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Save the Children, Singapore

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme ManagementResearch and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
9th December, 2016

Job Description

Save the Children is the world's leading independent organisation for
children. We work in 120 countries. We save children's lives; we fight
for their rights; we help them fulfil their potential.

We work together, with our partners, to inspire breakthroughs in the
way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting
change in their lives.

We have over two million supporters worldwide and raised 1.9 billion
dollars last year to reach more children than ever before, through
programmes in health, nutrition, education, protection and child rights,
also in times of humanitarian crises.

Following a major transition, our international programmes are now
delivered through a merged operation with c15,000 staff, managed through
seven regional hubs and reporting to a relatively small, central
office. We're changing to become more efficient, more aligned, a better
partner, a stronger advocate, a magnet for world-class people and
relevant for the 21st century.

Contract length: December 20th 2016 - April 30th 2017

Please apply with a covering letter and up-to-date CV

Save the Children International Asia Regional Office is inviting submissions for tender of delivering the following research:

  • "Research-into-Practice Briefs for Child-Centered DRR and Comprehensive School Safety"
  1. Background:

Save the Children's Education Safe from Disasters strategy in Asia
and the Pacific has developed a Research Framework to promote Evidence.
Quality. Effectiveness, and Impact in all of our work in this field. As
we collectively seek to support the Worldwide Initiative for School
Safety, we and our partners in the Global Alliance for Disaster Risk
Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES) are
similarly committed to assuring that we are promoting evidence-based
practice, and developing practice-based evidence when it comes to
Comprehensive School Safety (CSS), and child-centered disaster risk
reduction and climate-change adaptation (CC-DRR).

The purpose of this project is to produce a set of
Research-into-Practice Briefs to increase practitioner access to and
understanding of the evidence base for child-centered disaster risk
reduction and comprehensive school safety practice, the implications for
program design and implementation, and the gaps in practice-based
evidence. A series of condensed Research-into-Practice Summaries will be
produced aiming at senior managers and decision-makers.

  1. Rationale:

Governments, donors, NGOs, advocates, researchers, and practitioners
would all like to be sure that the practice of improving the safety of
children in school, ensuring educational continuity, and safeguarding
education sector investments has a strong foundation in evidence, and
would like to contribute to improving the evidence-base for practice.

The enormous body of scientific and academic research is largely
inaccessible and unread by anyone other than academic researchers. There
is some rigorous research available in peer-reviewed journals, but not
widely-distributed, well-known or referenced. For example, since 2000,
more than 37 evaluations of children's disaster education programs have
been published in refereed and gray literature. The evidence to be found
in the substantial body of 'gray literature', in the form of reports of
'lessons learned' and program evaluations is also largely unread.
There's just too much of this to expect even the most experienced
technical advisors, and the most diligent practitioners to be able to
select from wisely read, and synthesize this.

There is little in the way of formal education, or professional
development training to prepare practitioners to be change agents when
it comes to comprehensive school safety. Most practitioners lack access
to peer-reviewed journal articles, the time to read extensively, and the
advanced research skills to synthesize this knowledge effectively. Most
practitioners must rely on on-the-job experience and their own casual
reading. Professional staff knowledge and practice could be greatly
improved by the existence of a series of relevant and readable summaries
of what we know and what we don't know. This knowledge is also vital to
engaging practitioners in the identification of research priorities,
and in contributing to new research design.

This project will develop standard templates for
Research-into-Practice Briefs and Summaries. It will commission 6 new
Briefs on topic prioritized by practitioners and deemed coherent and
feasible by subject-matter experts for professional practitioners,
technical advisors, and program designers and evaluators practicing in
the fields of comprehensive school safety, child-centered disaster risk
reduction and climate change adaptation, and education in emergencies.
It will arrange for peer-review and editing for these briefs and up to 8
more briefs provided through other research projects, and also produce a
full set of 2-page Summaries of these briefs for senior managers,
policy-makers, decision-makers, advocates and junior staff.

  1. Research Aim and Objectives:


Our aim is to bridge the research/practice divide by providing
practitioners and decision-makers with valuable easy-to-read briefs and
summaries, to familiarize them with current research on themes of
relevance to their practice.


  • To apply best practices in implementation science to promote
    understanding of evidence-based practices amongst practitioners, and to
    engage practitioners in contribute to practice-based evidence.
  • To produce 12-14 high-quality Research-into-Practice Briefs on
    topics of relevance to CSS practitioners along with questions for
    testing and applying this knowledge in professional capacity-development
  • To produce 12-14 high-quality Research-into-Practice Summaries for senior management and decision-makers.
  • Over the subsequent 12 months, to utilize these briefs and summaries and to test their value to practitioners.
  1. Scope of Work and Deliverables:

Applicants please note: The full Scope of Work will be agreed upon following submission of successful Research Proposal.

Scope of Work:

Save the Children Education Safe from Disasters currently has 8
Research-into-Practice Briefs in development by a variety of authors.
The Applicant selected will coordinate the production, review and
finalization of 12-14 Research-into-Practice Briefs and derived


  • Finalization of Research-into-Practice Briefs and
    Research-into-Practice Summaries Templates, and professional design
    (using Microsoft Word).
  • Substantial contributions of all contracted researchers, to and open-source comprehensive bibliography on Mendeley.
  • 6 new Research-into-Practice Briefs will be commissioned and
    developed on priority-topics, peer-reviewed, and assessment questions
    developed. The Briefs will be professionally edited., and
    Research-into-Practice Summaries produced by plain language technical
    writer, for each of these.
  • 6-8 Research-into-Practice Briefs produced through other projects
    will also be edited, and questions developed. Research-into-Practice
    Summaries will be produced by plain language technical writer, for each
    of these as well.
  • One page overview of the Series will be developed to explain the purpose and approach.
  • Assessment survey questions will be developed for a follow-up survey
    with practitioners for their assessment of access, and value of these
  1. Qualifications:

Applicants should demonstrate that the primary project coordinator should have:

  • A doctoral degree
  • Subject-matter expertise in education sector, and or disaster/disaster management research
  • At least ten years of experience DRR research and in writing for practitioners.
  • Have personal relationships with and access to an extensive network
    of experienced DRR practitioners to be able to identify and select best
    candidates to produce briefs on the topics prioritized.
  • Commitment to research dissemination and interest in implementation science highly desirable.

Applicants should have the ability to:

  • Sub-contract with authors, as needed.
  • Sub-contract, as needed, with English language editor and graphic designer.

In accordance with Save the Children's child safeguarding policies,
all team members selected will be requested to submit SC's Working with
Children check, and sign SC's Child Safeguarding Policies.

  1. Tender Process:

Submission of application should include:

  • Cover letter stating interest, approach, suggested methods, and qualifications.
  • CV(s) of proposed coordinator (and any team member), and/or introduction of institute, company and primary investigators
  • Links to 1 or 2 sample research work products
  • A fully completed bidder response document if you apply as a company, or provide budget breakdown if you apply as an individual

If you are interested in this tender, please follow the below link to
our Save the Children website to review the full request of proposal
documents, how the express of interest needs to be received and whom to
contact for any further information requirement.

Application deadline to return your application submission must be
received at the email address below not later than December 9th, 2016
("the Closing Date"). Failure to meet the Closing Date may result in the
tender being void. Returned proposals must remain open for
consideration for a period of not less than 60 days from the Closing
Date. Save the Children is under no obligation to award the contract or
to award it to the lowest bidder.


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