Head of Mission

COOPI , South Africa

Skill Required:, Project Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
22nd June, 2020

Job Description


Since 1974 COOPI has worked in CAR for harmonious and complete development, for the benefit of both individuals and local communities. With regard to the intervention sectors, the commitment to local realities has encouraged COOPI to establish plans and implement development projects in the social, economic, health, environmental and training fields.

Conflict situations led to the decision to take charge of emergency and rehabilitation projects, which have today become another specific sector of intervention in the country.
Thanks to its consolidated and constant presence, as well as to relations with institutions, non-governmental organizations and local communities, COOPI is recognized as one of the benchmarks for international cooperation in CAR.

We encourage international staff present in the country to apply.

Main objective

  • Ensure the smooth running of COOPI activities in CAR by coordinating the human, financial and material resources made available for the execution of actions, and represent it with all institutions.


  • Strategy and Vision
  • consolidate COOPI's presence in the country by proposing updates to the country strategy plan at headquarters, while also formulating an operational plan for coordination and new initiatives;
  • coordinate feasibility studies and any other inherent studies;
  • ensure the drafting of new project proposals by relying on its staff.

Human Resources Management

  • production of draft ToR and possible participation in interviews;
  • ensure the integration of new expat staff ;
  • represent the first institutional point of contact for all expatriates;
  • provide periodic and final evaluations of expat staff;
  • in collaboration with the country administrator, manage national human resources with regard to: contractual policy, recruitment, sanctions, promotion.

Financial and administrative supervision

  • oversee the management of financial resources and the general treasury, ensuring the overall financial management of the country and of the projects , with particular attention during the programming and / or budgetary and contractual reformulation phases;
  • oversee the analysis of general costs and ensure their financial coverage.

Coordination and Supervision

  • coordinate in programmatic, organizational and support terms the activities of the various country coordination services , ensuring coverage of any absences or deficiencies in a service;
  • ensure that maintenance and inventories are carried out regularly, both in the capital and at the various bases;
  • supervise the logistics service by collaborating with its manager and the possible support of technical consultants in order to strengthen the communication and IT management system;
  • supervise the activity of harvesting the laion's internal bibliography and publishing documents by sector already entrusted to the coordination assistant;
  • supervise the Programs office, thus ensuring the proper functioning of the monitoring system (M&E) of activities at project and coordination level, both from the operational point of view and the manager, using existing tools, a program of periodic visits to the bases, monthly meetings with project managers, providing the support / advice necessary to improve the implementation of activities and the achievement of expected results;
  • capitalize for each sector of intervention the recommendations and “lesson learn” from different project experiences, internal and external evaluations (where the coordination assistant has a role to play, M&E) and audits.


  • participate in related meetings and collect security related information;
  • write a monthly analysis summary on security in the country and in the intervention areas, for the benefit of colleagues and headquarters;
  • encourage periodic meetings with staff to assess the security situation;
  • if necessary, activate an alert committee and coordinate the necessary actions based on logistical coordination.

External relations, networking

  • represent the Organization in the country, taking care of institutional relations with government, civil society, local authorities, donors, international agencies and all NGOs;
  • participate in thematic meetings in the field and in the capital depending on the priority of the project;
  • define and propose to headquarters, an annual plan for communication and visibility, ensuring compliance with the principles of the organization.

Candidate Profile


  • Significant experience in Country Coordination management (organizational and economic);
  • Mastering French ;
  • Respect for COOPI values ​​/ mission.

Specific skills / experiences

  • Significant experience in project management and / or M&E;
  • Experience in managing expat and national staff;
  • Experience in the design and writing of development and emergency projects;
  • Ability to draft institutional correspondence;
  • Human capacity and mediation in relations with staff;
  • Relational ability and to interact with external and internal contacts in the organization while retaining its institutional role;
  • Knowledge of administration and logistics;
  • Good command of current software.


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