Education and Research Director

Engineers Without Border (EWB) Australia, Sydney, Australia

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme ManagementResearch and AnalysisTraining and Capacity Building
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
29th April, 2017

Job Description


  • Take up a senior leadership role in an innovative, evolving and inclusive not-for-profit
  • Make an impact in a role and team that aspires to take programs & programmatic impact to the next level
  • Build meaningful partnerships to collectively catalyse the humanitarian engineering movement

About your role

  • EWB's Director of Education and Research is a dynamic leadership opportunity at an exciting point in EWB’s journey. Since its inception, EWB’s education and research strategy has been successful in catalysing the humanitarian engineering education movement in Australia. This movement is now reaching critical mass and is poised to take a major step forward.
  • Applying your strategic mind, leadership skills and solid understanding of the tertiary education sector, you will collaborate with EWB’s staff and external stakeholders to innovate and further deepen EWB’s education and research strategy. You will ensure that this strategy is integrated with EWB's other programs so we are collectively working to achieve EWB’s aims and objectives.
  • You’ll apply your well-developed coaching skills and empower a high-performing team to develop and continue to deliver innovative education and research programs. EWB’s education and research programs include School Outreach, the EWB Challenge, Humanitarian Design Summits and Research Program. These are delivered in partnership with 32 universities in Australia and New Zealand to over 10,000 students annually.
  • You will proactively engage with stakeholders within the education and research sector to shape new and existing collaborative partnerships that deliver shared value and enable program sustainability. You will guide the education program's strategic direction, though are not afraid to roll-up your sleeves and support the staff team to deliver program aspects where required.
  • Crucially, you will work with EWB’s Major Relationship Lead and other staff to ensure the financial sustainability of EWB’s education and research programs longer-term.
  • You bring practical know-how of the tertiary education sector and know how the community development sector works.You skillfully navigate multiple sectors, have curated partnership opportunities from start to finish, and manage your people and partners with drive, focus and sensitivity.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Provide robust thought leadership to further scope, design and deliver EWB’s education and research strategy, in cross-team collaboration with EWB’s board, staff and external stakeholders.
  • Coach, mentor and empower five direct reports to design and deliver innovative education and research programs.
  • Empower the education and research staff team to monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve their programs in an innovative fashion.
  • Support the education and research team in the delivery of high quality programs – such as deliver presentations, facilitate human-centred design (HCD) workshops, collaborate on research opportunities with EWB partners, work with other programs to embed educational outcomes and curriculum pathways for humanitarian engineering.
  • Prioritise and deepen new and existing strategic partnerships across the engineering education sector that advance EWB’s interest in creating sustainable program models and shared value.
  • Act as an advocate for EWB’s vision and objectives with external stakeholders and industry networks such as the Australiasian Association for Engineering Education, the Humanitarian Engineering Education Network of Australaisia and teachers associations. Build EWB’s visibility by skilfully profiling the impact of EWB’s work.
  • Work in collaboration with the Major Relationships Lead and Education and Research team to ensure the financial sustainability of both the education and research portfolio and EWB as a whole.
  • Use Salesforce to record and report data on the growth and development of our relationships within the education sector.

Qualifications and Essential Skills

  • A Bachelor's degree in a discipline related to EWB's program work (engineering, education or community development)
  • 5 or more years experience working with the tertiary education sector in a thematic area relating to EWB’s work (eg humanitarian engineering, human centred design, international / community development, appropriate technology); OR; working in a thematic area linked to EWB’s work.
  • Demonstrated capacity for flexibility, agility and innovation - while maintaining committment to achieving tangible objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to show leadership in setting strategic direction, whilst being able to roll up sleeves to practically deliver on projects.
  • Demonstrated capability in coaching/ mentoring a high-performing team.
  • Demonstrated desire to build a ‘learning culture’ into the Education and Research team, so team members can work across each other’s programs both as a contingency, and a learning opportunity.
  • Demonstrated ability to sensitively, pragmatically and positively influence diverse, senior stakeholders
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills including excellent public speaking skills and the ability to advocate for EWB’s vision to external stakehol
  • Ability to coordinate multiple projects and work well under pressure
  • Willing to travel and work outside business hours for event attendance or opportunity development
  • EWB capabilities you'll embody

Embody EWB’s values

  • You’ll be truly passionate about and advocate for EWB. EWB is a ‘small giant’ – an innovative organisation at the nexus of engineering education, business and community development, with a demonstrated focus on strengths-based, sustainable and community-led outcomes.
  • Lead yourself: Leading your own decision-making truly motivates you. You know when and how to escalate important decisions, and successfully drive your own work and professional development goals.
  • Envision strategy: The strategies you develop will clearly articulate EWB’s direction and inspire action to achieve our organisational aims. You’ll leverage the outcomes from EWB’s programs, people, and network expertise to influence our key stakeholders and accelerate the EWB global movement.
  • Enable others: You’ll capably inspire, lead, mentor and manage your people within EWB’s movement.
  • Communicate purposefully: You communicate clearly, powerfully and with strategic intent.
  • Build financial sustainability: You'll ensure EWB's programs have a sound business model underpinning them. You'll build support across the organisation and with key stakeholders, for impactful, collectively-owned, financially sustainable initiatives.
  • Strengthen relationships: You'll ensure EWB's relationships are purposfully developed, leveraged and catalysed towards collectively beneficial and longer-term outcomes.
  • Influence systems: You’ll influence EWB’s networks to enact fundamental systemic change in the school, university, business, government, community, philanthropy, impact investment and media we are a part of.

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