Education Officer

Save the children, Cúcuta, Colombia

Skill Required:, Education ManagementProject Management
Preferred Experience: 
2 years of relevant work experience
Closing Date for Applications: 
3rd December, 2020

Job Description


Implement the programs, strategies and initiatives of the project aimed at improving the realization of the right to safe, quality learning and with a gender perspective for girls and boys affected by conflict and crisis in the municipalities and educational institutions focused by the project on the Department of Norte de Santander, developing the school change management model and the structure of objectives and expected results of the project planning framework.

The Education Officer is responsible for the implementation of strategies and actions aimed at improving Educational Quality and guaranteeing the rights of children.


At an Operational and Strategic level

  • Lead the implementation of the school change management model in educational establishments, convening and appropriating the different institutional actors of the methodology, instruments and strategies for improving educational quality and school management.
  • Mobilize and accompany the educational community in initiatives to improve educational quality and guarantee the rights of children.
  • To assist technically and pedagogically the group of teachers and teaching directors in the initiatives to improve educational quality.
  • Lead in educational communities processes of awareness and appropriation of approaches to children's rights, participation of boys, girls and families and gender equity.
  • To carry out training and technical assistance (administrative and programmatic) to Educational Establishments for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of pedagogical projects in reading and writing, mathematics and / or citizenship skills.
  • To carry out training processes for boys, girls and young people on children's rights, participation and gender equality.
  • Promote participation in the methodological designs, models and strategies adopted by the Educational Establishments linked to the project in the Secretaries of Education, Municipal Mayors and focal points of municipal education.
  • Participate on behalf of the organization under delegation of the coordination, in inter-institutional tables that promote and strengthen education within the framework of the project and the mission of the organization.
  • Concert with the project partners and the educational communities the schedules and work plans for the efficient implementation of activities and improvement strategies.
  • Monitor the indicators and results of the programs implemented by project partners and record qualitative and quantitative data in the project's planning and monitoring systems.
  • Propose and implement preventive and corrective actions to the implementation of programs led by partners for the effective development of improvement programs in educational establishments.
  • Document and report, based on the results-based management instruments, the progress of the project according to the activities implemented directly in indirectly in the educational stablishments, municipalities and beneficiary communities of the project.
  • Maintain permanent communication and send monthly reports or with the agreed periodicity to the project coordination.
  • Correctly articulate the work done with the other areas or projects of the organization.
  • Lead actions with the caregivers of children and with community actors to promote education for girls affected by the crisis.
  • Carry out training processes for parents and / or caregivers and community actors on children's rights, participation and gender equality.

Administrative level

  • Report the timely activities, achievements and lessons learned according to the schemes and structure of the monitoring and evaluation system of the organization
  • Participate in the preparation of narrative reports for the project donors.
  • Make use of the expenses in the field according to the procedures of the administrative area, the programmatic activities approved by the project coordinator.
  • Perform timely accountability on project expenses.
  • Lead the execution of personal and group security processes according to the provisions and procedures adopted by the organization.


  • To act professionally and personally exalting the mandate of Save the Children and the principles of the humanitarian mission.
  • Apply the Save the Children's policy of safeguarding children
  • Comply with Save the Children's security policy and procedures
  • Other depending on the level and responsibilities of the position.


  • Professional in areas of education, educational psychology, degrees, pedagogy or other related disciplines.
  • Desirable Specialization or master's degree in social areas (preferably in areas or emphasis in development or education)
  • Availability to reside in Cúcuta or municipalities of the metropolitan area and constantly move around the project intervention areas.
  • Wide knowledge of the Colombian educational sector.


  • Three years of experience in accompanying processes of educational improvement in elementary and middle school or in pedagogy or school management.
  • One year or more of experience in social and / or educational projects with communities preferably affected by the armed conflict in Colombia or the migration crisis at the border.
  • Strong and demonstrable knowledge of the Colombian educational system.
  • Extensive knowledge of the rights of children.
  • Demonstrable capacity in planning, implementation, and monitoring of projects under a Results-Based Management system (development of logical frameworks and performance measurement frameworks).
  • Strong and demonstrable ability to advance processes of collection, organization, consolidation and critical analysis of information, with an outstanding management of Office
  • Strong written communication skills for the preparation of reports and other technical documents, taking into account the standards.
  • Strong ability to work under pressure and to effectively prioritize multiple tasks in a constantly changing environment
  • High level of commitment to Save the Children's values.


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