Finance Procurement and Administration Associate

Global Green Growth Institute

Mexico City, Mexico

Experience: 5 to 10 Years

Skill Required: Accounts and Finance

Aligned with GGGI’s rules and regulations, the Finance and Administration Associate will carry out operative processes such as financial monitoring, reporting to donors, processing and delivery of procurement contracts, monitoring of purchase orders, conducting or supporting recruitment and human resources processes, travel requests and claims, IT asset oversight, among others.  

To carry out his/her role, the Finance, Procurement  and Administration Associate will work closely with the Mexico’s Country Representative, Project Managers, and will engage with other staff of the Operations Enabling Department (OED) at GGGI’s headquarters in Seoul, when required. 


  • Ensure process integrity across a wide range of services relevant to areas such as finance, human resources, procurement, IT, and travel, meeting established GGGI policies, standards, and donor requirements, ensuring value for money and compliance, as well as to carry out other operational administrative functions.
  • Lead GGGI Mexico Office’s finance, procurement and administrative operations and find solutions to ensure the efficient execution of these processes and the commitments they entail. This will require an agile approach to work, be highly organized, while also displaying a detail and service-oriented approach, since the Finance and Administration Associate will support both internal and external clients.
  • Take responsibility for assigned day-to-day administrative activities for effective functioning of the Mexico Country office.


  • Work closely with the Mexico Country Representative and the Project Managers to keep an opportune monitoring of the budget execution and its implementation.
  • Support GGGI staff with administrative aspects of program and project implementation.
  • Oversee the Administrative Assistant’s assigned work to keep a coordinated and strong OED performance altogether.
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders to guarantee compliance of GGGI’s HR, Procurement, Events, and Travel related processes.
  • Provide clear information on process delivery requirements to the Mexico office staff and external stakeholders.


  • Prepare and update, as needed, project budgets and Country Program Office Budget under relevant budget categories (chart of accounts and donor expense categories).
  • Prepare monthly monitoring of project budgets, highlighting potential risks in the budget execution.
  • Prepare financial reports to donors and provide support for financial auditing by gathering the relevant information.
  • Carry out transactions in the ERP, such as requisitions, amendments, payments (for individual consultants, firms, and general providers), submission of claims, procurement of equipment and services, among others.
  • Keep monthly track on procurement progress and commitments.
  • Keep monthly monitoring of staff time by project (Timesheets record).
  • Prepare monthly Corporate Credit Card reconciliation and register all related expenditures.
  • Be responsible for the office management activities, including meeting room management, office spaces, supplies and IT management.
  • Assist and promote Green Office initiatives and ensure we meet our Green Office Guide for all operations.
  • Assist with the recruitment processes of Staff, Consultants, and Interns through the E-Recruitment system, including uploading ToR for GGGI´s website publication, setting up interviews with candidates and following up throughout the process until final candidate is contracted and onboarded.
  • Support the recruitment and onboarding of new staff and individual consultants.
  • Advise the Mexican team and increase awareness of internal administrative procedures in the areas of office management, recruitment and onboarding of new personnel and consultants, travel, conference/event management, IT, and other relevant regulations, rules, and guidelines.
  • Assist the team in all procurement above USD 10,000, including negotiation definition between project leads and vendors, contract issuance, authorization of payments, submission of claims, requisition transactions, others. 

Requirements Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in administration, economics, finance, public administration, management, or any discipline related to the assignment.
  • 4 to 5 years of professional experience in the above fields.
  • Working experience with international or technical assistance organizations that deliver donor funded projects will be an asset.
  • Outstanding level of proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or similar software.
  • Experience working in teams with varied levels of responsibilities.
  • Experience coordinating integrated service platforms with the team, ensuring service quality and compliance.
  • Strong Spanish and English communication (speaking, writing and presentation) skills.
  • Mexican citizen or entitled to work in Mexico.