Enterprise Development Specialist

International labour organisation(ILO), Yaounde, Cameroon

Skill Required:, Policy/ Advocacy and CampaignProject/ Programme ManagementResearch and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
21st June, 2015

Job Description

Specific duties

- Analyse enterprise development problems and needs at national, sectoral and organizational levels within the context of DWCPs.
- Advise government, employers' and workers' organizations, and enterprise development institutions at the national and subregional levels, on developing long-term strategies for country plans and priorities, and for major technical thrust areas.
- Assist in establishing overall priorities by country; identify needs for sector-specific analysis and participate in the development and review of DWCPs in the subregion.
- Develop strategic action programmes and prepare new project ideas and documentation on technical cooperation projects, taking into consideration the needs and priorities of the tripartite constituents at the national and subregional levels.
- Identify projects, provide advice, and conduct project evaluation and negotiation missions with governments, constituents and donor agencies.
- Provide technical support services and monitor project implementation in all the countries in the subregion at all stages of a technical cooperation project cycle.
- Undertake policy analysis and provide advice to governments, employers and workers to promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and help reconcile the requirements of sufficient and pro-poor economic growth and social justice, in accordance with the relevant ILO standards.
- Establish links and integrate the work of regional and subregional institutions and field offices in order to identify the leveraging effects of economies of scale, knowledge management and the promotion of entrepreneurship culture in the subregion.
- Plan and carry out comparative research on enterprise development issues, and draft and publish research papers, reports and monographs.
- Develop relations with national and international institutions dealing with enterprise development problems and provide them with contributions and advice, highlighting the ILO's position on specific issues under their consideration.
- Undertake such other tasks and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Director of the Decent Work Team for Central Africa.

These specific duties are aligned with the relevant ILO generic job description, which includes the following generic duties:

- Design and promote a wide range of programmes on specialized subjects. This involves: re-analysis of complex or conflicting data, statistics and information or policy guidelines, in a manner requiring the advanced application of principles of a recognized technical specialization.
- Develop and review an institutional framework, in which social partners can best improve, implement and evaluate efficient and equitable ILO action programmes.
- Provide policy advice for ILO constituents on institutional strengthening, the application of ILO standards and the promotion of technical cooperation activities.
- Formulate and submit project proposals and seek funding.
- Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of project activities.
- Undertake technical advisory missions independently or in collaboration with other specialists.
- Conduct seminars, workshops, technical meetings and training courses.
- Prepare draft recommendations and guidelines for discussion and adoption as ILO resolutions or Recommendations on related technical fields.
- Write manuals and/or training guides on related topics.
- Disseminate information on programmes through publications and press releases; represent the ILO at meetings with donors, and in international, regional and national fora; and conduct advocacy campaigns.
- Monitor and coordinate research carried out by junior technical officers and external collaborators.
- Provide technical inputs to Office documents (sectoral meetings, technical committees, regional meetings and conference reports).
- Participate in tripartite reviews of technical cooperation activities and international meetings and conferences.


- Advanced university degree in business administration, social sciences, industrial management or a related field.


- Eight years' experience at the national level or five years at the international level in industrialized and/or developing countries in the field of enterprise and management development, including the development, design and negotiation of technical cooperation projects.


- Excellent knowledge of French and good working knowledge of English


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