Food and Nutritional Security

Action Against Hunger, Guatemala

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
31st July, 2020

Job Description

Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian organization that fights against the causes and effects of hunger. Our mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition. From crises to sustainability, we confront the different causes of malnutrition and its effects using our knowledge and experience in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health and political advocacy. All our activities try to maintain and / or restore human dignity.

Our vision is simple: a world without hunger.


Strengthen the technical capacities of humanitarian actors through training processes that allow the standardization of methodologies adapted to the Central American Dry Corridor to assess the food and nutritional security of vulnerable populations.


Review of secondary information from two perspectives:

  •  Bibliography of relevant work experiences and methodologies dedicated to the characterization of food and nutritional security in CA4, as well as methodologies of international reference in the matter; Methodologies and concrete tools used by the NGOs of the consortium to assess the SAN situation in their areas of intervention, as well as reports made.
  •  Coordination and exchange meetings with the project management committee to present findings of the secondary information review, identify prior weaknesses in the SAN diagnosis and report, and establish by consensus the SAN indicators that should be prioritized in a training process. and standardization. These meetings will be extendable throughout the consultancy to present and discuss with the committee the different expected products.
  •  Based on the training materials and SMART manuals, and taking into account the methodological proposals of FAO-IPC, WFP-CARI and Data4Diets, among others, the consultant will design a training process that must include:
  • Identification of the competencies that professionals from humanitarian organizations dedicated to the management of SAN information in their respective entities require to achieve the objectives and strategic results of their organizations within the framework of the project and their specialized work;
  • Design of the training curriculum, which must include training objectives, content, pedagogical tools and support and consultation materials for students;
  • Definition of the evaluation method and tools that allow assessing the degree to which the students take advantage of the course, reach the training objectives, and with it, guarantee a minimum standardization among the trained professionals
  •  The training will have to be developed online , therefore, its pedagogy must be suitably adapted, in addition to requiring the use of training platforms already recognized as Moodle. The design and subsequent implementation of the training must be carried out in close coordination with the Spain Action Against Hunger Training Department , which will provide methodological guidelines to the consultants as well as access to its own training platform.
  •  Implementation of the training that will combine online master classes, access to specialized materials that allow for in-depth study, delivery of reference manuals to guide subsequent field work and the office of SAN information managers, audio-visual content and practical exercises. The transfer of knowledge will be sought under the learning-by-doing methodology. The training will be followed by at least 50 professionals from CA4 countries and will last 60 hours.(including didactic tasks). The training modules should include one dedicated to sample design and statistical analysis SAN that will be taught in a complementary way by a statistical expert linked to the project through another of the activities coordinated by Action Against Hunger. The training content, teaching guides and manual will be available to be replicated in coordination with Action Against Hunger by partner organizations of the consortium.
  •  Advice to the project management committee for the application of the knowledge acquired and / or updated in the course, to carry out the evaluation of the SAN situation of areas of concern identified by the consortium in the period of seasonal hunger (May- September) 2020, or immediately following months (October).


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