Genu Digital Content Consultant

United Nations Children's Fund

New York, United States of America

The GenU Digital Content Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Senior Adviser, Global Solutions, and under the overall guidance of the Deputy Director, Programmes. They will work closely with GenU’s global P2E consultant, and the imaGen Ventures team. In collaboration with UNICEF and GenU partners the GenU Digital Content Consultant will advise on conceptualizing, planning, activating and reporting on progress against meeting the content needs of P2E’s global instance. Specifically, the GenU Digital Content Consultant is responsible for creating and executing a content strategy that supports the identification, curation, development, and storage of content for the global instance of the P2E skilling and opportunities platform. They will also work closely with UNICEF COs to identify content needs, determine gaps, and create solutions to ensure national instances of P2E contain relevant, high-quality content. A key part of this will be a focus on identifying content for the digital version of GenU’s imaGen Ventures entrepreneurship program, which is transitioning onto an online platform. 

Scope of Work:

  • Produce a content strategy for the global instance of the P2E platform that clearly identifies the breadth of content that will be required to position P2E as the premier learning-to-earning platform for lower and middle-income countries. This will include identifying relevant subject matter, content types, content mediums, and content quality standards. This should incorporate the needs of imaGen Ventures specifically. 
  • Develop and execute an action plan to operationalize the P2E Content Strategy. This time-bound action plan will include developing a skills taxonomy, identifying approaches/sources to obtain content, mapping available content to the skills taxonomy, testing the available content, adapting content as required, and identifying any gaps that may need to be filled through content curation. This should also incorporate the needs of imaGen Ventures specifically. 
  • Provide technical support to UNICEF country offices in the development of content strategies for P2E instances based on contextual needs and opportunities. 
  • Create the P2E global content library. This includes identifying required content, uploading content that has been identified as appropriate to the global instance, and working with COs to support the transition of content from the global content library to national libraries. 
  • Work with partners and stakeholders to identify and curate content sources that can be included in the P2E library in line with the Digital Content strategy. This includes content in various medium types, file formats and languages. It may include content ranging from videos and audio files to quizzes, games and assessments. 
  • Work with the imaGen Ventures team and relevant stakeholders to move imaGen Ventures into an online setting. This will include supporting the refinement of the imaGen Ventures curriculum to prepare for digital delivery, defining the digital content needs, and identifying content to meet the needs of participants. 
  • Work with the global P2E consultant to provide updates towards developing the Content Strategy and developing and operationalizing the action plan. This will include 11 updates to be shared in a format agreed by the supervisor and the P2E Digital Content Lead for the life of the contract.



  • Master’s degree from a recognized university in any of the following: Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, or similar
  • Fluency in English is required, strong written and verbal competency is necessary
  • Working knowledge of another UN language an asset

Work experience:

  • At least 5 years of work experience in education technology, education or project management or relevant areas.
  • Strong experience in skills development, education technology database and/or platform development in the social development sector;
  • Experience with designing entrepreneurship programs and curriculum. 
  • Experience in working with organizations focused on engaging and empowering adolescents and youth, especially the most marginalized