Action Against Hunger , France

Skill Required:, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Media and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
2 years of relevant work experience
Closing Date for Applications: 
3rd May, 2020

Job Description

Founded in 1979, Action contre la Faim is an international non-governmental organization which fights against world hunger. Its charter of humanitarian principles - independence, neutrality, non-discrimination, free and direct access to victims, professionalism, transparency - has established its identity for more than 40 years. Its mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of undernutrition, especially during and after emergencies related to conflicts and natural disasters. Action contre la Faim coordinates its programs around 5 areas of activity: Nutrition and Health - Mental Health and Care Practices - Food Security and Livelihoods - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - Advocacy. In 2017, Action contre la Faim helped more than 20 million people in 46 countries around the world.

Your work environment:

The Expertise and Advocacy department has a delegated advocacy department for militant advocacy, centered on systemic transformations, an advocacy based on ACF's field work.

Your position and responsibilities:

Within the delegated advocacy department and under the supervision of the Advocacy Manager of the Food Systems and Climate Crisis division, you will be in charge of developing, informing and implementing advocacy aimed at transforming food systems to reduce their climatic and environmental impacts and enable better resilience, nutrition and food sovereignty for populations affected by hunger.

More specifically, your missions will be to:

Contribute to the strategy and implement the cluster's action plan

  • Propose lines of action, objectives and activities to be carried out to feed the strategy and action plan of the "Food systems and climate crisis" Cluster in conjunction with the head of the cluster.
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of decision-makers and of the functioning of institutions and organizations likely to be targeted by ACF's advocacy actions related to the theme of the cluster.
  • Identify opportunities, propose and undertake advocacy actions as part of the cluster's strategy and action plan.
  • Contribute to the development of tools specific to advocacy modes of action (expertise, lobby, media relations, citizen mobilization) and to their updating in relation to the cluster's theme (briefing note, reports, key messages, press releases , petitions, e-learning, etc.).
  • Ensure compliance with the positions taken by ACF and / or ACFIN in the advocacy activities implemented. In particular, ensure consistency between technical positions and advocacy positions.

Provide technical analysis and advice, and contribute to the development of the organization's political positions on the cluster's themes

  • Keep informed of analyzes and news related to the cluster's themes (adaptation and mitigation policies, National Adaptation Plans, national and international agricultural and food policies, agro-industrial systems, agro-ecological policy) and be an internal reference point on the legal, political and positioning frameworks linked to these themes (Food Security Committee, UNCAC, Paris Agreements, Convention on Biological Diversity, etc.).
  • Study and evaluate policies and legislation related to the cluster's themes and priorities to determine the impacts, advantages / successes, disadvantages / failures and potential improvements to be made; in connection with the technical or geographic referents concerned.
  • Develop links, collect needs, and collect information, data and points of view from internal (geographic / programmatic teams, missions, technical referents) and external stakeholders to determine the advantages / successes, disadvantages / failures and potential improvements to bring to policies related to the cluster's themes.
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of the positions of other actors on similar themes and develop alliances with some of them.
  • Develop in-depth expertise in the functioning of the target institutions of the advocacy strategy and the opportunities to influence them.
  • Make literature reviews on themes of the pole; gather quantitative and qualitative data, and analyze them with regard to the positions and objectives of policy changes formulated by ACF.
  • Produce and participate in the production for ACF teams and for decision-makers of documents synthesizing the information and data collected and highlighting key arguments / evidence in order to help decision-making.

Contribute to the implementation of the general advocacy strategy of Action Against Hunger

  • Contribute to the definition of ACF's global advocacy strategy and its action plan in conjunction with the head of the cluster and the Advocacy Department.
  • Collaborate with the other poles (participation team meeting and ad hoc meeting).
  • Contribute to the dissemination of the advocacy process within ACF (awareness raising, information meetings, internal global newsletter, etc.) and to training, support and capacity building for ACF teams at headquarters, in regions and on the field in terms of advocacy (interventions in internal internal training and specific sessions; participation in training tools; writing articles for the advocacy newsletter, etc.).
  • Propose and contribute to the development of monitoring, evaluation and impact monitoring tools for advocacy projects.

Communicate internally and represent ACF externally in coordination with the division manager

  • Develop the ACF network to have various sources of information, in particular from various think tanks and local organizations.
  • Represent ACF in meetings with political / institutional decision-makers or at public events (conferences, street events, etc.) to carry and disseminate ACF's positions, in coordination with the pole manager, the delegated management and the other services involved.
  • Participate, contribute or even lead external working groups, platforms and international networks to carry and disseminate the positions of ACF and / or those of the group.
  • Participate, organize or contribute to national and international conferences to develop the presence of ACF and the recognition of its expertise.

Your profile :

  • You have a Master 2 level training (for example in Political Science, International Relations, International Law, Public or European Affairs, agricultural development…).
  • You have at least two years of advocacy experience. Any professional experience in relation to food security and / or climate change would be a real plus.

You have skills in analyzing political, legal and geopolitical issues (at French, European or international level or you have field experience in relation to climate or food security advocacy). You know how to demonstrate rigor and reactivity in your work, curiosity, creativity and flexibility, all with a strong spirit of synthesis. You have a good ability to argue both in writing and orally, in French and in English in a synthetic and convincing manner. You are used to working in a team, being attentive while being proactive.

You have a strong motivation for humanitarian aid and international solidarity.


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