Executive Officer

World Health Organization

Lyon, France

The World Health Organization's Academy (‘The Academy') is a new state-of-the-art learning institution that aims to revolutionize lifelong learning for health impact and reach million learners around the world. Based in Lyon, France, the Academy Campus will offer a wide range of learning modalities (on-line, face-to-face and blended); digital, in-person learning via the hub in Lyon or through the campus network, as well as portable learning laboratories designed for contexts where participants cannot travel or access the digital learning platform. The Academy is an integral part of the WHO under the management authority of the Director-General. The overall goal of the Academy is to advance the learning and human development component of WHO's General Programme of Work (GPW) and health sustainable development goals. More specifically the Academy will: enhance the competencies of millions of people through cutting-edge digital learning and hybrid learning, including leaders, practitioners, catalysts and lay people. The WHO Academy will deliver advanced digital and in-person learning to health policy practitioners, health workers and WHO workforce. The Academy campus will be officially launched in autumn 2024 as a global initiative combining the latest technologies in digital and remote learning with advancements in adult learning science to offer innovative, personalized and multilingual learning that meets priority needs.
  • Oversee and provide the senior executive level support to the EXD, ensure the timely delivery of outputs, and the preparation of regular communications between the Office of the EXD Academy and its various departments; liaising on behalf of the EXD with staff at all levels throughout the Academy, and with senior WHO officials on issues of strategic, technical and programmatic relevance.
  • Provide senior level advice and guidance to the EXD on the technical and programmatic content of the work plan and oversee the technical aspects of the preparation of a coherent annual work plan that will enable the EXD to carry-out his/her mandate effectively.
  • Make recommendations regarding solutions, modifications, improvements and alternative actions in response to existing problems, and proactively advise the EXD on technical programme initiatives to build and maintain a working environment in which staff can best execute their work plans.
  • Provide technical advice, expertise and leadership advice to the development and execution of advocacy efforts that will ensure effective commitment of critical partners at the highest level.
  • Provide project management in respect of activities and priorities of the office of the EXD.
  • Assist with initiatives under his/her responsibility in relation to the implementation and executive management of the office.
  • Manage steps and procedures related to grant management, engaging with stakeholders, interacting with cross-functional teams, in order to ensure alignment and optimum outcomes for effective grant management and performance.
  • Oversee the preparation of data, analysis and background documentation to support agenda items and provide strategic guidance to Senior management to facilitate strategic decision-making on priority projects.
  • Monitor implementation levels, provide qualitative feedback to the EXD and the Directors, and ensure pertinent follow-up actions where required.
  • Represent the EXD in various technical level internal and external across the Three Levels of the Organization, within the UN agencies, Member States, Donors, and other Stakeholders and engage in coalition building in support of the Academy's goals and objectives.
  • Provide technical advice, expertise and leadership for the development and execution of advocacy efforts that ensure commitment of critical partners at the highest level.
  • Ensure the substantive technical preparation and organization of briefings and consultations attended by the EXD.
  • Liaise with technical counterparts of other WHO Divisions in providing technical expertise in their respective areas.
  • Perform all other related duties as assigned.
Required Qualifications :
  • An advanced level university degree in Business Administration, Law, Management, International Affairs, Public Administration, a health technical area (such as public health) or another field related to this position.
  • A minimum of 10 years of relevant experience working with increasing levels of responsibilities in the area of executive support, management or public health programmes, including experience in providing guidance to senior level decision makers.
  • Demonstrated experience at the international level.
  • The duties require an understanding of WHO policies, the UN system and general managerial practices, and knowledge gained through experience in establishing collaborative relationships with a range of staff across the three levels of the organization.
  • Strong skills and expertise in providing senior level advice and guidance to Senior level decision makers.
  • Outstanding managerial, technical and programmatic skills and knowledge and advocacy skills; demonstrated managerial skills with a proven capacity to coordinate a wide range of stakeholders, working groups and staff in pursuance of global goals and policy initiatives and to provide executive support, and administration, including for high-level meetings and engagements.
  • Experience translating data, reports and recommendations to messages for different target audiences.
  • Knowledge and proven skills in public health.
  • Effective working relations with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. Personal attributes include integrity, tact, and discretion.
  • Ability to anticipate risk/problems and to make proposals to ameliorate these.
  • High level of judgement, responsibility and initiative.
Language Skills:
  • Expert knowledge of English.
  • Expert knowledge of French.