Gender Specialist Consultancy

Islamic Development Bank

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

Establish strong and practical mechanisms to support women in LLF's mission, focusing on improving lives and livelihoods in the Islamic world.

Act as the focal point for women's empowerment and gender mainstreaming, collaborating closely with LLFMU leadership, IsDB stakeholders, donor counterparts, and relevant committees to integrate gender considerations across fund programming and operational processes.

Interested candidates are encouraged to view the Terms of Reference and apply via our IsDB Procurement Portal. Access the application form and more details at:


Operational Planning, Implementation, and Follow-Up: 

  • Deploy LLF's communications efforts at the project and portfolio level, ensuring effective operation at HQ, regional, and country levels, encompassing both fund-level strategic communications and operational aspects for LLF1.0 and LLF 2.0 portfolios.
  • Lead the development and implementation of LLF’s women’s empowerment activities, work plans and KPIs for the LLF Management Unit ensuring their alignment to the IsDB Women’s Empowerment strategy and LLFMU mandates.  
  • Ensure that women’s empowerment and gender issues are integrated throughout the LLF’s fund-level results framework and Theory of Change and aligned to the fund’s impact statement; Identify gender-relevant goals, indicators and targets across the three sectors of primary healthcare, agriculture, and social infrastructure, and support implementing teams to integrate them in workplans and projects.    
  • Advise LLF project M&E staff on the gender-related, sex-disaggregated, and women’s empowerment indicators that should be collected and on the data collection/monitoring tools and approaches capable of capturing such data.  
  • Work with regional hubs, external partners, and project teams as well as other relevant units at IsDB and PMUs to support identification and design of projects with women’s empowerment focus and provide practical advice on how to integrate women’s empowerment dimensions in operations.  
  • Identify and support the development of gender-related technical assistance as part of the LLF Project preparation and implementation facility including overseeing the delivery of consultants.   
  • Ensure dedicated sessions are organized at project start up for the women’s empowerment project dimensions as needed.  
  • In coordination with the relevant stakeholders in IsDB, lead the development and integration of LLF gender review of projects aligned to IsDB’s processes; provide technical input and advise project teams, TRC, and IC on project alignment to LLF’s women’s empowerment activities.   
  • In coordination with the aRBM specialist, lead the fund-level gender-focused M&E activities at LLF, including collecting aggregated data on women’s empowerment across projects, and reporting on sex-disaggregated indicators to donors and relevant IsDB stakeholders.   
  • As needed, collaborate with the IsDB women’s empowerment unit to provide capacity building opportunities to project teams and other relevant stakeholders on women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming as part of technical assistance provided. 

Coordination, Communication & Follow-Up:

  • Serve as the focal point on all matters linked to LLF’s women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming work for both internal and external stakeholders.  
  • Coordinate with relevant stakeholder departments across the Bank to ensure alignment of LLF women’s empowerment activities with current institutional Strategy and existing sectoral and thematic policy commitments.   
  • Generate knowledge sharing on approach, outcomes, good practices, and achievements realized by LLF in support of women’s empowerment.   
  • Keep abreast of the women’s empowerment and gender interventions being carried out by other multilateral organisations, share good practices, and identify areas where IsDB and LLFMU can make contributions.  
  • Share knowledge and experience of LLFMU projects with other Units within IsDB and seek opportunities for joint collaborations and learning.   

Reporting and Communication:

  • Monitor women empowerment and gender mainstreaming activities across the LLF portfolio and develop a process to report progress made toward delivering expected outcomes, in line with LLF’s results framework and women’s empowerment activities.   
  • Execute methodologies for the systematic collection, analysis, aggregation and reporting of data on gender indicators and targets across LLF projects, including sex-disaggregated data.  
  • Advisory support to the Head of LLFMU on women’s empowerment matters and establishing and maintaining relationships and communications within IsDB as well as external partners (LLF Donors, development partners, government counterparts, others) and promote linkages in the relevant areas.  
  • Provide technical executive briefings and advice to the Head LLFMU and IsDB Representatives on the LLF IC (Senior Management) on policy papers, reports and proposals to aid in decision making related to gender issues in LLF. Policy Brief for each priority and a note on Gender and Climate Change)   

Academic and professional qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, international studies, or a related field with a focus on gender. Master’s degree will be preferred.   
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in the development sector with at least 8 years’ experience with women’s empowerment and/or gender/social inclusion work, ideally in the Islamic world.  
  • Demonstrated knowledge of gender mainstreaming, operations, and project management, including project cycle and project approval processes of multilateral development banks.  

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Gender analysis  
  • Project management  
  • Results and MEL Management  
  • Analytical skills  
  • Relationship building and interpersonal skills 
  • Time Management.  
  • Report writing and communication skills

Languages :

  • English mandatory
  • French preferred
  • Arabic  preferred