Finance Specialist

WHO - World Health Organization, Washington, United States

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
23rd June, 2018

Job Description


This requisition is for employment at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO)

The Department of Financial Resources Management (FRM) oversees the financial transactions of the Organization by establishing its financial regulations and rules, as well as the accounting policies and procedures; processes the disbursements of funds; prepares the financial statements of the Organization including the reporting of regular funds and extra-budgetary funds; monitors the inflow of funding and utilization of these resources; is responsible for investments and banking, financial analysis, the monitoring of the cost centers’ financial administration; payroll, pension, taxes, Staff Health Insurance, and the processes and systems involved with FRM’s area of responsibility.


  • Under the general supervision of the Director, Financial Resources Management, (FRM), and the direct supervision of the Treasurer and Senior Advisor, Financial Services, (FRM/FS), the incumbent is responsible for the following assigned duties:
  • Prepare monthly analytical reports on the financial status of the Organization for Executive Management; identify and elaborate on current, salient issues that should be brought to the attention of Executive Management in the monthly overview;
  • Plan and supervise the activities of the staff of the Financial Analysis team whose responsibilities include:
  • Liaise with oversight entities and country offices regarding internal and external audit activities;
  • Maintain the database of oversight activities and recommendations;
  • Prepare responses and management reports on oversight activities;
  • Provide support to the country offices with regard to audit activities through special briefings and training sessions;
  • Administer the corporate credit card programs (Purchasing and Travel cards);
  • Ensure policies and procedures are fully documented and kept up to date, particularly with respect to PASB Management
  • Information System  (PMIS) business processes under the responsibility of the Financial Analysis team;
  • Support FRM contributions to Governing Body meetings, as follows:
  • Prepare briefing book contributions for items under the responsibility of FRM to be presented at meetings of the WHO Executive Board, the Program, Budget and Administrative Committee (PBAC), and the World Health Assembly (WHA);
  • Support the preparation of official documents, speeches and PowerPoint presentations regarding items under the responsibility of FRM to be presented at the PAHO Subcommittee on Program, Budget and Administration (SPBA), Executive Committee, Directing Council, and Sanitary Conference (PASC);
  • Support the elaboration and control of the Department’s biennial work plan (BWP), including:
  • operational budget;
  • human resources plan;
  • risk analysis;
  • analytical documents and PowerPoint presentations;
  • Other submissions required by Executive Management (Travel Plan, Meetings Plan, Staff Development Plan);
  • Act as Budget Manager for FRM, initiating and/or approving changes to the FRM operational budget in PASB Management Information System (PMIS), as well as the budget for non-operational costs including statutory and terminal entitlements. Periodically review the Department’s obligations, pre-obligations, and project balances, requesting adjustments as needed. Update the biennial work plan (BWP) in PMIS;
  • Act as Compensation/Finance Partner for FRM, assigning funding for temporary staff and ensuring their correct organization assignment in PMIS;
  • Prepare periodic status and implementation reports in coordination with FRM staff for the Performance Monitoring and Assessment (PMA) each semester and as requested by senior management;
  • Prepare the Director’s Comments and the Statement of Internal Control for inclusion in the annual Financial Report of the Director;
  • Ensure that Financial Regulations and Rules, E-Manual and other official guidelines under FRM’s responsibility are current and in accordance with Governing Body decisions and Executive Management directives, and available to staff;
  • Develop and document the FRM Business Continuity Plan in close collaboration with the Financial Systems team; establish test plans and schedules to ensure that staff remain familiar with the processes;
  • In coordination with senior FRM staff, develop and monitor/update the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) plan for the Department:
  • Identify and elaborate on the primary risks impacting the implementation of FRM’s BWP;
  • Update the ERM tool with approved risks, controls, and assessment;
  • Prepare periodic status and implementation reports in coordination with FRM staff for the PMA and as requested by senior management.
  • Maintain the Fraud register for the Department, ensuring that all fraud or presumptive fraud, and other losses to the Organization have been identified and fully documented for the review of oversight entities; ensure the APLP Committee is apprised of all identified fraud under FRM responsibility (banking, credit cards, entitlements, etc);
  • Ensure that the FMR/FS team data contained on the FRM Intranet site is up to date;
  • Support FRM and the Organization through the provision of financial analysis services, including cost/benefit analysis, cost projections, project proposals, training, and cross-functional team support.  Contribute to the Organization’s participation in United Nations system initiatives and working groups on behalf of the Area;
  • Act as a signatory on the Organization’s bank and investment accounts, including electronic banking;
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Essential: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration, with an emphasis on accounting theory and applications.
  • Desirable:  A Master’s degree in Finance, Accounting or Business Administration or a professional certification such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Chartered Accountant (CA) would be an asset.


