Division Manager Corporate Governance and Institutional

Islamic Development Bank

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Experience: 5 to 10 Years

Skill Required: Accounts and Finance

This role is responsible for providing legal services in support of the effectiveness of the ICD governance practices, the interpretation and application of ICD’s rules and regulations, and in support of ICD’s corporate and institutional matters.

Functional Accountabilities and Activities:

Corporate Governance:

  • Provide legal services in support of the effectiveness of the ICD governance practices by ensuring that the ICD continuously follows sound governance practices and keeps up to date with the latest best international practices including but not limited to the following:
  • Preparing, updating, interpreting, and implementing ICD’s governance documents including ICD Governance Manual, Board level committees TORs, Management level committees TORs, the Delegation of Authority matrix (DOA), policies, regulations, and rules of ICD to ensure and support effective governance, facilitate the operations of ICD, strengthen communication, increase responsiveness and accountability, and facilitate decision-making.
  • Oversee the implementation of the Policies and Procedures Development and Management Framework of ICD (PPDMF) and its update from time to time and act as a facilitator and a catalyst for the development, maintenance, monitoring, and publication of policies.
  • Serve as the ICD’s focal point for the implementation of all corporate governance related matters and liaise as necessary with relevant international financial institutions for benchmarking, consultation and knowledge sharing purposes.
  • Act as a custodian of ICD’s governance documents and DOA and ensure that policies and procedure documents are published, properly stored, and accessible to all the staff. 
  • Ensure the effectiveness of governance practices across the ICD and bring to the attention of Management any concerns or risk observed in ICD’s governance practices.
  • Provide legal advisory support to all units to ensure compliance with corporate governance instruments, best practices, and standards.
  • Recommend policy enhancements to close any gaps in ICD’s policy and legal framework that may potentially increase legal/reputational risk.
  • Any other relevant or related legal service that may, from time to time, be required in respect of the ICD governance practices.

 Institutional Affairs:

  • Provide legal advice and assistance in connection with all legal aspects pertaining to the ICD’s rules, regulations, procedures and processes, and all institutional matters in general including but not limited to the following:
  • Provide legal advice on all personnel and staff related matters including recruitment, administration of staff benefits, contract negotiations, retirement plan and related issues, and disputes relating to performance evaluations.
  • Assist back office and control functions of ICD with their legal support requirements as and when requested.
  • Provide legal assistance and advice to internal committees of ICD as and when required.
  • Provide advice on constitutional and corporate legal issues arising from the interpretation and application of Articles of Agreement, rules and regulations of ICD.
  • Assist in negotiations of the terms of engagement for institutional procurement activities of ICD, including leases of real property, procurement of various products and services necessary for the administration of ICD including consultants’ and third-party services, procurement of IT hardware and software, and other capital investment activities.
  • Advise on legal documentation relating to the organizational structure and administration of the ICD and the relations of the ICD and third parties, including international organizations and member countries, particularly in respect of the privileges, immunities and exemptions of the ICD and those enjoyed by officers and staff of ICD.
  • Assist in preparing General Assembly, Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting documents and resolutions in coordination with relevant departments of ICD.
  • Assist in advising on legal issues arising from ICD’s general capital increases, governance, Annual Meetings of the General Assembly, election of members of the Board, meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee, the Audit Risk and Compliance Committee and other committees of the Board.
  • Any other relevant or related legal service that may, from time to time, be required in respect of ICD corporate or institutional affairs.

Qualifications/ Professional Experience:

  •  At least 10 years of relevant experience in the field of Legal practice, preferably in the Banking and Financial Services sector, with at least 5 years of experience in a managerial position is required.
  • Bachelor’s degree in law or any other relevant academic qualification (such as LLB, Juris Doctor) is required.
  • Master’s degree in law (LLM) or Bar license to practice law in any country or relevant professional certification is required.
  • Familiarity with the governance structure and regulation of multilateral development banks (MDBs) and the recognition and treatment of their immunities and privileges.

Source: https://www.isdbcareers.com/careers/isdb/VacancyDetail.aspx?VacancyID=168916