Field Project Coordinators

World Health Organization

Yangon, Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Malaria Team, WHO Myanmar has been supporting National Malaria Control Programme of Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health (MoH) in Planning and implementing malaria control/elimination programme through the WHO-MoH collaborative workplan. National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) embarked on malaria elimination in 2016 and taking initiatives to eliminate P. falciparum malaria by 2026 and all human malaria by 2030. NMCP is implementing GFATM for malaria through which WHO has been supporting field staff to the national programme at various locations.  
There are some vacancies of Field Project Coordinators (FPC) in the States/Regions as mentioned above. The FPC will be supported by extrabudgetary sources (Global Fund Support). The incumbent will work under the direct supervision of Medical Officer (Malaria) and overall guidance of the WHO Representative to Myanmar, and in close collaboration with the programme to perform the following tasks mentioned in the section below. The positions are initially for one-year 2024. The extension for 2025 is contingent to performance and successful acquisition of funds beyond 2024.
Duties and responsibilities
Under direct supervision of Medical Officer (Malaria) and general guidance by WHO Representative to Myanmar the incumbent will work with officials to perform the following tasks:
  • The incumbent will closely coordinate with WHO Scientist (Malaria Control) and other WHO technical staff to receive timely technical guidance for technical assistance to programme
  • Submit monthly activity report and end of assignment report to WHO Malaria Unit. The report must be in a format and substance which will be outlined by WHO Malaria Team.
  • Assist, supervise, monitor data assistant(s)
  • The incumbent will submit a monthly work and travel plan and activity report, or any other report as required to WHO Scientists (Malaria Control).
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the supervisor.
  • Submit an assignment report on completion of the assignment.
  • Participate in coordination meetings at WHO in Yangon and/or state/regions
  • Participate in planning and implementation quarterly workplan, surveys and malaria programme review.
  • Serve as resource person during planning, trainings, workshops, and M&E meetings related to the projects.
  • In transition to the WHO position, work closely with the other young field coordinators to transfer knowledge and simultaneously built capacity of the national programme staff.
  • In collaboration with National Project Coordinator, State/Region Field Project Coordinator, assist in township data management, data quality assessment, data analysis, feedback to State/Regional VBDC teams and reports writing.
  • Conduct field visits to monitor progress and identify issues and challenges in implementation of projects. Provide recommendations to WHO Scientist (Malaria Control) for their consideration.
  • Assist in preparation and timely submission of quality-assured reports.
  • Ensure the township has up to date malaria positive case register, malaria foci register and case/foci investigation forms in addition the documents required for malaria elimination.
  • Conduct monitoring and supervision of field activities.
  • The incumbent will submit a monthly work and travel plan and activity report, or any other report as required to WHO Scientist (Malaria).
  • Submit monthly activity report and quarterly assignment report to WHO Malaria Team. The report shall be in a format and substance that will be outlined by.
Work Relations and Partnerships:
  • The malaria team is working closely with National Malaria Control Programme and other partners supporting malaria control and elimination activities. The incumbent is expected to have working skills in a team and communication skills to manage the partnership. Most importantly the incumbent needs to work closely with the WHO team members, National and other Field Project Coordinators, Data Assistants and officials of National Programme at Central, State/Region of Ministry of Health.
Impact of functions:
The function plays a key role with respect to the clients served through the delivery of technical support on programme planning, implementation and coordination, capacity building and surveillance, supervision, monitoring and reporting in a collaborative approach.
  • University degree in medicine (MBBS) with the relevant trainings in malaria control and elimination.
Professional experience and knowledge:

  • Good track records of at least 3 years of experience in malaria control and elimination.
Other skills:
  • Able to travel to the field areas or others in the country.
Language skills:
  • Fluency in oral and written English and Myanmar is mandatory. Fluency in Chinese language for Shan (North)