  • Essential: Seven years of combined national and international experience in a variety of corporate financial functions in the private or public sector.
  • Desirable: Experience working with Workday Financial Management Modules would be an asset.


PAHO Competencies:

  • Intrainstitutional Action: Operates in a fair, consistent and equitable manner, and displays such behavior by example. Ensures that the mission and the values of the Organization as well as the setting in which projects will be carried out are the drivers in one's technical work. Understands the results required and performs to that standard. Behaves consistently in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Organization.
  • Analysis, Synthesis, and Forecasting:  After analyzing situations on the basis of the available evidence and knowledge, leads one’s area of responsibility toward individual and collective actions. Encourages the importance of continual analysis. Verifies and promotes that action is taken in situations that will require future intervention, based on ongoing analysis. Leads others in decisions needed to implement required actions. Is capable of anticipating the implications of analyzed situations between one and two years ahead.
  • Teamwork: Promotes team work and leads one's area to finish tasks and accept responsibility. Creates a positive environment within the area of work. Makes everyone feel like they are part of the team as well as welcomes and appreciates everyone's ideas and suggestions.  Able to see the positive aspects of working as a team, shares the team's enthusiasm for achieving mutual goals.
  • Service Orientation: Corrects the client's problems promptly and without confrontation. Is helpful when client (internal or external clients) is going through a critical period.
  • Communication:  Actively engages in conversation with the key players in a multicultural environment both within and outside the Organization.  Develops a network of appropriate contacts inside and outside PAHO to gain and disseminate information to raise awareness of PAHO’s activities and achievements, and to build alliances. Takes into consideration the multicultural differences within the Organization and the distinct needs and opportunities for communication presented by different external stakeholders and audiences.
  • Continuous Learning: Takes concrete steps on one's own initiative to keep up-to-date on the most recent trends in knowledge in the area of work. The knowledge and achieved experience is shared with others.  Is aware of other industries or organization's best practices and applies them.
  • Information Management: Takes initiative to improve systems for the presentation and dissemination of information.  Supports, through competent use of the available systems and technologies, the development of data presentations.
  • Accountability:  Accepts responsibility for the results, for the work of subordinates, for the tasks delegated, the deadlines, and any deviations from them. Requires and oversees the adherence according to the budget. Monitors the progress made upon reaching the objectives and deadlines. For any deviations on the work plan, looks for corrective actions.
  • Technical Expertise:
  • Strong financial reporting expertise, including experience in reviewing and consolidating various financial reports into an executive level report, and preparing a comprehensive analysis of status, variances, and future scenarios.
  • Strong professional writing and editing skills in English, including the development and maintenance of operations manuals, oral presentations, and technical/persuasive documents for consideration at the highest levels of the Organization.
  • Knowledge of current best practices in financial management, with specific emphasis on internal control environment, oversight practices, and the development of policies and procedures.  Experience with disaster recovery or business continuity plans would be an asset.
  • Strong analytical skills in the review and evaluation of projects, proposals and alternative scenarios.  Experience in preparing and/or evaluating Requests for Proposals would be an asset.
  • Ability to establish and maintain collaborative relationships within and outside traditional financial functions and within a multi-cultural environment.
  • Ability to work with limited guidance, with a maximum degree of initiative.   

Languages: Very good knowledge of English, with a working knowledge of Spanish.  Knowledge of French and/or Portuguese would be an asset.

IT Skills: Demonstrated ability to effectively use a computer and utilize software programs such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Outlook.  Experience with complex ERP systems particularly with regard to financial, accounting, and/or administrative operations. Other IT skills/knowledge of report writing or other data management tools such as Visio, Access and Project, would be an asset.


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