Finance Specialist, Assistant Treasurer

World Health Organization, Washington DC, United States

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
7 to 10 Year
Closing Date for Applications: 
14th February, 2019

Job Description


This is a requisition for employment at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO)
The Department of Financial Resources Management (FRM) oversees the financial transactions of the Organization by establishing its financial regulations and rules, as well as the accounting policies and procedures; processes the disbursements of funds; prepares the financial statements of the Organization including the reporting of regular funds and extra-budgetary funds; monitors the inflow of funding and utilization of these resources; is responsible for investments and banking, financial analysis, the monitoring of the cost centers’ financial administration; payroll, pension, taxes, Staff Health Insurance, and the processes and systems involved with FRM’s area of responsibility.


  • Under the general guidance of the Director, Financial Resources Management (FRM), and the direct supervision of the Treasurer and Senior Advisor, Financial Services (FRM/FS), the incumbent is responsible for, but not necessarily limited to, the following assigned duties:
  • Operations
  • Identify and implement best practices in Treasury and risk management in the operations of the Team;
  • Ensure comprehensive cash management operations during Regional headquarters official working days, as well as official banking days in the United States;
  • Develop and document all policies and processes regarding Treasury operations, including cash management and investment guidelines, electronic banking protocol, business continuity plans, etc.;
  • Liaise with country offices to ensure provision of appropriate level of banking services, technology, training and operational support;
  • Supervise Treasury staff; provide training and guidance on issues arising from the day-to-day activities; monitor changes in workload in order to ensure equitable distribution of work to maintain optimal efficiency and output as well as job satisfaction; follow up on any deviation of work output.


  • Research and present investment strategies for consideration by the Treasurer and PAHO Investment Committee based on a macro-analysis of PAHO's cash and revenue requirements, the market situation, and investment guidelines;
  • Develop and maintain an active relationship with investment advisors to obtain investment information and market advice;
  • Review and report on performance of investment partners and portfolio managers;
  • Oversee the accounting and reporting of investment activity in accordance with accounting standards and financial regulations and rules;
  • Oversee calculation, accounting and reporting of interest apportionment to all PAHO interest-bearing funds;
  • Prepare investment reports and other documents for senior management and the PAHO Investment Committee;
  • Participate in the PAHO Investment Committee meetings.

Cash Management

  • Analyze the daily Cash Management reports based on the reconciliation of ledger account and bank balances, investment maturities, incoming deposits and payments due, to ensure appropriate liquidity, accounting of transactions, and risk assessment;
  • Ensure adequate funding levels for all PAHO headquarters accounts in accordance with Cash Management Guidelines;
  • Support country office liquidity requirements through the authorization of country office electronic funds transfers to replenish local currency accounts;
  • Mitigate risk of loss from exchange rate fluctuations by managing local currency levels at country offices.

General Banking

  • Develop and maintain an active relationship with banking partners to ensure efficient and cost-effective provision of services;
  • Support country office banking requirements, including the review of requests for new banking relationships and services, and liaising with the Office of Legal Affairs to ensure banking documents conform to PAHO requirements;
  • Act as first authorizing signatory on all payments issued at Regional Headquarters, ensuring the appropriate payment method, approvals, and currency of payment;
  • Assume custody of all cash items received by the Organization and ensure maintenance of registry of receipts and disposition of these items; approve electronic deposit of check items;
  • Oversee the maintenance of bank signatory panels, database and files; reviewing requests for new signatories; oversee the issuance of all correspondence related to bank accounts;
  • Review monthly bank reconciliation and ensure timely clearance of outstanding reconciling items.

