Country Offices;
  • Plan, oversee, and supervise facilities management services, including catering, at Headquarters;
  • Plan and direct the Organization's facilities management program, including development, design, and construction process of PAHO-owned and leased spaces in Washington, DC and 27 Country Offices in Central/South America and the Caribbean;
  • Direct the strategic property planning for short-term and long-term space and real estate needs of PAHO Headquarters and at Country Offices. Manage space utilization and supervise compliance with space policy; prepare recommendations for purchase or construction for management action; oversee lease contracts for space at Headquarters and at Country Offices, as necessary;
  • Ensure that appropriate office services and operations are provided for all staff at Headquarters; develop a comprehensive and proactive properties plan encompassing all PAHO properties in HQ and the region;
  • Prepare the development of strategic reports for Governing Bodies related to the management of the Master Capital Investment Fund (MCIF) and maintain accurate accounting of revenues and expenses of all sub-funds;
  • Manage, approve and monitor the use, reporting and auditing of the General Operating Expenses (GOE) budget, Building Fund, Capital Equipment Fund and other assigned funds;
  • Develop, implement and evaluate a comprehensive program of environmental health monitoring, hazardous waste management and safety assessments as well as energy efficiency and sustainability to ensure safety and protection for Headquarters and Country Office locations;
  • Develop, propose, and manage the biennial work plan and budget for the department of General Services Operations, to include regular budget funding, extra-budgetary funding, the MCIF and other funds authorized by the Director. Ensure commitment and achievement of the milestones established in the approved work plan. Ensure full integrity and compliance with PAHO financial rules and regulations in managing the GSO -assigned budget;
  • Plan, develop, evaluate and administer the budgetary, program and personnel needs associated with General Services functions; manage all contractual agreements and personnel for facilities management and security management;
  • Promote a responsive customer service approach to address the needs and requests of PAHO personnel; provide guidance and generate solutions to solve personnel matters related to general services operations;
  • Provide leadership, guidance and mentoring of supervised staff. Define the department’s personnel component including the organizational structure, competencies and terms of reference. Initiate and recommend approval of personnel actions for all of the department’s staff and assure guidance and monitoring of staff through setting of clear work objectives, use of performance reviews and feedback mechanisms, regular communications and solving interpersonal or technical conflicts. Monitor the competencies of the staff to ensure optimal performance and staff development; monitor workloads to ensure equitable distribution of work and maintain job satisfaction, efficiency and output; and follow up on any deviation of work results from objectives;
  • Provide intellectual and managerial leadership to guide and motivate staff to work in a multicultural environment; promote a culture of ethical behavior and integrity in accordance with the Organization’s Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct in order to ensure a culture of respect, responsibility, accountability, and compliance;
  • Perform other related duties, as assigned.



  • Essential: Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, project management, logistics, or engineering and a master’s degree in business administration, management, or related field from a recognized university.


  • Essential: Thirteen years of combined national and international experience with responsibility for administrative operations of large public or private institutions.
  • Desirable: Experience with an international organization would be an asset.


  • Very good knowledge of English or Spanish with a working knowledge of the other language. Knowledge of French and/or Portuguese would be an asset.