E-Services Design Analyst

UNDP , Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
27th September, 2020

Job Description


Digital transformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is slowly gaining speed. Yet, its full potential remains largely untapped. Global practice shows that to build a public sector that is fit for the future, governments must “reinvent” themselves. Digital transformation is not just about new technologies, but requires an overhaul of organizational structures, work processes, skills, culture and mindset.
In August 2020, UNDP, in collaboration with the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has launched the Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Project (2020-2024), which aims to support authorities in their journey towards the country’s digital future by promoting new capabilities and leveraging technology and innovation for more effective and inclusive governance and public service delivery. In partnership with authorities and all relevant stakeholders, the Project will contribute to the following main results:

Enabling legal and policy environment accelerate digital transformation in the public sector;
Effective, people-centred and efficient e-government and e-services improve quality of life for citizens and ease of doing business;
Knowledge-sharing and networking among public sector stakeholders catalyse ideas and digital capacities.
Nurturing new skills and capabilities among political leaders and public servants across all government levels is central to setting in place a critical mass of agents of change who can move forward the digital agenda in the public sector, to the benefit of all citizens – including the most vulnerable ones - and businesses. By promoting and supporting innovation in the public sector, the Project will create a “safe haven” for pilot experimentation that can then be scaled up. Continuously seeking to demonstrate how technology can bring about fast, system-wide and tangible improvements in the way public services are delivered to the citizens and businesses, will serve as a powerful motivating factor. The Project will work with stakeholders across all government levels – state, entity, cantonal and local governments.


  • Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the E-Services Design Analyst will perform the following main functions, with due respect to the UNDP rules, regulations and internal control framework:
  • Provision of strategic guidance and expert advice in the people-centred design and setting in function of e-services within the Project;
  • Ensure technical support and guidance in the overall improvement and modernisation of the relevant public ICT infrastructure to enable e-government and e-services;
  • Support advancement of institutional framework and capacities for digital governance;
  • Effective knowledge management and gender equality in e-services.
  • 1.Provision of strategic guidance and expert advice in the people-centred design and setting in function of e-services within the Project:
  • Coordinates the Project efforts related to identification and inclusive and iterative design of priority e-services as e-service building blocks, keeping a “whole-of-government” perspective;
  • Ensure that the “people first” principle will be applied across all Project activities, particularly e-services;
  • Keeps abreast of relevant trends, practices and experiences related to e-governance and e-services in the region, the European Union and globally;
  • Facilitates innovation labs in the public sector to develop and set in function a portfolio of “next generation” of people-centred e-services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as promotes a culture of innovation among government counterparts;
  • Experiments and suggests the introduction of horizon technology in new e-services (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, etc.);
  • Contributes to the policy and regulatory efforts of the Project, form viewpoint of offering quality technical advice and expertise in the area of e-services;
  • Actively engages with institutional partners and other relevant stakeholders in the area of e-services to ensure their active participation in Project activities, transfer and anchoring of good practices towards digital transformation in the public sector;
  • Stays abreast of relevant international and domestic initiatives related to e-governance and e-services, ensuring cooperation and synergies, which add value and maximize the Project results;
  • Monitors and assess the effectiveness of the e-service delivery launched or catalyzed by the Project;
  • Contributes to the overall Project planning, monitoring, reporting

Ensure technical support and guidance in the overall improvement and modernisation of the relevant public ICT infrastructure to enable e-government and e-services:

  • Leads the Project efforts in relation to the systemic enhancement and modernisation of information systems and data governance supported by the Project;
  • Offers future-looking, relevant and sustainable technical solutions and investments in ICT infrastructure and systems;
  • Provides quality technical support and guidance to authorities and the Project team in the process of prioritisation and deployment of ICT infrastructure, in line with the broader e-government vision, enabling interoperable e-services;
  • Supervises and guides the work of experts/consultants engaged to support e-services work packages;
  • Captures and promotes the lessons among the Project, UNDP, institutional partners and other stakeholders as relevant;
  • Contributes systemically to promotion and wide reach out of the Project achievements and results, as well as in the preparation of public awareness raising campaigns to bring e-services closer to citizens and governments.

Support advancement of institutional framework and capacities for digital governance:

  • Offer technical support and advice in setting in place and/or streamlining and/or strengthening capacity of the main digital transformation institutions/bodies in the public system – from viewpoint of e-services and e-government;
  • Facilitates cross-institutional dialogue and coordination from viewpoint of meeting the functions and scope of e-services as laid out within the whole-of-government vision for digital transformation in the country, or interoperability matters;
  • Offers customized capacity and skills development in the area of e-services for public sector leaders and practitioners;
  • Contributes to the Project strategy and measures related to overall advancement of the e-government institutional framework and capabilities.

Effective knowledge management and gender equality in e-services:

  • Contributes to the knowledge-sharing within the Digital Transformation Practitioners’ Network;
  • Supports the development of adequate and future-looking capacity development agenda for the Digital Transformation Practitioners’ Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Write blogs and promote the Project achievements and approaches in the area of inclusive and people-centred e-services in the country, regional and internationally;
  • Facilitate and support “sandbox experimentation” in the area of e-services design that invites open innovation in the public sector, leveraging technology, data and human knowledge to contribute to more inclusive and transparent public services;
  • Ensures that gender equality and inclusion are mainstreamed within new e-services;
  • Liaises with e-government and e-services practitioners from the region and globally, facilitating knowledge exchange with Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Supports exchange of ideas and replication of approaches within UNDP – particularly in the governance portfolio, as well as serves as a knowledge focal point in the area of e-services for UNDP;
  • Supports the affirmation of the Digital Transformers in the Public Sector Awards launched by the Project

Core Competencies:

  • Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity;
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
  • Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment;
  • Self-development, initiative-takin;
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks effectively without compromising quality;
  • Acting as a team player and facilitating teamwork;
  • Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team;
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to convey complex concepts and recommendations, both orally and in writing, in a clear and persuasive style tailored to match different audiences;
  • Creating synergies through self-control;
  • Managing conflict;
  • Learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the learning of others. Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each employee;
  • Deals openly, honestly and transparently with issues, resources and people;
  • Informed and transparent decision making.


Academic Qualifications/Education:

  • Advanced university degree in economics, public administration, ICTs for development, computer science, or other relevant field;
  • BA with additional two years of qualifying work experience may be accepted in lieu of MA;


  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience in the area of digital transformation, e-governance and e-services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider Western Balkan region;
  • Proven expertise in provision of technical advice in the design and delivery of e-government and e-services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and/or in the region.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the state of play and specifics in the area of e-government and e-services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as with the Digital Agenda for the Western Balkans of the European Union;
  • Familiarity with key public documents, strategies and trends related to the overall e-governance agenda of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Excellent understanding of the governance system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Languages Requirements:

  • Fluency in English and the official languages of the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with excellent drafting and presentation skills.


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