Other Duties

  • Provide systems evaluation and training for the Treasury team members, as well as country office counterparts;
  • Ensure the maintenance of updated procedures manuals for business processes under Treasury;
  • Prepare year-end statements and disclosures for the Financial Report to the Director;
  • Ensure the timely update to systems and dissemination of UN exchange rates;
  • Assemble information and maintain files on banking laws, currency conversion requirements (dollars to local currencies and local currencies to dollars), exchange control regulations, devaluation trends, etc., in the countries of the Region;
  • Provide leadership, guidance and monitoring staff through setting of clear work objectives, timely and effective use of performance reviews and feedback mechanisms, regular communications, and solving interpersonal or technical conflicts; establish and support a learning environment.
  • Perform other related duties, as assigned.



  • Essential: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in Accounting or Finance.
  • Desirable: A professional certification in Accounting (CPA or CA), Investment Management (CFA), or Treasury Management (CTP) is highly desired. A master’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration would be an asset.


  • Essential: Seven years of combined national and international experience in accounting and finance, with at least two years of supervisory experience.
  • Desirable: Experience in managing investment portfolios, including short and long term fixed term investments would be an asset. Experience working with Workday Financial Management Modules or GTreasury would be an asset.


PAHO Competencies:

  • Intrainstitutional Action: Operates in a fair, consistent and equitable manner, and displays such behavior by example. Ensures that the mission and the values of the Organization as well as the setting in which projects will be carried out are the drivers in one's technical work. Understands the results required and performs to that standard. Behaves consistently in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Organization.
  • Analysis, Synthesis, and Forecasting: Takes or organizes individual and collective action after analyzing situations on the basis of the available evidence and knowledge. Continuously analyzes the evolution of situations in an area of work and makes suggestions to adjust or confirm the decisions necessary to implement required actions. Is capable of anticipating the implications of an analyzed situation between six months to one year ahead.
  • Teamwork: Promotes team work and leads one's area to finish tasks and accept responsibility. Creates a positive environment within the area of work. Makes everyone feel like they are part of the team as well as welcomes and appreciates everyone's ideas and suggestions. Able to see the positive aspects of working as a team, shares the team's enthusiasm for achieving mutual goals.
  • Accountability: Accepts responsibility for the results, for the work of subordinates, for the tasks delegated, the deadlines, and any deviations from them. Requires and oversees the adherence according to the budget. Monitors the progress made upon reaching the objectives and deadlines. For any deviations on the work plan, looks for corrective actions.
  • External Action: Promotes the values of the Organization through mutually relationships with external institutions. Monitors one's work using transparency in the execution of all tasks.
  • Service Orientation: Corrects the client's problems promptly and without confrontation. Is helpful when client (internal or external clients) is going through a critical period.
  • Communication: Actively engages in conversation with the key players in a multicultural environment both within and outside the organization. Develops a network of appropriate contacts inside and outside PAHO to gain information or to build an alliance. Takes into consideration the multicultural differences within the organization.
  • Information Management: Processes and analyzes the data objectively, presenting it clearly and equitably. Leads the effort to acquire relevant and selected information that facilitates the achievement of organizational results. Evaluates/leads the evaluation of information systems on the basis of its advantages/disadvantages for processing information relevant to the area of work.

Technical Expertise:

  • Knowledge of current best practices in financial management, with specific emphasis on accounting standards, internal control environment, treasury operations, investment theory.
  • Strong analytical skills in the review of financial alternatives in investing, banking services, and accounting transactions.
  • Strong supervisory skills including team building, training and performance assessment.
  • Ability to establish and maintain collaborative relationships within and outside the Organization to support the banking and investment requirements of the Organization’s programs.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills, complemented by excellent communication and interpersonal skills combined with the ability to write, speak, and present in a clear and concise, diplomatic, tactful, and courteous manner.

Languages: Very good knowledge of English with a working knowledge of Spanish. Knowledge of French and/or Portuguese would be an asset.

IT Skills: Demonstrated ability to effectively use a computer and utilize software programs such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Outlook. Experience with complex ERP systems particularly with regard to financial, accounting, and/or administrative operations. Other IT skills/knowledge of report writing or other data management tools such as Visio, Access and Project, would be an asset


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