FISH4ACP Technical Specialist

Food and Agriculture Organization

Georgetown, Guyana

The FISH4ACP Technical Specialist will work under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative in Guyana and direct technical supervision by the FISH4ACP Project Management Unit. 

Technical Focus:
Contribute to the project implementation, technical and strategic assistance, coordination, outreach and reporting to partners based on knowledge of the local socio-cultural context and industry landscape.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The incumbent will undertake the following tasks: 
  • Contribute project management and technical expertise to the work planning of the seabob shrimp value chain upgrading strategy in Guyana in liaison with stakeholders, the international team, partners, and complement the inputs of various specialists;
  • Provide technical support/analysis to various assessments, studies and initiatives and provides technical backstopping to project activities;
  • Coordinate the implementation and monitoring of assigned value chain development activities as agreed with the FISH4ACP project management unit (PMU); 
  • Build, maintain and strengthen partnerships with country and regional stakeholders who can contribute to achieving FISH4ACP value chain objectives; 
  • Collaborate in the development of improved/updated tools, systems, processes, and databases; 
  • Participate in multidisciplinary teams, and/or leads working groups/teams, collaborates with other departments and agencies on work groups and committees and promotes best practices;
  • Collaborate in, provides technical backstopping to and ensures the quality/effectiveness of project activities; 
  • Promote knowledge sharing and best practices at international meetings and conferences and influences partners in stakeholder consultations; 
  • Support resource mobilization activities in accordance with the project objectives; and, 
  • Support learning across the global initiative by exchanging information with related FISH4ACP value chains, share lessons learned and best practices to improve the methodology, and its application for potential fisheries and aquaculture projects going forward.
Specific Functions:
  • Support the strengthening of the Seabob Value Chain Working Group (i.e., the multi-stakeholder partnership), through strategic planning and organization of meetings; 
  • Contribute to the development/implementation of the FISH4ACP annual country level work plan and budget; 
  • Maintain and strengthen relationships with the Ministry of Agriculture and the European representation in Guyana; 
  • Support knowledge sharing to ensure information emerging from the value chain is widely disseminated within the FISH4ACP project and externally; 
  • In liaison with the Project Management Unit (PMU) support consultants (national and international) responsible for value chain development activities, thereby ensuring the implementation of a sustainable systems-based value chain approach; 
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the FISH4ACP communication strategy at country level; 
  • Assist in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the project at country level, throughout the project duration; 
  • Coordinate value chain development activities (except those relating to the TCP project that is focused on the catch data collection system), facilitate linkages between stakeholders, including strengthening of the multi-stakeholder partnership; 
  • Provide technical leadership, assistance and overall coordination of the implementation of all associated activities in the area of Group establishment, capacity building and governance intervention area
  • Support the development of an implementation framework for delivery of all activities under this intervention area in collaboration with FAO experts, PMU and service providers to ensure an integrated, cohesive and well-coordinated intervention area
  • Lead the selection of target fisher and women groups for assistance under the project
  • Provide support to the development of methodologies for group needs assessments and capacity building training in collaboration with FAO experts, PMU and service providers 
  • Conduct regular visits with relevant service providers to target groups to assist project activities 
  • Work closely with partner service providers throughout the implementation period to ensure integration of related activities
  • Develop and submit a Fisher Cooperatives Development guide to capture the process and lessons learnt under the project to support potential replication of the initiative 
  • Perform other duties as required. 
Candidates Will Be Assessed Against The Following:

Minimum Requirements : 
  • University degree in Marine Science, Agribusiness, Fisheries Science or Management, Biology, or a related field (Master’s Degree preferred).    
  • At least 10 years relevant experience in fisheries and/or aquaculture development, value chain development, fishery product safety, statistics and data management of fisheries, or related fields. 
  • Working knowledge of English is required. 
  • National of Guyana.