Field Officer

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme , Peshawar, Pakistan

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
25th October, 2018

Job Description


Under the supervision of the Provincial Project Coordinator (PPC) and overall guidance of the National Project Manager (NPM), the Field Officer (FO) is responsible for ensuring implementation of activities as per approved workplans and Project Document. FO is responsible for day-to-day management and decision making for the field level interventions and managing filed office staff. The Field Officer’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the project produces the results at field leve, to the required standards of quality and within the specified constraints of time and cost.

The Field Officer (FO) works in close coordination with UNDP’s Environment and Climate Change and Operations Units to ensure consistent service delivery complying with UNDP rules and donor’s requirements.

The Government of Pakistan has recognized the threat from GLOFs in its National Climate Change Policy and in its National Determined Contribution to monitor changes in glacier volumes and related GLOFs. Flood hazards are already greater than what the national public finance can manage. To be able to strengthen capacities of vulnerable communities to address the GLOF issue urgently in the scale that is needed, the Government of Pakistan needs financial support from international donors. As a result, it has secured GCF resources to upscale ongoing initiatives on early warning systems and small, locally-sourced infrastructure to protect communities from GLOF risks. The interventions proposed for scale-up by this project will be based on activities implemented in two districts that have demonstrated success. In these districts engineering structures like gabion walls have been constructed and automatic weather stations, rain gauges and discharge equipment have been installed. Rural communities receiving this support were able to avoid human and material losses from GLOF events. The proposed GCF project will expand coverage of interventions to fifteen districts in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan provinces. It will strengthen the technical capacity of sub-national decision makers to integrate climate change and disaster risk management into medium- and long-term development planning processes.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions:

Ensuring effective initiation of the project, work-planning and operational launch of project activities in the respective districts and contributing to gender mainstreaming efforts
Effective implementation of the project at field level, achieving project milestones and deliverables in a timely manner and at a specified cost
Facilitating PPC and NPM in operational closure of the project

Ensuring effective implementation of the project and primary responsibility for delivery of project results at field level. Contribution to Gender mainstreaming efforts

  • Assist Provincial Project Coordinator in coordination of project activities with district line departments as well as relevant district governments;
  • Effectively coordinate implementation of the project activities, including monitoring and quality assessment of activities at field level as per workplans;
  • Responsible for day-to-day management, administration and decision-making of the project activities at district and local level;
  • Oversees planning process for the project and ensures its implementation at districts and local level in accordance with the signed project document;
  • Liaise with PPC and ensure that the project produces the results specified in the project document, to the required standard of quality and within the specified constraints of time and cost;
  • Manage the realization of project outputs through activities at local level;
  • Ensure that project contributes to the promotion of gender equality by reaching, involving and benefiting both women and men in its activities (gender mainstreaming);
  • Adequate incorporation of gender in planning activities related to the project.
  • Support effective inclusion and gender sensitization in all aspects of work.
  • Provide direction and guidance to field office project team(s)/ responsible party (ies) operating at district and local level;
  • Identifies partnership strategies with regard to providers of specialized expertise and possible co-financiers, and assists in resource mobilization for project components at district and local level;
  • Identify and obtain any support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the project at district and local level;
  • Liaise with the project partners, suppliers and beneficiaries when needed;
  • Prepare timely reports of project progress in line with UNDP and donor requirements in consultation with PPC, NPM and Technical Specialist;
  • Perform other duties related to the scope of work of the PPC as required.

Effective implementation of the project at district level, achieving project milestones and deliverables in a timely manner and at a specified cost

  • Plan the district level activities of the project and monitor progress against the initial quality criteria in close coordination with PPC and NPM;
  • Mobilize goods and services to initiate activities at district level in close coordination with PPC and NPM, including drafting TORs and work specifications;
  • Manage and monitor the project risks at field and local level, submit new risks to the PPC and NPM for consideration and decision on possible actions by Project Board if required; update the status of these risks by maintaining the District/Field Project Risks Log;
  • Timely preparation of quarterly and annual progress review reports and workplans, expenditure plans and advance budget requests and submission of these documents to the PPC and NPM;
  • Identification of project implementation problems and conflicts and assistance to the PPC and NPM in their resolution;
  • Be responsible for managing issues and requests for change by maintaining an Issues Log;
  • Monitors the implementation of field/local project components, analyses problems that hamper their implementation and takes appropriate measures in consultation with PPC to ensure timely delivery of required inputs and achievement of results;
  • Extend facilitation to PPC and NPM for advocacy and mass media outreach activities, writing of success stories, newspapers coverage, PR campaigns;
  • Organize workshops, seminars and round tables to introduce project outputs to all district/field level stakeholders involved;

Facilitating operational closure of the Project

  • Ensure proper operational, financial and programmatic closure at the district/local level;
  • Prepare Final district/field Review Reports to be submitted to the PPC and National Project Manager to incorporate into Final Project Review Report;
  • Identify district/field level follow-on actions and submit them for consideration to the PPC and National Project Manager;
  • Manage the transfer of project deliverables, documents, files, equipment and materials to district/field level beneficiaries;
  • Reconcile district/field level expenditures with provincial and national project implementation units for final Combined Delivery Report for signature by UNDP and the Implementing Partner.

Impact of Results

The key results have an impact on overall project success, and attainment of project outputs as per approved project documentation.


Core Competencies

Innovation: Ability to make new and useful ideas work:

  • Adept with complex concepts and challenges convention purposefully.

Leadership: Ability to persuade others to follow:

  • Generates commitment, excitement and excellence in others.

People Management: Ability to improve performance and satisfaction:

  • Models independent thinking and action.

Communication: Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform:

  • Synthesizes information to communicate independent analysis.

Delivery: Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement:

  • Meets goals and quality criteria for delivery of products or services.

Technical/Functional Competencies

Advocacy: Apply & Adapt: Contributes skills and knowledge with demonstrated ability to advance innovation and continuous improvement, in professional area of expertise.

Building Strategic Partnerships: Apply & Adapt: Contributes skills and knowledge with demonstrated ability to advance innovation and continuous improvement, in professional area of expertise.

Client Orientation: Apply & Adapt: Contributes skills and knowledge with demonstrated ability to advance innovation and continuous improvement, in professional area of expertise.

Job knowledge: Apply & Adapt: Contributes skills and knowledge with demonstrated ability to advance innovation and continuous improvement, in professional area of expertise.

Data Analysis and Visualization: Apply & Adapt: Ability to evaluate, transform and model data to derive relevant findings- undertake & provide analysis of data to assess Org performance and or global trends.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Apply & Adapt: Knowledge of methodologies, assessment tools, systems and apply practical experience in planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting and ability to apply to practical situations.

Required Skills and Experience

Recruitment Qualifications

Education: Masters degree in Environmental Science, Geography, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, Disaster Management, Public Administration/Policy, Management or a closely related field.


  • At least 1 year of relevant work experience in project implementation with international organizations and/or projects, in a closely related field.
  • Experience with UN implemented projects will be an asset;
  • Working experience with the project national stakeholder institutions and agencies is desired;
  • Ability to effectively coordinate and interact effectively with a wide range on national, provincial and local actors;
  • Ability to effectively plan work and apply adaptive problem-solving skills in order to achieve desired results;
  • Ability to work effectively with counterpart staff at all levels and with all groups involved in the project;
  • Strong drafting, presentation and reporting skills;

Language Requirements: Demonstrated proficiency in oral and written English and Urdu. Knowledge of other local languages is an asset


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