Director of Office

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Under the overall authority of the Director-General, the direct supervision of the Assistant Director-General for Priority Africa and External Relations (ADG/PAX), in close consultation with the Assistant Directors-General of the five programme sectors, and with the Directors of the other UNESCO Regional Offices in Asia and the Pacific region for project planning, implementation, evaluation and reporting, the incumbent will act as the Director of UNESCO Regional Office in Almaty and UNESCO Representative to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
The incumbent works within the framework of UNESCO’s Medium-Term Strategies (C/4), Approved Programmes and Budgets (C/5) as well as in the framework of the international development agendas such as Agenda 2030.
The core result, for which the incumbent will be responsible, is the positioning of UNESCO as a trusted development partner in the countries covered by the Office (Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). Other results are the establishment and implementation of the multidisciplinary programme of the Office in close cooperation with the wider UN system; the effective and efficient management of the Office’s operations, resources, premises and assets; and the establishment and implementation of robust external relations and partnerships.
Moreover, the incumbent will participate, or ensure participation of the Office, in the activities of the United Nations at the national level in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Required Qualifications:


  • Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent degree) in a discipline related to UNESCO’s mandate, public or business administration or international relations, or related field.

Work Experience:

  • At least fifteen (15) years of progressive professional experience at the appropriate management level within the United Nations system or within other international or national institutions, including a wide experience in development issues related to UNESCO’s areas of competence, in association with national and international organizations.
  • Experience in advocacy, resources and partnership mobilization.
  • Proven partnership experience with successful implementation of partners at global, local and community levels.

Skills & Competencies:

  • Commitment to the Organization’s mandate, vision, strategic direction and priorities.
  • Institutional leadership capacity, high sense of objectivity and professional integrity, diplomacy, tact and political astuteness.
  • Demonstrated strategic planning and management abilities, including capacity to administer extensive programmes and projects, financial and human resources, as well as to exercise appropriate supervision and control.
  • Capacity to provide intellectual leadership to guide staff, as well as ability to build trust, manage, lead and motivate a large and diversified body of staff in a multicultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity, as well as exercise supervision and control and ensure continuous training and development of staff.
  • Ability to identify key strategic issues, objectives, opportunities and risks.
  • Organizational skills, including in establishing plans and priorities, and in implementing them effectively, as well as in devising implementation plans.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and persuasively, both orally and in writing; demonstrated ability to interact with a wide range of high-level partners.


  • Excellent knowledge and drafting skills in one of the working languages (English or French) of the Organization.